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  • This paper describes an algorithm for computing optimal structural descriptions for Optimality Theory grammars with context-free position structures. This algorithm extends Tesar's dynamic programming approach (Tesar, 1994) (Tesar, 1995@ to computing optimal structural descriptions from regular to context-free structures. The generalization to contextfree structures creates several complications, all of which are overcome without compromising the core dynamic programming approach.

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  • This paper tackles the question of errors from the students’ point of view. The students' errors in written English were collected, corrected and presented to the students to comment on them indicating the causes that led them to make such errors. It was hoped that the sudents’ perception of their errors will shed light on the learning strategies students employ to learn the second language.

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  • Member States and thus differences in investor protection. Some Member States apply a so- called 'strict' liability regime, where the depositary has an immediate obligation to return the lost asset to the UCITS, while others take the view that the loss of assets does not always imply an unjustifiable failure to perform its duties on the part of the depositary that should lead to liability for that depositary. As a consequence, the liability standard is not the same in all Member States. ...

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  • Results obtained from fixed effect and ordinary least squares are indifferent. However, results based on fixed effect model yield more insightful interpretation. The outcomes from fixed effect model help indicating that three determinants affecting mutual fund growth are types of AMCs, Administrative expense ratio, and size of AMCs. Types of AMCs or dummy variables are used to represent distribution channel and parent reputation.

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  • We agree with the Council’s proposed determination that the conduct, nature, size, scale, concentration, and interconnectedness of MMFs’ activities and practices could create or increase the risk of significant liquidity and credit problems spreading among bank holding companies, nonbank financial companies, and the financial markets of the United States. 3 For this reason, we support the Council’s efforts to address the structural vulnerabilities of MMFs by releasing the Proposal. ...

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  • The complementary in shopping does not eliminate the possibility to discriminate the shoppers and the captives when the two goods are complements. Rather, it gives an additional ability to do such discrimination without lowering prices too much as the shoppers have a stronger incentive to shop at one place. We were unable to solve our model when these costs are present as this task requires nding the marginal distributions as well as the distribution of the sum of the two prices.

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  • » Risk management is everyone’s responsibility. Each person and business unit in an organization “owns” a piece of risk management. Every employee should be involved in managing the risks within his or her part of the organization. Employees also may seek to be aware of risks that may affect their units but are managed by others, such as information technology risks. Employees and business units have these responsibilities regardless of whether the organization has dedicated risk management personnel, such as a CRO.

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  • At the other extreme, each disk controller now has tens of mega- bytes of storage and a very capable processor. It is quite feasible to have intelligent disks that offer either database access (SQL or some other non-procedural language) and even web service ac- cess. Moving from a block-oriented disk interface to a file inter- face, and then to a set or service interface has been the goal of database machine advocates...

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  • Inform or Explain: Writing to inform or explain requires students to integrate complex information from multiple sources in a lucid fashion, such as facts about a new technological application or a set of workplace procedures. To achieve coherence, students must illustrate the connections between ideas and events, such as cause and effect. Students also must organize their description or explanation in a manner appropriate to the context, responding to the specific needs of the reader by both covering the relevant ground and anticipating confusions that might arise.

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  • It is diffi cult to estimate the number of adult ESOL students in the United States because many are highly mobile and some are undocu- mented. According to the National Center for ESL Literacy Education, “The most recent statistics from the U.S. Department of Education, Offi ce of Vocational and Adult Education, show that 1,119,589 learners were enrolled in federally funded, state-administered adult ESL classes. This represents 42% of the enrollment in federally funded, state-administered adult education classes” (Florez, personal communication, 2001).

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  • If everyone in the world lived as we do in the UK, we would need three planets to support us. This means that we are consuming two extra planets’ worth of resources. But even after we’ve reduced our personal footprints as far as we can – which on average is about a third of our consumption – there remains a third that ...

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  • In each round, we looked for validation that the notice provided enough of a context, elicited comprehension of its purpose, and allowed for the ability to compare sharing practices. The interviews had two parts, one unstructured and one structured. In the unstructured portion of the interview, we asked participants to talk aloud about what they were reading or looking at and to talk simultaneously about their reactions to each part of the notice.

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  • Oracle Audit Vault is an enterprise-class audit consolidation and management solution that enables organizations to simplify compliance reporting, proactively detect threats, reduce costs, and secure audit data. Faced with numerous regulatory mandates and increasing concerns about insider threats, organizations are utilizing database audit data as an important security measure, enforcing the trust-but-verify principle.

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  • Web applications provide end users with client access to server functionality through a set of Web pages. These pages often contain script code to be executed dynami- cally within the client Web browser. Most Web applications aim to enforce simple, intu- itive security policies, such as, forWeb-based email, dis- allowing any scripts in untrusted email messages.

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  • A controlling owner in this situation could extract wealth from the firm, receive the entire benefit, but only bear a fraction of the cost. We offer a simple pyramidal structure to illustrate this point. An entrepreneur owns 25% of the stock in publicly traded Firm A, which in turn owns 32% of the stock in Firm B. In the most modest scenario, we note that the entrepreneur controls 25% of Firm B -- the weakest link in the chain of voting rights. At the same time, the entrepreneur owns about 8% of the cash flow rights of Firm B, the product of the two ownership stakes...

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  • Furthermore, the particular bus in which the commuter travelled during this week was not air conditioned so ventilation was provided by open windows, allowing air to flow freely in and out of the bus. This is an interesting result as it demonstrates that due to the high temporal and spatial variability in CO concentrations, other variables (such as ventilation rate and proximity to emissions) may be more important in determining exposure than choice of transport mode.

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  • Tepper students partner with faculty, researchers, and students from other departments and schools, providing tech students with a well-rounded education. Dr. Coi eld believes this is one of the primary assets of the program. “Tepper students in the Com- puting and Information Technology track benei t from being in a university that values computing.

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  • Every corner on a track has a maximum speed or limit at which it can be driven. Your ability to find the limits of your car and yourself will determine the speed at which you will be able to negotiate each turn. We will always be able to go fastest with our foot to the floor and the steering wheel pointed straight ahead. But, as we approach a turn and start turning the steering wheel, we slow down even if we have our foot to the floor! By turning, we have created a sideways load on...

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  • Brentano, too, embraces effectively the same three categories of mental phenomena. There are, however, important differences between the Brentanian and the Meinongian classifications. In the first place Brentano does not accept the category of states of affairs, preferring to see judgment as a matter of the acceptance or rejection of objects in the narrower sense (of `thing' or `concretum'). Meinong, too, sees judgment as a matter of acceptance and rejection, but for him it is not objects but states of affairs which are accepted or rejected.

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  • One of Wall’s theses is that the fusion of art and non-art is in a sense an illusion, a mimetic operation that leaves the institutional art context fully intact. Non-artistic phenomena, including various forms of economic and social activity, make their ‘second appear- ance’ in, or rather as, art. Artists and curators appropriate these activities without actually having to leave the institutional domain of art. The heteronomy of contemporary art is, in Wall’s term, a ‘pseudo-heteronomy’....

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