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  • Business Connectivity services in sharePoint 2010 đại diện cho một bộ các khả năng tích hợp và kết nối mà SharePointServer 2.010 ứng dụng với dữ liệu mà cư trú trong các hệ thống bên ngoài. BCS, mà là dựa trên một tập hợp các dịch vụ và các tính năng bao gồm trong SharePoint đến năm 2010, cung cấp out-of-the-box hỗ trợ mà đơn giản hoá việc phát triển các giải pháp sử dụng dữ liệu bên ngoài và dịch vụ...

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  • As Microsoft’s new multipurpose portal technology, Business Connectivity Services (BCS) is a brand new way for SharePoint users to seamlessly access and integrate data from any application or databases within SharePoint 2010. With this in-depth guide, a team of SharePoint experts walks you through the features of the new BCS, including the ability for users to view and modify the data from SharePoint 2010 with BCS. You’ll explore how to use BCS, deploy solutions, create external content types and lists, create .NET host connectors, and more....

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  • TONY CAMPBELL is an experienced Microsoft consultant specializing in the architecture and design of secure, Microsoft-centric business solutions. He also has vast experience in many other industry niches such as networking, collaboration, security, business logic, and disaster recovery and resilience. Tony has been involved with all sizes of businesses, from the very small to the very large, and has successfully delivered secure, reliable, robust solutions to more than 150,000 clients in his 18 years in the business.

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  • Android Open Accessory is a new, simple, and secure protocol for connecting any microcontroller-empowered device to an Android smartphone or tablet. This Wrox guide shows Android programmers how to use AOA with Arduino, the microcontroller platform, to control such systems as lighting, air conditioning, and entertainment systems from Android devices. Furthermore, it teaches the circuit-building skills needed to create games and practical products that also take advantage of Android technology.

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  • While opening our resources to a wide variety of end points, we need a strong access control, and UAG includes such mechanisms to check clients, users, and groups for authorization and to apply mandatory policies. With the release of Service Pack 2 (August 2012), UAG is now able to interact with the most recent devices from all the biggest players in the mobile market (Windows Phone 7.5, iOS 5.x on iPad and iPhone, and Android 4.x on tablets and phones) and, as soon as an end point tries to connect to a UAG site, there are different publishing scenarios based...

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  • 256. Software Build Definition template Software Build Definition template 170 specifications, configuration management to control 49 SQL connectivity rules 125 instance for SharePoint 2010 96 layer testing 206 service accounts access 202 SQL Server 94, 193 installing 226 SQL Services security provision between SharePoint and 96 team role in SharePoint install 95 staffing profile 64 Staffing section in implementation 84 Stage environment 59 and production environment 168 stakeholders 25 .

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  • Quản trị mạng - Outlook Web Access (OWA) ban đầu có tên có tên là Exchange Web Connect, đây là một dịch vụ Webmail được tích hợp lần đầu tiên trong phiên bản Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0 và sau đó được Microsoft tiếp tục sử dụng trong các phiên bản tiếp theo.Giao diện web của Outlook Web Access có giao diện phỏng theo giao diện của Microsoft Outlook.

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