Connectives acquisition

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  • Interface converter, for converting RS-232 to RS-422 and RS-485, with electrical isolation, 2 channels Bidirectional, wireless, 2400 MHz transmission system (European version), consisting of 2 transceivers (transmitter and receiver) and two antennas with connecting cable Fieldline Modular Wireless IO set, consisting of: Wireless IO base station for one Wireless IO terminal and Wireless IO device, 8 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs

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  • We present a system that automatically induces Selectional Preferences (SPs) for Latin verbs from two treebanks by using Latin WordNet. Our method overcomes some of the problems connected with data sparseness and the small size of the input corpora. We also suggest a way to evaluate the acquired SPs on unseen events extracted from other Latin corpora.

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  • This paper describes a novel approach towards the empirical approximation of discourse relations between different utterances in texts. Following the idea that every pair of events comes with preferences regarding the range and frequency of discourse relations connecting both parts, the paper investigates whether these preferences are manifested in the distribution of relation words (that serve to signal these relations).

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  • Jordan Gold Contracts and Licensing Manager: Kristine O’Callaghan Acquisitions and Developmental Editor: Diane Lowery Editor: Malka Geffen Production Editor: Leslie E. H. Light Technical Editor: Michelle A. Roudebush Book Designer: Maureen Forys, Happenstance Type-O-Rama Electronic Publishing Specialist: Maureen Forys Proofreaders: Erika Donald, Nancy Riddiough, Laura Schattsneider Indexe...

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  • LABORATORY PROCEDURE I Sampling A. The time division Multiplexer (TDM MUX) module is used to recombine two analog signals into one data stream. The input A is connected to the OUT connector for a period T (T = 1/fs). During the next period, input B is connected to the OUT connector. The process then repeats. It should be obvious that each input, input A(or B) is “Sampled” at a rate equal to ½ fs as set by the Master clock. NOTE: The actual waveform sampling rate = ½ fs as set by the “DATA/Sampling RATE”, output, mentioned above (e.g. to...

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  • Humanoid robots are developed to use the infrastructures designed for humans, to ease the interactions with humans, and to help the integrations into human societies. The developments of humanoid robots proceed from building individual robots to establishing societies of robots working alongside with humans. This book addresses the problems of constructing a humanoid body and mind from generating walk patterns and balance maintenance to encoding and specifying humanoid motions and the control of eye and head movements for focusing attention on moving objects....

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  • Apart from condemming tobacco companies and rising the price of cigarettes, the goverment's antismoking campain has failed to have any long-term affects, and the only people bennefitting from it are the Inland Revenue departement. Meanwhile, the National Health Service says it may refuse to treat persistant smokers. Of course, this hasn't prevented the big tobbaco companys spending vast amounts of money on advertiseing.

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  • The foundation of multimedia distribution is provided by several components, the most important ones being services, content distribution chain and protocols. The fundamental idea is to use the Internet for content acquisition, management and delivery to provide, e.g., Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) infrastructure with Quality of Service (QoS) facilities. Another important goal is to offer the end user the so-called Triple Play, which means grouping together Internet access, TV and telephone services in one subion on a broadband connection.

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  • Retrograde dissociative amnesia may sometimes present as an episodic-autobiographical block, which may encompass the whole past life. Affected patients otherwise have largely preserved semantic memories; they can read, write, calculate and know how to behave in social situations.

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  • The accounting treatment of investments in property, plant and equipment and intangible assets entails the use of estimates to determine the useful life for depreciation and amortization purposes and to assess fair value at their acquisition dates for assets acquired in business combinations. Determining useful life requires making estimates in connection with future technological developments and alternative uses for assets.

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  • A banking entity may acquire or retain an owner- ship interest in a covered fund for hedging purposes if the acquisition or retention of the ownership interest meets specifi ed criteria.

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  • As Chen [16] correctly pointed out, there are “many conflicting... (MRI)... findings in individuals within the ASD...(which result from)...factors such as population age, MRI acquisition parameters, details of the image processing pipeline, feature extraction procedures, analy- tic methods used to detect group differences and sample sizes...(which have)...contributed to these disparities...”.

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