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  • Since 1967, the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) has provided nearly five million people with the opportunity to reach their educational goals. CLEP participants have received college credit for knowledge and expertise they have gained through prior course work, independent study, or work and life experience. Over the years, the CLEP examinations have evolved to keep pace with changing curricula and pedagogy. Currently the examinations represent courses typical of the first two years of college study, stressing the areas of liberal arts and business.

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  • Few services are more important in our country than providing high-quality potable water and ensuring that wastewater is properly treated and returned to the environment. Most Americans take for granted the tens of thousands of people who are employed daily in addressing America’s water and wastewater needs. Utility managers are responsible for making sure that proper water and wastewater services are provided to residents, businesses, industries, and other customers within a community. Water and wastewater employees work in utility operations and administrative support areas.

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  • Several key terms that are used throughout this report bear mention. The two most significant related terms for subsets of “credit rating agencies” are “nationally recognised statistical rating organisations” (NRSROs), which are regulated by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (US SEC), and “external credit assessment institutions” (ECAIs), a term set forth in the Basel II framework.

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  • The federal government supports some private activities—such as home ownership, postsecondary education, and certain commercial ventures—through credit assistance offered to individuals and businesses. Some of that assistance is in the form of direct federal loans, and some is through federal guarantees of loans made by private financial institutions. At the end of fiscal year 2011, about $2.7 trillion was outstanding in such federal direct loans and loan guarantees.

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  • The term “basic research payment” means any amount paid in cash during the taxable year by a corporation (other than S corporations, personal holding companies, and service organizations) to a qualified organization for basic research, but only if such payment is made pursuant to a written agreement and the basic research is to be performed by the qualified organization in California. Qualified organizations include educational institutions, certain scientific research organizations, and certain grant organizations.

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  • Review your protection order to make sure that it contains the relief that the judge granted. If something is missing or incorrect, bring it to the attention of the court before leaving or having copies made. • Get certified copies of your protection order and carry at least one copy with you at all times. The court must provide free copies. • Provide copies of the protection order to any law enforcement agency that you may ask to enforce your protection order, to your employer, friends and relatives, to your child’s school or day care facility, and to other people as appropriate.

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  • After studying this chapter, you should understand: How firms manage their receivables and the basic components of a firm’s credit policies, how to analyze the decision by a firm to grant credit, the types of inventory and inventory management systems used by firms, how to determine the costs of carrying inventory and the optimal inventory level.

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  • 328 Planning and Forecasting an arrangement would be disastrous to Brad, since the IRS would currently assess income tax to Brad on such an arrangement, using the much criticized “economic benefit” doctrine. Under this theory, monies irrevocably set aside for Brad grant him an economic benefit (presumably by improving his net worth or otherwise improving his creditworthiness) upon which he must pay tax.

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  • Savings banks in Spain have a long tradition of providing social credits to under-served financially excluded communities. Caja de Granada in particular chairs the International Association of Social Pledging Credit Establishments1 and like Caixa Galicia and Caixa Catalunya, grants micro-credits through their foundations, mainly in the regions where they operate. Caja Granada recently organized a symposium with all its microcredit holders to exchange experiences.

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  • Government incentives and guarantees can then also be used – from support for research and development (R&D) - which affects operational efficiency- to investment incentives (capital grants, loan guarantees and low-interest rate loans), taxes (accelerated depreciation, tax credits, tax exemptions and rebates), and price-based policies at the output stage (which affect revenue streams - e.g. feed-in tariffs), or policies which target the cost of investment in capital by hedging or mitigating risk.

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  • The following pages are devoted to a statistical analysis of the principal factors affecting credit risk. The information on which the study is based was obtained from a sample of 2,765 applications of persons to whom loans were granted. The data, secured through the cooperation of 21 large banks operating personal loan departments in 16 cities situated in ii states,1 are presented in a series of tables giving the distri- butions of good and of bad loans according to the several risk factors selected.

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  • abandonar abandon, waive. abaratar lower a price, cheapen. abastecer supply. abonar 1. i.v. subscribe 2. t.v. make a credit entry, credit 3. t.v. pay. abrir open. abrir crédito open credit. abrir libros open books. abrir una cuenta open an account. absorber absorb, take over. acaparar hoard, monopolize (AmE), monopolise (BrE), corner. aceptar accept. aconsejar advise. acopiar hoard, stockpile. acrecentar increase. acreditar 1. credit, make a credit entry 2. authorize (AmE), authorise (BrE), grant credentials...

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  • In the wake of the 20-year anniversary of Earth Day in 1990 and the Gulf War shortly thereafter, environmental issues and renewable energy enjoyed renewed interest. Several states enacted new tax credits and began new loan and grant programs. In the late 1990s, states continued to take the lead in developing programs, policies, and incentives to promote the use of renewable energy, in part as a result of electric utility restructuring.

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  • .copyright 2006 Benjamin Crowell rev. 14th October 2006 This book is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, version 1.0,, except for those photographs and drawings of which I am not the author, as listed in the photo credits. If you agree to the license, it grants you certain privileges that you would not otherwise have, such as the right to copy the book, or download the digital version free of charge from

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  • Water supply and sanitation are amongst the most basic requirements of life. For the past 50 to 150 years people living in Europe, America and a few capital cities elsewhere around the globe have come to take for granted the provision of a virtually limitless supply of clean, safe water and the seemingly effortless removal of all human wastes ‘out of sight and out of mind’.

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  • Even if there is symmetry ex ante between borrower and lender (i.e. the bank knows the credit quality of the borrower), the collateral helps to alleviate moral hazard problems once the loan has been granted. In this sense, the collateral pledged helps align the interests of both lenders and borrowers, avoiding a situation in which the borrower makes less effort to ensure the success of the project for which finance was given. Thus, collateral makes it possible to limit the problem of the moral hazard faced by all banks when they lend money. Collateral can therefore be seen as...

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  • Regulatory authorities have always been reluctant to grant the permission for entering lending business to savings banks. However, a certain number of (postal) savings banks (e.g.

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  • However, designing and implementing a successful ITC program presents several challenges. First, tax-credit benefits cannot be captured by government agencies, nonprofits, and schools because these entities have no state tax liability. Making a comparable grant or other type of cash incentive available to these organizations would help ensure equity among sectors.

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  • In the years leading up to the current financial crisis, risks built up dangerously in our financial system. Rising asset prices, particularly in housing, concealed a sharp deterioration of underwriting standards for loans. The nation’s largest financial firms, already highly leveraged, became increasingly dependent on unstable sources of short- term funding. In many cases, weaknesses in firms’ risk-management systems left them unaware of the aggregate risk exposures on and off their balance sheets. A credit boom accompanied a housing bubble.

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  • Even small events need some funds. Many local authorities can give advice on sources of local and national grants available to community groups within their area. It may also be appropriate to approach local commercial sponsors. Sponsorship is not just a one-way benefit. It offers a promotion opportunity for a business to be associated with your good cause. Build a relationship with your funders and sponsors, and at the very least remember to credit them in the way you’ve agreed and to thank them afterwards. ...

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