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  • To research the volume and components of solid waste, we surveyed household waste with three different incomes (high, middle and low incomes). Then waste is separated into 34 waste components and 9 main waste groups containing organic waste (easily decomposed waste such as vegetable, root, fruit, left food.. to make the compost and difficultly decomposed waste), paper, plastic, metal, glass, rubber and leather, cloth, dangerous substance, and other waste. Besides, definition of all groups of waste is also discussed. ...

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  • Individual demand gives the quantity purchased for each price. Analogously, the market demand gives the quantity purchased by all the market participants – the sum of the individual demands – for each price. This is sometimes called a “horizontal sum” because the summation is over the quantities for each price. An example is illustrated in Figure 2-7. For a given price p, the quantity q1 demanded by one consumer, and the quantity q2 demanded by a second consumer are illustrated. The sum of these quantities represents the market demand, if the market has...

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  • Economists use the term equilibrium in the same way as the word is used in physics, to represent a steady state in which opposing forces are balanced, so that the current state of the system tends to persist. In the context of supply and demand, equilibrium refers to a condition where the pressure for higher prices is exactly balanced by a pressure for lower prices, and thus that the current state of exchange between buyers and sellers can be expected to persist. When the price is such that the quantity supplied of a good or service exceeds the...

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  • Similarly, when the price is below p*, the quantity supplied qs is less than the quantity demanded qd. This causes some buyers to fail to find goods, leading to higher asking prices and higher bid prices by buyers. The tendency for the price to rise is illustrated with the arrows pointing up. The only price which doesn’t lead to price changes is p*, the equilibrium price in which the quantity supplied equals the quantity demanded. The logic of equilibrium in supply and demand is played out daily in markets all over the world, from stock, bond...

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  • The bilateral trade flows within the category of frozen poultry cuts were assigned to either high-value or low-value products based on the unit values computed from the data (see table 1). For example, Brazilian exports to Japan and the EU (with unit values of $1940 and $2505, respectively) are assumed to consist of high-value poultry products, while Brazilian and US exports to China, or US exports to Russia (with unit values of $717, $647 and $719, respectively) are assumed to consist of low-value poultry products.

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  • Look at the following sketches of the buildings from different parts of the world. Compare the buildings from the following points of view :(Ss work in pairs)

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  • Any book that covers a broad range of topics will likely harbor some problems with notation and symbology. This results from having the same symbol used in different areas to represent different quantities, and also from having too many quantities to represent. Rather than invent new symbols, we choose to stay close to the standards and warn the reader about any symbol used to represent more than one distinct quantity.

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  • Break-Even analysis is used to give answers to questions such as “what is the minimum level of sales that ensure the company will not experience loss” or “how much can sales be decreased and the company still continue to be profitable”. Break-even analysis is the analysis of the level of sales at which a company (or a project) would make zero profit. As its name implies, this approach determines the sales needed to break even.

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  • Not only the aesthetically distasteful plastic litter, but also less conspicuous small plastic pellets and granules are a threat to marine biota. The latter are found in large quantities on beaches (Gregory, 1978, 1989; Shi- ber, 1979, 1982, 1987; Redford et al., 1997), and are the raw material for the manufacture of plastic products that end up in the marine environment through acci- dental spillage during transport and handling, not as litter or waste as other forms of plastics (Gregory, 1978; Shiber, 1979; Redford et al., 1997).

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  • Prediction and understanding of the folding and stability of the 3D struc-ture of proteins is still a challenge. The different atomic interactions, such as non polar contacts and hydrogen bonding, are known but their exact relative weights and roles when contributing to protein folding and stability are not identified.

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  • Renewal of agreements, subject to satisfactory completion, is executable by the Transaction Authority without going through the fresh requisition and approval process; however, budget availability must be checked and wherever applicable, user satisfaction must be surveyed and documented. PPRA2004 imposes limit for engaging in agreement by Direct Contracting, it is allowable for Repeat Orders not exceeding 15% (fifteen percent) of the original procurement; that means increase in quantity as well as increase in value should not exceeds 15% of the original procurement.

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  • Dr Møgedal reminded the Consultation participants that the challenges of maternal and child mortality were not new, and alluded to the ups and downs of Village Health Workers, the universal child immunization and various approaches to management of childhood diseases. She also the obstacles through which some of the health services had to struggle to ensure access, in terms of quantity, continuity, reach and service quality.

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  • Chapter 2 - Demand, supply, and market equilibrium. After reading chapter 2 you should be able to: Work with three different types of demand relations: general, direct, and inverse demand functions; list six principal variables that determine the quantity demanded of a good; derive a direct demand function from a general demand function;...

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  • (BQ) Monetary Economics and Sequential Trade is an insightful introduction to the advanced topics in monetary economics. Accessible to students who have mastered the diagrammatic tools of economics, it discusses real issues with a variety of modeling alternatives, allowing for a direct comparison of the implications of the different models.

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  • After this lecture you should be able to: Define the role of procurement, appreciate the importance of procurement in the logistics chain, choose an appropriate supplier, appreciate the advantages of choosing single or multiple sourcing, discuss the steps in a procurement cycle, describe e-procurement and its advantages, talk about different arrangements for purchasing.

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  • ECUS_KD is an effective solution for enterprise to do Customs operations. Enterprise’s users input the declaration sheets data as well as related documents as normal paper profile and send to the Customs. The Customs system will create “the receiver number” and feed back to the enterprise. Then enterprise brings the paper profile and “the receiver number” printed from the program to the Customs Office to do customs procedure.

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  • The existing procedures were analyzed for quantity, and evaluated for quality and availability. After performing an analysis of the document system, the consensus was that there were not enough procedures and they were all different because there was not a standard format in place to follow.

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  • When the peak cooling load and latent heat requirements are appropriate, this less expensive type of equipment is used. In this case the air quantity is determined in a different way. The peak cooling load is first computed as 1.3 times the peak sensible cooling load for the structure to match the coil SHF. The equipment is then selected to match the peak cooling load as closely as possible. The air quantity is specified by the manufacturer for each unit and is about 400 cfm/ton or 0.0537 m 3 /sec • kW. The total air quantity is then divided among...

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  • Heat transfer is a fundamental part of thermal engineering. It is the science of the rules governing the transfer of heat between systems of different temperatures. In thermodynamics, the heat transferred from one system to its surroundings is assumed as a given process parameter. This assumption does not give any information on how the heat is transferred and which rules determine the quantity of the transferred heat. Heat transfer describes the dependencies of the heat transfer rate from a corresponding temperature difference and other physical conditions....

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  • SUBSCRIBER GROWTH: HISTORY AND BARRIERS APPROACH Each public service provider has a different philosophy on reporting subscribers. Not unexpectedly the most successful, OmniTRACS, is also the most forthright about both customer names and device shipments, though one must take care to discriminate between U.S. and worldwide totals. ARDIS is good at overall subscriber counts, a bit more guarded on customer names and their specific active devices. .or years RAM was very guarded in both respects, but in 1996 it began to reveal gross subscriber count summaries.

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