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  • This book has been developed, in cooperation with Microsoft Corpora- tion, to give you the critical skills and knowledge you need to prepare for one of the core requirements of the new MCSE certification program, Imple- menting and Administering Windows 2000 Directory Services. You will find the information you need to acquire a solid understanding of how to setup and manage the Active Directory, to prepare for Exam 70-217: Implement- ing and Administering a Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure, and to progress toward MCSE certification....

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  • This book will provide you with detailed explanations and case studies that will answer the most challenging questions regarding Active Directory. How can you configure the inner-workings of this directory service to make the most of your IT investment? What is the best approach to a migration? How do you use the features such as Group Policies, to simplify your administration? And what can you do to prepare for a disaster?

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  • just created a new group, and both the new group and the organizational unit I put in the new group are gone! What should I do? A: You’ve stumbled across one of the unavoidable problems of a multimaster directory environment. As you’re aware, any administrator can modify Active Directory (AD) by connecting to any domain controller in a domain. AD replicates changes to all domain controllers so that, eventually, they all contain the changes the administrator made. The key word, of course, is eventually....

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  • The AD database contains all information about objects in all the domains from logon authentication to objects in the directory. A hierarchical structure made up of multiple domains that trust each other is called a tree. A set of object definitions and their associated attributes is called a schema. All domains in a tree will share the same schema and will have a contiguous namespace. A namespace is a collection of domains that share a common root name. An example of this is,, and ...

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  • Journalists are highly dependent upon individuals and organizations (including government officials, agencies and nongovernmental organizations) for a steady and reliable flow of newsworthy information. This flow of information makes news production more predictable, efficient and profitable. When this flow is blocked (for example, when traditional news sources are unavailable for comment or do not respond within the journalist’s deadline), journalists are more likely to seek other sources, which may be less authoritative, accurate, responsible or reliable....

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  • Finally, thanks to you—the reader—for using this book. I’m confident that the information you find here will be an excellent resource as you prepare to work with Windows 2000 in the real world. For most of you, I suspect that it will be a challenge. However, I trust that it will be a personally and professionally rewarding one.

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  • Active Directory is the directory service that comes with Windows 2000 Server and extends to be the directory service for other servers, such as Exchange Server 2000 and Mobile Information Server. Prior to the release of Windows 2000, many people speculated on how Active Directory could help them reduce costs or increase services to end-users.To some, Active Directory provided a competitive advantage stemming from its integration with Internet applications. But much of this speculation took place before Active Directory was available to the public.

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  • Welcome to Configuring Windows 2000 WITHOUT Active Directory, which quite simply aims to demonstrate how you can make the most of Windows 2000 out- side an Active Directory environment.Microsoft spent considerable time and money, and bet its future business, to update its already successful platforms of Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 98 to be today’s version of Windows 2000.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'directory services infrastructure', công nghệ thông tin, hệ điều hành phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • With the release of Windows 2000, Microsoft introduced an entirely new approach to networking involving directory services. IT professionals are now responsible for designing a Windows 2000 Active Directory infrastructure, implementing it, maintaining it, and using Windows 2000 support technologies. This comprehensive Bible gives you all the knowledge necessary to successfully plan, deploy, and maintain an Active Directory network.

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  • Perhaps the most abused, and overused, phrase in information technology is “new and improved” or “new features that increase productivity” or something similar. With Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft really has every right to make those claims, and many more. Although Exchange Server is now more than 10 years old, it keeps growing and evolving, partly because of customer demands and partly because Microsoft continues to push messaging to places it has yet to go.

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  • This guide assumes you have a working knowledge of the following: • The principles and customary practices of your business area. • Oracle Workflow If you have never used Oracle Workflow, Oracle suggests you attend one or more of the Oracle Workflow training classes available through Oracle University. See Other Information Sources for more information about Oracle Applications product information.

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  • ”Phase is a very small text editor written in PHP. It uses HTML for the interface, and is easily customized. It can access any directory that your platform allows. Phase was designed for localhost access in mind (on your PC running Apache with PHP), and thus it has no security built-in.”

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  • The Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory (AD) is the central repository in which all objects in an enterprise and their respective attributes are stored. It is a hierarchical, multimaster enabled database, capable of storing millions of objects. Because it is multimaster, changes to the database can be processed at any given domain controller (DC) in the enterprise regardless of whether the domain controller is connected or disconnected from the network.

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  • Directory: A collection of information that is primarily searched and read, rarely modified. Directory Service: Provides access to directory information. Directory Server: Application that provides a directory service.

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  • This document provides late-breaking or other information that supplements the Microsoft® Active Directory™ Migration Tool online Help documentation. Information in this document, including URL and other Internet Web site references, is subject to change without notice. Unless otherwise noted, the example companies, organizations, products, people, and events depicted herein are fictitious and no association with any real company, organization, product, person, or event is intended or should be inferred. Complying with all applicable copyright laws is the responsibility of the user.

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  • This module provides the information needed by students to design site topologies in Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Active Directory™ directory service in order to optimize replication traffic. The module begins by explaining how to assess the need for sites. Next the module describes how to use site links in a network. Finally it covers how to plan for an inter-site replication topology and plan for server placement.

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  • Giải pháp chia sẻ và bảo mật mạng với Proxy Server .Khái quát Chúng ta sẽ xây dựng Firewall theo kiến trúc application-level gateway, theo đó một bộ chơng trình proxy đợc đặt ở gateway ngăn cách một mạng bên trong (Intranet) với Internet. Bộ chơng trình proxy đợc phát triển dựa trên bộ công cụ xây dựng Internet Firewall TIS (Trusted Information System), bao gồm một bộ các chơng trình và sự đặt lại cấu hình hệ thống để nhằm mục đích xây dựng một firewall.

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  • This book will provide you with detailed explanations and case studies that will answer the most challenging questions regarding Active Directory. How can you configure the inner-workings of this directory service to make the most of your IT investment? What is the best approach to a migration? How do you use the features, such as Group Policies, to simplify your administration? And what can you do to prepare for a disaster?

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