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  • In Sayeed and Szpakowicz (2004), we proposed a parser inspired by some aspects of the Minimalist Program. This incremental parser was designed specifically to handle discontinuous constituency phenomena for NPs in Latin. We take a look at the application of this parser to a specific kind of apparent island violation in Latin involving the extraction of constituents, including subjects, from tensed embedded clauses. We make use of ideas about the left periphery from Rizzi (1997) to modify our parser in order to handle apparently violated subject islands and similar phenomena. ...

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  • When the plastic melt fills the mold, it displaces the air. The displaced air must be removed quickly, or it may cause burn spot (due to the fast compression of trapped air pocket by the low-thermal-conductivity polymer melt), or it may restrict the flow of the melt into the mold cavity, resulting in incomplete filling (short-shot problem). Consider the injection-molding of a air bag housing. Notice that the part consists of a thin central region and a thick rim around it. A single gate is adopted in the original design. Most of the melt flow along the part side since...

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  • The purpose of Measurement, Instrumentation, and Sensors Handbook CRCnetBase 1999 is to provide a reference that is both concise and useful for engineers in industry, scientists, designers, managers, research personnel and students, as well as many others who have measurement problems. The CD-ROM covers an extensive range of topics that comprise the subject of measurement, instrumentation, and sensors. The CD-ROM describes the use of instruments and techniques for practical measurements required in engineering, physics, chemistry, and the life sciences.

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  • This book pilots the reader into the future. The first three chapters introduce new materials and material processing methods. Then five chapters present innovative new design directions and solutions. The main section of the book contains ten chapters organized around problems and methods of manufacturing and technology, from cutting process optimisation through maintenance and control to the Digital Factory. The last two chapters deal with information and energy, as the foundations of a prospering economy....

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  • No matter what stresses are imposed on an elastic body, provided the material does not rupture, displacement at any point can have only one value. Therefore the displacement at any point can be completely given by the three single valued components u, v and w along the three co-ordinate axes x, y and z respectively. The normal and shear strains may be derived in terms of these displacements.

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  • Synthetic polymers fulfill many functions in biotechnology and medicine. In cell culture technology and tissue engineering they provide the surfaces to which cells may attach. Cross-linked polymer networks are used for drug delivery and cell encapsulation. Polymer-based porous membranes can be used to shield implanted cells from the immune system of the host, while allowing for the exchange of nutrients and metabolic waste products thus keeping the cells alive and functioning.

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  • One definition of wisdom is the thoughtful application of learning; insight; good sense; judgement. It can be said that this book aims to contribute to the reader's wisdom. It sets out to provide knowledge of the fundamentals of naval architecture so that the reader can define a ship form, calculate its draughts and displacement and check its stability. It seeks to give an understanding of other aspects of the ship such as the possible modes of structural failure and its manoeuvring and seakeeping performance....

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  • (BQ) Part one is about kinematics and mechanisms, part two is about the design of mechanisms, and part three is about the dynamics of machines. Part one contains information about basic topics such as velocity, acceleration, position and displacement, and the world of mechanism. Part two explains topics like gears, synthesis of linkages, cam design, robotics, mechanism trains, and so on.

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  • In this paper, a nonlinear dynamic modeling and control of flexible link manipulator with rigid translational and rotational joints is presented. This model TR (Translational-Rotational) is developed based on single flexible link manipulator with only rotational joint. Finite element method and Lagrange approach are used to model and build equations of the motion. PID controller is designed with parameters (Kp, Ki, Kd) which are optimized by using Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm (PSO).

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  • Source: HANDBOOK OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CALCULATIONS SECTION 6 INTERNAL-COMBUSTION ENGINES Determining the Economics of Reciprocating I-C Engine Cogeneration 6.1 Diesel Generating Unit Efficiency 6.7 Engine Displacement, Mean Effective Pressure, and Efficiency 6.8 Engine Mean Effective Pressure and Horsepower 6.9 Selection of an Industrial InternalCombustion Engine 6.10 Engine Output at High Temperatures and High Altitudes 6.11 Indicator Use on Internal-Combustion Engines 6.12 Engine Piston Speed, Torque, Displacement, and Compression Ratio 6.

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  • CHAPTER 2 8 BASIC CONTROL SYSTEMS DESIGN William J. Palm III Mechanical Engineering Department University of Rhode Island Kingston, Rhode Island 28.1 INTRODUCTION 28.2 868 28.7.3 28.7.4 28.7.5 28.8 CONTROL SYSTEM STRUCTURE 869 28.2.1 A Standard Diagram 870 28.2.2 Transfer Functions 870 28.2.3 System-Type Number and Error Coefficients 871 TRANSDUCERS AND ERROR DETECTORS 872 28.3.1 Displacement and Velocity Transducers 872 28.3.2 Temperature Transducers 874 28.3.3 Flow Transducers 874 28.3.4 Error Detectors 874 28.3.5 Dynamic Response of Sensors 875 ACTUATORS 28.4.

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  • CHAPTER 11 PNEUMATIC AND HYDRAULIC MACHINE AND MECHANISM CONTROL DESIGNS AND OPERATING PRINCIPLES OF TYPICAL PUMPS These pumps are used to transfer liquids and supply hydraulic power. 1. WITH BUT TWO MOVING PARTS, the rotors that turn in the same direction, this rotary pump has reduced friction to a minimum. The rotors rotate against flexible synthetic rubber cushions that allow sand, grit and other abrasives to flow freely through the pump without damage. It is a positive displacement pump that develops a constant pressure and will deliver a uniform flow at any given speed.

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  • Seismic Retrofit Practice 40.1 40.2 James Roberts California Department of Transportation 40 Introduction Identification and Prioritization Hazard • Structural Vulnerability • Risk Analysis 40.3 40.4 Performance Criteria Retrofit Design Conceptual Design • Retrofit Strategies • Analysis • Aesthetics Brian Maroney California Department of Transportation 40.5 40.6 40.7 Construction Costs Summary 40.

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  • Wireless Local Loop (WLL) systems offer quick deployment, high data rates and dynamic capacity. These should be compelling reasons for WLL System to supplant wired systems. WLL systems are having only limited success in displacing wired systems because wired systems provide proven reliability at lower cost. Will this always be true? This chapter addresses that one technology path designers can follow to reduce WLL system cost, especially for the more numerous low data rate and voice user.

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  • Earlier automobile engine development produced a much larger range of engines than is in common use today. Engines have ranged from 1- to 16-cylinder designs with corresponding differences in overall size, weight, piston displacement, and cylinder bores. Four cylinders and power ratings from 19 to 120 hp (14 to 90 kW) were followed in a majority of the models. Several three-cylinder, two-stroke-cycle models were built while most engines had straight or in-line cylinders. There were several V-type models and horizontally opposed two- and four-cylinder makes too.

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  • Gender analysis is improving the quality of the World Bank’s adjust- ment and programmatic lending operations in a number of areas essential to growth and poverty reduction, including protection for displaced workers, access to land, and discrimination in the rural labor market. For example: The Vietnam Poverty Reduction Support Credit has been particular- ly strong in analyzing the likely gender impacts of state-owned enter- prise reform, and integrating this analysis into the design of safety net provisions for displaced workers.

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  • The design of disconnection modules provides a clean front panel. The insulation displacement contacts for the wire and the disconnection spring contacts are recessed inside the module, so accidental contact of the module with a metallic tool like a screwdriver will not cause any short circuits.

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