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  • Arbitration is the most popular form of alternative dispute resolution. Of the reasons for arbitration’s leading position as a means of alternative dispute resolu- tion, at least in an international commercial context, is the presumption of the principle of confidentiality entailed in it.

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  • On one view I  rst began thinking about this project, if not the publication, in 1992 when I journeyed to Hanoi, Vietnam to escape the frustrations of legal practice. Subsequently, I spent the late 1990s completing a doctorate that took as its subjects: legal change, socialist dispute resolution Vietnamese style, and the challenges of investigating both topics. This book re ects my current thinking on each of these three issues.

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  • For more than two decades, the workers’ compensation courts increasingly have been perceived as a weak link in the California workers’ compensation system. The courts have been criticized for being slow, expensive, and procedurally inconsistent. In response to these concerns, the California Commission on Health and Safety and

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  • This book is written for those who wish to enhance their understanding of and competencies with constructively managing conflict. Our interest in developing this resource came at the request of government and community practitioners with whom we worked on various projects, ranging from pedagogy in the classroom to strategic planning and consensus-building in the community. This wide range of demand underscores the limited scope of research on effective dispute resolution and the infancy of conflict management as an area of practice.

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  • Giới thiệu về Ban Giải Quyết Tranh Chấp của WorkCover (WorkCover WA Dispute Resolution Directorate) Ban Giải Quyết Tranh Chấp (Dispute Resolution Directorate - DRD) xét xử và giải quyết những tranh chấp xảy ra giữa các bên trong hệ thống bồi thường lao động.

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  • It is hard to imagine a time when law was more important to managers. The rapid growth of unregulated subprime mortgages and financial derivatives fueled a real estate bubble from 2001 through 2006, during which time executive compensation in the financial services companies soared. When the bubble burst in 2007, many executives of these companies walked away unscathed, leaving employees, stockholders, and taxpayers holding the bag.

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  • Transfer Pricing and Valuation in Corporate Taxation analyzes the disparities between both federal statutes and regulations, and reg- ulations and administrative practice, in a highly controversial area of corporate tax policy: intra-company transfer pricing for tax pur- poses. It addresses issues that often mean millions of dollars to indi- vidual corporations, and a significant fraction of the federal govern- ment’s revenue base.

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  • This book is an attempt to present the history of California in so simple and interesting a way that children may read it with pleasure. It does not confine itself to the history of one section or period, but tells the story of all the principal events from the Indian occupancy through the Spanish and Mission days, the excitement of the gold discovery, the birth of the state, down to the latest events of yesterday and to-day. Several chapters, also, are devoted to the development of California's great industries.

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  • Building on more than 25 years of research and evaluation work, RAND Education has as its mission the improvement of educational policy and practice in formal and informal settings from early childhood on. RAND is a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis.

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  • This book examines the intersection of WTO trade liberalisation rules and domestic health protection, a subject that is of considerable interest to those concerned that the WTO impinges on national regulatory auto- nomy. In analysing the tension between health protection and trade liber- alisation, the book focuses on the way in which this tension is (or is not) resolved through the dispute resolution process.

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  • The title should say it all. This is not a law book though lawyers should find it useful. Much less is it a students’ book though it does no harm for students to see how the law works in practice. The purpose of this book is to guide businessmen and women through the maze of IP law so that they avoid mistakes that have threatened the livelihoods and, occasionally, ruined the lives of many of their number.

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  • The School of Law provides an excellent legal education within a values- centered context. It has an enrollment of approximately 700 full-time students. Special programs include international law study semesters in London and Copenhagen, the Pepperdine-Union Rescue Mission Legal Clinic, the Geoffrey H. Palmer Center for Entrepreneurship and the Law, and the internationally acclaimed Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution.

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  • Clearing the Faranolles Making the entrance to the Bay of San Francisco The passage through the Strait Appearance of the Bay Town of San Francisco The anchor is let go The Author goes on shore His bad luck Sweeting's Hotel The Author and Mr. Malcolm propose visiting the American settlements They become acquainted with Captain Fulsom and Mr. Bradley Object of the Author's visit to California Mr. McPhail leaves for Sonoma The Houses of San Francisco, and their inhabitants Native California Senoritas and cigarettos. ...

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  • On the 1st of July, 1769 - a day forever memorable in the annals of California - a small party of men, worn out by the fatigues and hardships of their long and perilous journey from San Fernandez de Villicatà, came in sight of the beautiful Bay of San Diego.

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  • Chapter 2 provides knowledge of the resolution of private disputes. After studying this chapter, you will know: Identify sources and types of law, identify the law that takes precedence when two types of laws conflict, differentiate criminal law from civil law, differentiate schools of jurisprudence, describe the role of precedent (stare decisis), explain major techniques of statutory interpretation.

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  • This course investigates theory and practice of financial management from a corporate perspective. Topics cover financial management objectives, principles of capital investment, project evaluation techniques, capital structure decisions, financing techniques, dividend policy, working capital management and elements of risk management.

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  • Chapter 13 - Conflict and negotiation. Chapter learning objectives: distinguish task-related from socioemotional conflict, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of conflict in organisations, identify six sources of organisational conflict, outline the five interpersonal styles of conflict management, summarise six structural approaches to managing conflict, outline four situational influences on negotiations, compare and contrast the three types of third-party dispute resolution.

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  • After reading this chapter, you will be able to answer the following questions: What types of jurisdiction must a court have to render a binding decision in a case? What is venue? How is our dual court system structured? What are the threshold requirements that must be met before a court will hear a case? What are the steps in civil litigation?

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  • Chapter 7 - The international legal environment: Playing by the rules. What you should learn from chapter 7: The four heritages of today’s legal systems, the important factors in the jurisdiction of legal disputes, the various methods of dispute resolution, the unique problems of protecting intellectual property rights internationally, how to protect against piracy and counterfeiting,...

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  • The RTA Notice of Claim letter notifi es the person that a claim has been made with the RTA for the bond. The Notice of Claim letter gives the person 14 days notice to lodge a Dispute Resolution Request form with the RTA to dispute the claim. If the RTA does not receive a Dispute Resolution Request form within the 14 day time limit, it will refund the bond according to the fi rst Refund of Rental Bond claim it received. If the RTA receives a Dispute Resolution Request form within the time limit, it will provide conciliation through its Dispute Resolution Service.

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