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  • he specific country cultures are not only different in regard to their health systems, but also in integrating gender aspects in research, policy and practice. The very definitions of health, illness and health related social problems are different. If networks focus on gender specific aspects of health and illness, the necessity for transnational communication is evident.

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  • The remarkable political changes that have taken place within the European Region in the last five years have greatly enlarged the potential for international collaboration. The First European Conference on Environment and Health was held in Frankfurt in December 1989, when these dramatic changes were at their height. Ministers from 29 countries, and the European Commission, approved a Charter that set out the principles, strategy and priorities for achieving an effective approach to the many areas in which environmental conditions may significantly affect human health....

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  • The enlargement of the European Community (EC) and later the European Union (EU) was never particularly popular.2 Indeed, the first attempt at widening the EU culminated in the Community’s “first real crisis” when Charles de Gaulle, then-President of France, rejected the British accession in a dramatic press conference at the E´ lyse´e Palace (Nicholson and East 1987, 39). He claimed that Britain’s conditions for joining the Union were unacceptable to France.

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  • In the wake of the EU’s greatest enlargement, this book explores the adaptation of the constitutions of Central and Eastern Europe for membership in the European Union. In response to the painful past, these new constitutions were notably closed to the transfer of powers to international organisations, and accorded a prominent status to sovereignty and independence. A little more than a decade later, the process of amending these provisions in view of the transfer of sovereign powers to a supranational organisation has proved a sensitive and controversial exercise....

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  • At the other end of the food chain agricultural practices are going to change. The increased focus on environmental sustainability in society is reflected in the rapid growth for organic agriculture, while the use of modern biotechnology might be offering many new opportunities for agriculture in the EU. The enlargement process and further reforms of the CAP could lead to a drastically changed market and production situation.

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  • Because of the small size of the new member states, the enlargement will affect the Euro Area’s growth and inflation rates only to a limited extent. Both rates will nevertheless rise slightly without affecting the dynamics. Whereas the higher growth rate may not have any impact on the functioning of the Euro Area, the higher trend inflation rate might affect monetary policy. Of course, the impact will in all likelihood remain small, however the definition of price stability may have to be considered and marginally adjusted.

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  • Europe’s constitutional journey has not been a smooth one. On the contrary, it is not an exaggeration to say that Europe’s search for a constitution has turned out to be an opening of Pandora’s box: In the controversy surrounding the European Constitution, all kinds of quarrels and debates are cast on issues ranging from the enlargement of the European Union to its legal-political nature, from the legitimacy of the Union to its very identity, from the role the Union should play in the world to the way its actions influence daily life in its smallest regions....

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  • The European Network of Health Promoting Schools (ENHPS) is a practical example of a health promotion activity that has successfully incorporated the energies of three major European agencies in the joint pursuit of their goals in promoting health in schools. The ENHPS had its conceptual origins in the 1980s, but since 1991, the initiative has been a tripartite activity, launched by the Euro- pean Commission, the Council of Europe and the WHO Regional Office for Europe. Starting with only seven countries, the ENHPS has enlarged over the years and now has 43 countries as members....

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