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  • All of the workshop participants bring different examples to share, but some of the experiences of addressing poverty in Latin America and build- ing up poverty maps have been transferred to Africa and elsewhere. Simi- larly, from the African experiences, people in Latin America and in other regions are looking at delegated contract management very carefully. Lessons can be learned from each other; concrete examples of this have happened in the past and can happen more forcefully in the future.

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  • Our analysis will emphasize a mechanism of propagation of the effects of cloud computing which depends on the endogenous market structures. Through business creation, the adoption of cloud computing is going to enhance competition in each sector and to increase production and lower mark ups. This will have a positive im- pact on consumption so as to contribute to the recovery of the EU economy. Most of all, part of these effects are going to be positively related to the speed of adop- tion of the new technology.

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  • The Seventh Directive complements these harmonization efforts with requirements on when and how firms must prepare consolidated financial accounts. Both directives effectively prescribe a common set of accounting rules for both consolidated and unconsolidated (or parent-only) financial statements. The directives had to be transformed into national laws by the member states during the late 1980s and early 1990s. As a result, accounting standards across EU member states are fairly similar, though not necessarily equal in every respect.

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  • Moreover, we believe that the measures taken should be flexible enough to be compatible with all types of banking models, including universal banking and the savings and retail banks’ business model. The ESBG welcomes the recognition of the universal banking model. However, the ESBG also states that every financial system has its own particular characteristics; there are diverse banking structural models and practices within the EU which need to be fully respected.

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  • The health market is highly fragmented in Europe, with different public health policies in Member States. To sustain the competitiveness of the health sector, it is necessary to improve the framework conditions for business to innovate 20 : creating the single EU Patent and a specialised Patent Court, harmonising the regulatory framework, improving access of SMEs to Intellectual Property Protection.

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