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  • Oracle Database Application Developer’s Guide - Expression Filter provides usage and reference information about Expression Filter, a feature of Oracle Database that stores, indexes, and evaluates conditional expressions in relational tables. Application developers and DBAs can save time and labor by using Oracle Expression Filter to store and evaluate large sets of conditional expressions in the database.

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  • 4.2.3 MTMF MTMF combines the best parts of the Linear Spectral Mixing model and the statistical Matched Filter model while avoiding the drawbacks of each parent method (Boardman, 1998). It is a useful Matched Filter method without knowing all the possible endmembers in a landscape especially in case of subtle, sub-pixel occurrences. Firstly, pixel spectra and endmember spectra require a minimum noise fraction (MNF) (Green et al., 1988, Boardman, 1993) transformation. MNF reduces and separates an image into its most dimensional and non-noisy components.

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  • Microsoft® SQL Server has become one of the most popular database management systems in the world. From small development projects to some of the best-known and most prestigious sites on the Web, SQL Server has proven itself to be a solid, reliable, fast, and trusted solution to all sorts of data-storage needs.

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  • Digital filters are widely used in processing digital signals of many diverse applications, including speech processing and data communications, image and video processing, sonar, radar, seismic and oil exploration, and consumer electronics.

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  • Application filtering is one of the most difficult types of filtering that firewalls perform, because it requires the firewall to process the data at the application layer (Layer 7) of the OSI model

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 3.1 Filtering and Sorting Data Problem You have a DataSet filled with data, but you need to work with only a subset of the records and also to sort them. You need a way to both filter and sort the records in your DataSet without requerying the data source.

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  • This book starts by setting a clear foundation for what Core Data is and how it works and then takes you step-by-step through how to extract the results you need from this powerful framework. You’ll learn what the components of Core Data are and how they interact, how to design your data model, how to filter your results, how to tune performance, how to migrate your data across data model versions, and many other topics around and between these that will separate your apps from the crowd.

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  • These days it seems like everyone is collecting data. But all of that data is just raw information -- to make that information meaningful, it has to be organized, filtered, and analyzed. Anyone can apply data analysis tools and get results, but without the right approach those results may be useless. Author Philipp Janert teaches you how to think about data: how to effectively approach data analysis problems, and how to extract all of the available information from your data.

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  • Scientists, engineers and the like are a strange lot. Unperturbed by societal norms, they direct their energies to finding better alternatives to existing theories and concocting solutions to unsolved problems. Driven by an insatiable curiosity, they record their observations and crunch the numbers. This tome is about the science of crunching. It’s about digging out something of value from the detritus that others tend to leave behind. The described approaches involve constructing models to process the available data.

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  • Data Warehouse Design consists in collecting and filtering the user requirements. It involves the designer, end-users of DW and produces the specifications concerning. Data Warehouse Design includes Requirement Specification, Conceptual Design, Logical Design, Conclusions, Case study.

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  • BÀI TẬP 1: Sắp xếp lại Resource Information  Chuyển sang Resource Sheet View  Nhấp vào Project trên thanh công cụ rồi vào Sort và Sort by  Chọn Group như là cấp độ đầu tiên để sort  Sau đó chọn Name như là cấp độ thứ 2 để sắp xếp

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  • Signals represent information about data, voice, audio, image, video… There are many ways to classify signals but here we categorize signals as either analog (continuous-time) or digital (discretetime). Signal processing is to use circuits and systems (hardware and software) to act on input signal to give output signal which differs from the input, the way we would like to.

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  • Digital communications is a rapidly advancing applications area. Significant current activities are in the development of mobile communications equipment for personal use, in the expansion of the available bandwidth (and hence information carrying capacity) of the backbone transmission structure through developments in optical fibre, and in the ubiquitous use of networks for data communications.

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  • FADING-MEMORY (DISCOUNTED LEAST-SQUARES) FILTER 7.1 DISCOUNTED LEAST-SQUARES ESTIMATE The fading-memory filter introduced in Chapter 1, is similar to the fixedmemory filter in that it has essentially a finite memory and is used for tracking a target in steady state. As indicated in Section 1.2.6, for the fading-memory filter the data vector is semi-infinite and given by Y ðnÞ ¼ ½ y n ; y nÀ1 ; . . .Š T ð7:1-1Þ The filter realizes essentially finite memory for this semi-infinite data set by having, as indicated in section 1.2.6, a fading-memory.

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  • The celebrated Kalman filter, rooted in the state-space formulation of linear dynamical systems, provides a recursive solution to the linear optimal filtering problem. It applies to stationary as well as nonstationary environments. The solution is recursive in that each updated estimate of the state is computed from the previous estimate and the new input data, so only the previous estimate requires storage.

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  • The Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) provides an efficient method for generating approximate maximum-likelihood estimates of the state of a discrete-time nonlinear dynamical system (see Chapter 1). The filter involves a recursive procedure to optimally combine noisy observations with predictions from the known dynamic model. A second use of the EKF involves estimating the parameters of a model (e.g., neural network) given clean training data of input and output data (see Chapter 2).

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  • FIXED-MEMORY POLYNOMIAL FILTER 5.1 INTRODUCTION In Section 1.2.10 we presented the growing-memory g–h filter. For n fixed this filter becomes a fixed-memory filter with the n most recent samples of data being processed by the filter, sliding-window fashion. In this chapter we derive a higher order form of this filter. We develop this higher order fixed-memory polynomial filter by applying the least-squares results given by (4.1-32). As in Section 1.2.

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  • EXPANDING-MEMORY (GROWING-MEMORY) POLYNOMIAL FILTERS 6.1 INTRODUCTION The fixed-memory flter described in Chapter 5 has two important disadvantages. First, all the data obtained over the last L þ 1 observations have to be stored. This can result in excessive memory requirements in some instances. Second, at each new observation the last L þ 1 data samples have to be reprocessed to obtain the update estimate with no use being made of the previous estimate calculations. This can lead to a large computer load.

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  • Create applications with full-text search functionality Build indexes from varied data sources Use the Sphinx client API implementation in your application to fire full text-search queries Filter, sort, and group results based on different attributes Search with different matching and ranking modes

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