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  • The Forethought Herein lie buried many things which if read with patience may show the strange meaning of being black here at the dawning of the Twentieth Century. This meaning is not without interest to you, Gentle Reader; for the problem of the Twentieth Century is the problem of the color line.

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  • Strategic management is a widely studied field because it is through strategy that organizations attempt to reach their goals and out-think the competition. Thinking strategically requires research, analysis, and forethought in order to create a plan for how you will proceed as an organization. In this textbook you’ll receive an insight into the strategic thinking and planning process. What does it take to formulate a strategy? And how does strategic thinking differ from normal thinking?!

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  • Sealed Classes Using inheritance is not always easy and requires forethought. If you create an interface or an abstract class, you are knowingly writing something that will be inherited from in the future.

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  • There’s no real conservation inside their buildings, no removal of materials of concern, no forethought on product recyclability. If you are really going to be green, you consider the entire lifecycle of your operation. It has to be part of your culture to find every opportunity to reduce or eliminate your impact. In our business, we are seeing these barriers falling fast. Two years ago, companies felt they had time to study options and decide to act…or not. Now, the “do nothing” or “business-as-usual” approach has become unacceptable to their stakeholders.

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