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  • As the world of politics and public affairs has gradually changed beyond recognition over the past two decades, journalism too has been transformed. Yet the study of news and journalism often seems stuck with ideas and debates which have lost much of their critical purchase. Journalism is at a crossroads: it needs to reaffirm core values and rediscover key activities, almost certainly in new forms, or it risks losing its distinctive character as well as its commercial basis.

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  • When we first proposed this book, we set a goal of writing a different kind of SharePoint book. We did not want a reference that repeated the software development kit, nor did we want a how-to book that explained how to configure the out-of-the-box functionality. Instead, we envisioned a book that helped developers apply the Microsoft Office platform to customer problems.

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  • The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) is the specialty society for physicians that focus on infertility. The organization has a Practice Committee that issues regular reports, including guidelines on minimal standards for providing ART, informed consent, and on the number of embryos to be transferred in IVF procedures. The guidelines are distributed to all members of ASRM, are published in the Society's journal, Fertility and Sterility, and are available to the public on ASRM's website (

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  • Though the town of Royston is frequently mentioned in the following pages, it was no part of my task to deal with the general historical associations of the place, with its interesting background of Court life under James I. These belong strictly to local history, and the references to the town and neighbourhood of Royston simply arise from the accidental association with the district of the materials which have come most readily to my hand in glancing back at the life of rural England in the time of the Georges.

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  • What makes LSI better than the competition in its specific market niche? None of the current competitors are capable of combining LSI’s content with technology to create compelling e-learning courseware in under two weeks! The e-learning market will undergo significant price competition. In LSI’s market niche, however, given also the leadership position that it enjoys, price competition is expected to be less aggressive. The general e-learning market is highly fragmented with no single competitor accounting for a dominant market share, and competition is intense.

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  • The government of Mexico City, Mexico believes that access to health care is a human right, and should be universal and free to those who cannot afford to pay. In Mexico City the mayor has made health care accessible to all, and has garnered the broad support of the City’s leaders and citizens for this unique effort 9. When the City’s popular mayor, Andres Manuel López Obrador, came to power, he faced two significant challenges to keeping his campaign promise of free health care to poorer families. First, the public health system was fragmented.

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  • Government intervenes in a myriad of ways at the local level, and rarely are these interventions coordinated effectively. In the context of the economic recovery and public budget cuts, policy silos and fragmented short-term policy interventions have become luxuries that our economies can no longer afford

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  • There are, perhaps, few tests of excellence so sure as the popular verdict on a work of art a hundred years after its accomplishment. So much time must be allowed for the swing and rebound of taste, for the despoiling of tawdry splendours and to permit the work of art itself to form a public capable of appreciating it. Such marvellous fragments reach us of Elizabethan praises; and we cannot help recalling the number of copies of 'Prometheus Unbound' sold in the lifetime of the poet. We know too well "what porridge had John Keats," and remember with misgiving the turtle to which we...

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  • The cloning of two novel genes that encode cytokinin oxidase/dehydrogenase (CKX) in barley is described in this work. Transformation of both genes intoArabidopsisand tobacco showed that at least one of the genes codes for a functional enzyme, as its expression caused a cytokinin-deficient phenotype in the heterologous host plants. Addi-tional cloning of two gene fragments, and anin silicosearch in the public expressed sequence tag clone databases, revealed the presence of at least 13 more members of the CKXgene family in barley and wheat. ...

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  • This system is financed through a mixture of public and private insurance and out-of-pocket payments by families, especially for mental, developmental, and oral health services that are not well covered by insurance.Many services are pro- vided within the traditional health care sector (doctors’ offices, hospitals, and clinics); however, some services such as mental health services take place outside the health care sector in schools and in child care and community centers, further fragmenting delivery pathways and complicating access.

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  • The author of the diary and the diary itself are, of course, imaginary. Nevertheless it is clear that such persons as the writer of these notes not only may, but positively must, exist in our society, when we consider the circumstances in the midst of which our society is formed. I have tried to expose to the view of the public more distinctly than is commonly done, one of the characters of the recent past. He is one of the representatives of a generation still living. In this fragment, entitled ‘Underground,’ this person introduces himself and his views, and,...

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  • An attempt is made to prepare Linguistics for Situation Semantics. I INTRODUCTION Computational Situation Semantics (yet?). So what is there? Besides a few published papers, each of them containing at least one position since abandoned~ there is a book ~ Attitudes literally on the very verge of publication. This contains the philosophlcal/theoretlcal background of the program The Big Picture. It also contains a very brief treatment of a very simple fragment of ALIASS.

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  • The health market is highly fragmented in Europe, with different public health policies in Member States. To sustain the competitiveness of the health sector, it is necessary to improve the framework conditions for business to innovate 20 : creating the single EU Patent and a specialised Patent Court, harmonising the regulatory framework, improving access of SMEs to Intellectual Property Protection.

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  • Countries and donors have agreed a set of principles around aid effectiveness to address these challenges. 21 Countries will work to develop national health plans and donors will align their aid accordingly. They will also harmonize their budgets, providing separate health budget lines, with all public spending and donor financing included. Already, countries and donors are using the International Health Partnership (IHP+) to improve and harmonize their activities, reduce fragmentation and ensure that more funding flows rapidly to those who need it.

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