Hazard categories

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  • Only appropriately trained persons who are familiar with and understand the contents of this manual and all other pertinent product documentation are authorized to work on and with this product. In addition, these persons must have received safety training to recognize and avoid hazards involved.

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  • In 1999, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) engaged RAND to examine DFAS's interactions with customers and to determine how those interactions might be improved. DFAS provides a range of services to Defense Department agencies in two broad categories: finance "output" and accounting services. DFAS customers believe that current DFAS accounting data are too untimely and too inaccurate to be useful and that systems acquisition and implementation are DFAS weaknesses.

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  • All REITs are subject to two principal potential hazards: an excess supply of available rental space and rising interest rates. There is also a third category, which is related to REITs’ investment popularity at various times. First we’ll address the broad issues.

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  • It is usually assumed that the kind of noise existing in annotated data is random classification noise. Yet there is evidence that differences between annotators are not always random attention slips but could result from different biases towards the classification categories, at least for the harder-to-decide cases. Under an annotation generation model that takes this into account, there is a hazard that some of the training instances are actually hard cases with unreliable annotations.

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  • In simplified diagrammatic fashion, Figure 1.2 illustrates the approximate chronological succession of environmental hazards, as societies undergo eco- nomic growth and consequent increases in the scale of human activity and envi- ronmental impact (4). Historically, on a local scale, category A hazards have predominated. In the early years of the industrial revolution in Europe much of the environmental hazard was at household and neighbourhood level.

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  • In the Northeast, the solvents emitted in the greatest quantities from furniture finishing are toluene, xylenes, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK) and methanol. 3 All of these compounds are flammable liquids that quickly evaporate in air. In addition, the U.S. EPA considers them hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) that can cause adverse health effects and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can contribute to ambient air quality problems.

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  • A first critical step in developing a comprehensive safety and health program is to identify physical and health hazards in the workplace. This process is known as a "hazard assessment." Potential hazards may be physical or health-related and a compre- hensive hazard assessment should identify hazards in both categories. Examples of physical hazards include moving objects, fluctuating temperatures, high intensity lighting, rolling or pinching objects, electrical connections and sharp edges. Examples of health hazards include overexposure to harmful dusts, chemicals or radiation....

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  • Eye Protection for Exposed Workers OSHA suggests that eye protection be routinely considered for use by carpenters, electricians, machinists, mechanics, millwrights, plumbers and pipefitters, sheetmetal workers and tinsmiths, assemblers, sanders, grinding machine operators, sawyers, welders, laborers, chemical pro- cess operators and handlers, and timber cutting and logging workers. Employers of workers in other job categories should decide whether there is a need for eye and face PPE through a hazard assessment....

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  • Improper disposal may be hazardous if it leads to contamination of water supplies or local sources used by nearby community. Expired drugs may come into the hands of scavengers and children if landfill is insecure. Pilfering from a stockpile of waste drugs or during sorting may results in expired drugs being diverted to the market for resale and misused. Most expired pharmaceuticals become less efficacious and a few may develop a different adverse drug reaction profile. There are some categories of expired drugs their disposal practices may carry a public health risk. ...

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