Hierarchical computer organization

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  • Architecture is those attributes visible to the programmer: Instruction set, number of bits used for data representation, I/O mechanisms, addressing techniques. e.g. Is there a multiply instruction? Organization is how features are implemented Control signals, interfaces, memory technology. e.g. Is there a hardware multiply unit or is it done by repeated addition?

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  • During the early years of microprocessor technology, there were few engineers with education and experience in the application of microprocessor technology.Now that microprocessors and microcontrollers have become pervasive in many types of equipment, it has become almost a requirement that many technical people have the ability to use them. Today the microprocessor and the microcontroller have become two of the most powerful tools available to the scientist and engineer.

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  • Die einfachsten technischen Systeme nutzen eine Hauptschleife (Run-Loop), sind also recht einfach und schnell zum Laufen gebracht. Vorausgesetzt, wir können mit JTAG-Adapter, Emulator und Bootloader umgehen. Eine kurze Einführung in diese Themen ist im Kap. 2 gegeben. Die nächste Stufe der Expertise wird erreicht, wenn wir es mit technischen Systemen zu tun haben, auf denen ein Betriebssystem läuft oder eigentlich laufen sollte. Zwei wichtige Betriebssysteme in der embeddedWelt sind Linux und QNX.

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  • A computer program for synthesizing Japanese fundamental frequency contours implements our theory of Japanese intonation. This theory provides a complete qualitative description of the known characteristics of Japanese intonation, as well as a quantitative model of tone-scaling and timing precise enough to translate straightforwardly into a computational algorithm. An important aspect of the description is that various features of the intonation pattern are designated to be phonological properties of different types of phrasal units in a hierarchical organization.

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