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  • Chapter 1 - The investment environment. This chapter can help you become an informed practitioner of investments. We will focus on investments in securities such as stocks, bonds, or options and futures contracts, but much of what we discuss will be useful in the analysis of any type of investment. The chapter will provide you with background in the organization of various securities markets; will survey.

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  • Chapter 1 is introductory and contains important institutional material focusing on the financial environment. We discuss the major players in the financial markets, provide an overview of the types of securities traded in those markets, and explain how and where securities are traded.

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  • Chapter 11 - The global trade and investment environment. The main goals of this chapter are to: Present a historical overview of the main forms of the international monetary system, explain how the international monetary (IMF) system functions and some major current issues related to the IMF, understand the case for a fixed rate regime and for a floating exchange rate regime,...

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  • We wrote the first edition of this textbook more than ten years ago. The intervening years have been a period of rapid and profound change in the investments industry. This is due in part to an abundance of newly designed securities, in part to the creation of new trading strategies that would have been impossible without concurrent advances in computer technology, and in part to rapid advances in the theory of investments that have come out of the academic community.

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  • The object of the dissertation is the direct investment projects of Vietnam enterprises into Laos. Besides, in order to better assess the current status of the projects as well as investment opportunities into Laos in the future, the thesis will study the investment environment in Laos, the main competitors (Thailand and China), policy related to OFDI activities of Vietnam and Laos, the documents signed between enterprises as well as the two governments.

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  • (BQ) Investments (8th edition) - Zvi Bodie, Alex Kane, Alan J. Marcus, is intended primarily as a textbook for courses in investment analysis. This text will introduce you to major issues currently of concern to all investors. It can give you the skills to conduct a sophisticated assessment of current issues and debates covered by both the popular media as well as more-specialized finance journals. Whether you plan to become an investment professional, or simply a sophisticated individual investor, you will find these skills essential.

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  • Chapter 2 - Asset classes and financial investments. In this chapter, we first describe money market instruments. We then move on to debt and equity securities. We explain the structure of various stock market indexes in this chapter because market benchmark portfolios play an important role in portfolio construction and evaluation. Finally, we survey the derivative security markets for options and futures contracts.

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  • Chapter 4 - Mutual funds and other investment companies. We begin the chapter by describing and comparing the various types of investment companies available to investors. We then examine the functions of mutual funds, their investment styles and policies, and the costs of investing in these funds. Next we take a first look at the investment performance of these funds.

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  • Chapter 5 - Learning about return and risk from the historical record. Casual observation and formal research both suggest that investment risk is as important to investors as expected return. while we have theories about the relationship between risk and expected return that would prevail in rational capital markets, there is no theory about the levels of risk we should find in the marketplace. we can at best estimate the level of risk likely to confront investors by analyzing historical experience.

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  • Chapter 6 - Risk aversion and capital allocation to risky assets. In this chapter, we begin by introducing two themes in portfolio theory that are centered on risk. The first is the tenet that investors will avoid risk unless they can anticipate a reward for engaging in risky investments. The second theme allows us to quantify investors’ personal trade-offs between portfolio risk and expected return.

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  • In this chapter, we first motivate the discussion by illustrating the potential gains from simple diversification into many assets. We then proceed to examine the process of efficient diversification from the ground up, starting with an investment menu of only two risky assets, then adding the risk-free asset, and finally, incorporating the entire universe of available risky securities. We learn how diversification can reduce risk without affecting expected returns.

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  • Letuter Investments (6/e) - Chapter 2: Financial instruments presents the following content: Major types of securities, markets and instruments, money market instruments, bond markets, municipal bond yields, capital market - equity, stock market indexes,...

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  • Chapter 4 "Mutual funds and other investment companies" presents the following content: services of investment companies, net asset value, types of investment organizations, investment policies, costs of investing in mutual funds, exchange traded funds, a first look at fund performance,...

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  • Lecture Investments (6/e) - Chapter 6 "Risk and risk aversion" presents the following content: Risk - uncertain outcomes, risky investments with risk-free, risk aversion & utility, dominance principle, utility and indifference curves,...

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  • Lecture Investments (6/e) - Chapter 7 "Capital allocation between the risky and the risk-free asset" presents the following content: allocating capital - risky & risk free assets, expected returns for combinations, possible combinations, variance for possible combined portfolios, combinations without leverage,...

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  • In this chapter we explore the reasoning behind what may seem a surprising conclusion. We show how competition among analysts leads naturally to market efficiency, and we examine the implications of the efficient market hypothesis for investment policy. We also consider empirical evidence that supports and contradicts the notion of market efficiency.

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  • In this chapter we turn to various strategies that bond portfolio managers can pursue, making a distinction between passive and active strategies. A passive investment strategy takes market prices of securities as fairly set. Rather than attempting to beat the market by exploiting superior information or insight, passive managers act to maintain an appropriate risk–return balance given market opportunities.

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  • This chapter is an introduction to options markets. It explains how puts and calls work and examines their investment characteristics. Popular option strategies are considered next. Finally, we examine a range of securities with embedded options such as callable or convertible bonds, and we take a quick look at some so-called exotic options.

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  • This chapter describes the workings of futures markets and the mechanics of trading in these markets. We show how futures contracts are useful investment vehicles for both hedgers and speculators and how the futures price relates to the spot price of an asset. We also show how futures can be used in several risk-management applications. This chapter deals with general principles of future markets. Chapter 23 describes specific futures markets in greater detail.

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  • In this chapter, we look beyond domestic markets to survey issues of international and extended diversification. In one sense, international investing may be viewed as no more than a straightforward generalization of our earlier treatment of portfolio selection with a larger menu of assets from which to construct a portfolio.

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