Ionic liquid cations

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  • When I was approached by Wiley to edit a book on ionic liquids in biotransformations and organocatalysis, the spontaneous question that quickly came to my mind was, is there a gap for such a book ? The fi eld of ionic liquids applied to biotransformations and organocatalysis has developed enormously during the last two decades. Therefore, the realization of a book that could gather, categorize, and provide an updated and complete state - of - the - art in these areas was clearly a demand.

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  • Room temperature ionic liquids (RTILs) are an interesting and valuable family of compounds. Although they are all salts, their components can vary considerably, including imidazolium, pyridinium, ammonium, phosphonium, thiazolium, and triazolium cations. In general, these cations have been combined with weakly coordinating anions. Common examples include tetrafluoroborate, hexafluorophosphate, triflate, triflimide, and dicyanimide.

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  • Dùng muối lỏng làm dung môi cho lignocellulose Các muối lỏng ( hay còn gọi là chất lỏng ion) là nhóm dung môi tương đối mới. Chúng được phát triển vào những năm thập niên 1980 như một thay thế thân thiện môi trường cho các dung môi hữu cơ truyền thống. Một hợp chất muối lỏng gồm các anion và cation hữu cơ có sự kết hợp lỏng lẻo, có điểm nóng chảy thấp dưới 100 oC.

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  • Introduction: Other than in solutions or in ionic liquids, ionic conduction can take place in the solid state also. The solids that exhibit ionic conduction are called ‘solid-state ionic conductors’. Based on the charge of ionic species responsible for the conduction, they are divided into cationic and anionic conductors; then, based on specific species involved in the conduction, they are further subdivided into sodium ion conductors, proton conductors, fluorine ion conductors, and so on.

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