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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'the world leader in transport equipment, introduces some reel innovations for the fishing industry', giáo dục - đào tạo, cao đẳng - đại học phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • The IT Governance Institute (ITGI) (www.itgi.org) was established in 1998 to advance international thinking and standards in directing and controlling an enterprise’s information technology. Effective IT governance helps ensure that IT supports business goals, optimizes business investment in IT, and appropriately manages IT-related risks and opportunities. The IT Governance Institute offers symposia, original research, and case studies to assist enterprise leaders and boards of directors in their IT governance responsibilities....

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  • Make an Argument: The ability to frame and defend an argument is particularly important to students’ readiness for college and careers. The goal of making an argument is to convince an audience of the rightness of the claims being made using logical reasoning and relevant evidence. In some cases, a student will make an argument to gain access to college or to a job, laying out their qualifications or experience. In college, a student might defend an interpretation of a work of literature or of history and, in the workplace, an employee might write to recommend a course of action....

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  • In the developed capital market, AMCs offer wider varieties of fund objectives and policies responding to investor risk preferences. Specialized equity funds focus on narrow industry segments dominate U.S. asset management industry (Bogle (2005)). Management fees of equity funds can be viewed as the indicator of security selection and portfolio management skills of fund managers. Nazir and Nawaz (2010) documented that higher management fees lead to higher total fund returns reflecting in higher risk adjusted return or Sharpe’s ratio. ...

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  • Even if socially responsible investment does not impose a cost on SRI fund investors in terms of reduced before-fee financial performance, these investors could still pay an explicit price for their funds' social responsibility in the form of higher fees. Indeed, there are reasons to expect fees charged by SRI funds to be higher. First, some SRI funds actively engage with the firms in which they invest to encourage them to pursue socially responsible policies. The costs of such active monitoring may be partly passed on to investors in the form of higher expenses.

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  • As can be seen from this table, measures on SEF compliment other measures and could amplify their impact too. The impact of the various measures together is likely to be stronger than their impact individual. Notably, measures by the EIF to provide seed finance via fund of fund structures to funds targeting social business could strongly complement steps to create a EU framework for such funds, by increasing investments into such funds.

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  • We would like to express appreciation to our project partners, the Urban Family Health Partnership, Kanchan Samity, Ananya Samaj Kallyan Sangostha and Unnata Paribar Gathan Mohila Sangostha. Their support and cooperation have been crucial in carrying out the research project. The twenty-four schoolteachers along with facilitators and peer educators as well as adolescents, parents and community leaders from the project areas deserve our sincere thanks.

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  • The number of work packages in a project normally increases with project size. Small projects (less than two man years) may have less than ten bottom-level work packages, and large projects (more than twenty man years) more than a hundred. Accordingly, small projects will use one or two levels, medium size projects two to four, and large projects four or five. Medium and large projects may use alphabetic as well as numerical identifiers. New work packages should be defined for new tasks that are identified during a project.

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  • The contributions brought by our approach are threefold. First, we account for luck by measuring the proportion of lucky funds at different significant levels. Second, we examine how the F DR varies as the significant level rises. This indicates whether funds with genuine differential performance are concentrated or more dispersed in the tails of the cross-sectional alpha distribution. Third, we provide explicit estimates of the proportion of funds in the population which have truly positive and negative alphas (as opposed to significant only)....

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  • In language learning, the use of strategies “has been observed to produce a positive effect on student achievement” (Flaitz & Feiten, 1996, pp.211). The term learner strategies refers to “language learning behaviors learners actually engage in to learn and regulate the learning of a second language” (Wenden, 1987, p.6), and also refers to what learners know about the strategies they use and what they know about other aspects of their language learning (Wenden, 1987).

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  • Documents will be filed and controlled in accordance with the project Document Control Plan (Appendix D). All documents will be maintained for the duration of the contract and organized, indexed, and delivered to WSDOT upon Final Owner Acceptance (FOA), as well as within five business days of receipt of a request from WSDOT. Files will be maintained in an organized and controlled manner at the Design-Builder’s project office, and the QO field office.

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  • The most significant success occurred in and around Baltimore, where the Baltimore Regional Auto Theft Team, (RATT), a multi-jurisdictional task force, has seen a 50 percent drop in motor vehicle theft rates since 1995. The Michigan Auto Theft Prevention Board requires all grantees to provide matching funds for anti-theft efforts. Police departments and other grant fund recipients must provide 25 percent of total program costs.

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  • Witasek's own explanation of what he calls the phantasy- modification is formulated in terms of the Meinongian theory of judgments and assumptions. Every non-modified presentation is bound up with a moment of conviction in the existence of its object (that is with a disposition to make judgments of a certain sort). In a modified presentation this moment is cancelled.

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  • The database community has insulated itself from the information retrieval community, and has largely eschewed dealing with messy data types like time and space (not everyone has, just most of us.) We had our hands full dealing with the “simple stuff” of numbers, strings, and relational operators on them. But, real ap- plications have massive amounts of text data, have temporal prop- erties, and have spatial properties. The DBMS extensibility offered by integrating languages with the DBMS makes it relatively easy to add data types...

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  • Oracle Partitioning enhances the data management environment for OLTP, data marts, and data warehouse applications by adding significant manageability, availability, and performance capabilities to large underlying database tables and indexes. Oracle Partitioning permits large tables to be broken into individually managed smaller pieces, while retaining a single application- level view of the data.

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  • Even in the northern hemisphere, where the impact could be less than elsewhere, the effects from a rise of two degrees will be felt by every town and city. As more and more of the world’s population crowds into cities, the urban environment needs to become a better place to live: a place that improves health, well-being and economic prosperity while simultaneously – and dramatically – reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This means re-designing how we think and how we organise our lives. It requires courage, vision and leadership.

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  • River Malewa and River Turasha are the only rivers in the drainage basin. The Malewa River drains off Sattima, its headwaters reaching up to the highest upland valleys. It plunges down the Sattima Escarpment onto the Ol Bolossat plain through a magnificent steep walled gorge, with walls nearly 1,000 feet high, the Malewa ndogo gorge. The river cuts a deep trench across the Ol Bolossat plain passing very close to the south end of the lake and separated from it by a divide of very low relief probably not more than 30 feet. The river turns south and cuts...

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  • Visit www.addyawards.com. You will be directed to the competition site to register as an entrant. Review the category list to find where your work should compete, and follow the simple drop down menus to enter your information. Make sure you credit the members of your creative team, so that they will be recognized properly in press releases and other AAF winner publications. Submission of entries acknowledges the right of the AAF to use them for publication, exhibition and marketing of the ADDY show. Deadlines Local deadline information is available from your local AAF Chapter.

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  • The Business Practicum unit will give you invaluable business experience and two credit points towards your degree, for study outside the classroom. You will observe and participate in a range of real world business experiences related to your studies, which is likely to enhance your employability and prospects for promotion. While undertaking the practicum placement, on average two days per week throughout the trimester, you will work with an academic supervisor to provide guidance and help you link your practical work with the academic requirements of the unit.

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  • Scratches and stonechips, although insignificant in terms of physical damage, can greatly detract from the overall looks and the value of almost any car. With a little time and attention to detail most damage of this type can be repaired with the minimum of cost. Check that the damage is confined to the paint/primer layer itself, i.e. there is not a shallow dent beneath the paintwork damage! Smooth out the scratched/chipped area with wet/dry abrasive paper 180 grit, finishing with 320 grit until a level surface is achieved, with a visible "contour" at least 1cm wide showing...

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