Measuring galaxies

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  • How galaxies � and yet larger structures � are formed remains one of the most interesting, topical and important questions facing astrophysicists and cosmologists today. This fully updated and revised edition of The Road to Galaxy Formation draws on the most recent observation of galaxies in the early universe obtained by the very latest ground- and space-based telescopes.

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  • “Earth is a unique planet, possibly one of the few in the galaxy that has water. Nearly 71% of it’s surface is ocean. From space, Earth is brilliantly blue, white in places with clouds and ice, sometimes swirling with storms. At it’s surface the ocean is in constant motion with powerful currents that stretch for thousands of miles and towering waves. Beneath the ocean’s surface lie hidden mountain ranges, vast trenches tens of thousands of feet deep, immense hot springs, and huge volcanoes spewing molten rock in massive eruptions.”...

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  • Astronomy is a difficult science and it is a challenge to understand even the stars that compose the brightest system on the night sky: Sirius (α Canis Majoris=α CMa). This is one of the nearest stars and the brightest one as seen from Earth, with the exception of our Sun. At present, perhaps unfortunately, stellar astronomy and in particular the study of the very bright stars are not part of the mainstream astronomy research. The professional attention is now focused on the cutting-edge of cosmology, the early Universe, extremely distant galaxies, the “origins” theme, etc.

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  • TEN thousand boys in the upper air. Squadron upon squadron, their intricate machines thundered toward the target, heavy with death. Darkness below; and above, the stars. Below, the invisible carpet of the fields and little homes; above, and very far beyond those flashing stars, the invisible galaxies, gliding through the immense dark, squadron upon squadron of universes, deploying in the boundless and yet measured space.

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