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  • This report, Medicare’s Quality Improvement Organization Program: Maximizing Potential, is the second in the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) Pathways to Quality Health Care series and was authored by the IOM’s Committee on Redesigning Health Insurance Performance Measures, Pay- ment, and Performance Improvement Programs.

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  • Poor nutrition is a major problem in older Americans. Inadequate intake affects approximately 37 to 40 percent of community-dwelling individuals over 65 years of age (Ryan et al., 1992). In addition, the vast majority of older Americans have chronic conditions in which nutrition interventions have been demonstrated to be effective in improving health and quality-of-life outcomes. Eighty-seven percent of older Americans have either diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, or a combination of these chronic diseases (NCHS, 1997).

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  • The most important element in implementation of the program is not the initial training event or the amount of the content, but rather, the ongoing management and coaching of the participants and those people that the participants are expected to supervise. Further, we must work with your managers to ensure that they learn how to have those difficult, but necessary, conversations with their subordinates who are dragging their feet, engaging in subterfuge or just not performing to expectation.

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  • With increasing recognition of the environmental impact of food and drink, future food policy and dietary advice need to go beyond the traditional focus on nutrient recommendations for health to include wider issues of sustainability. The task should not be underestimated, not least because the issue of sustainability is complex with multiple dimensions, including environmental, economic and social aspects. Current dietary advice is based on nutrient recommendations for health.

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  • Medicare only covers durable medical equipment if you get it from a supplier enrolled in the Medicare Program. This means that the supplier has been approved by Medicare and has a Medicare supplier number. To find a supplier that is enrolled in the Medicare Program, visit and select “Find Suppliers of Medical Equipment in Your Area.” You can also call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) to get this information. TTY users should call 1-877-486-2048. A supplier enrolled in the Medicare Program must meet strict standards to qualify for a Medicare supplier number.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: Utilisation of podiatry services in Australia under the Medicare Enhanced Primary Care program, 2004-2008...

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  • Medical costs have become the fastest-growing component of the California workers' compensation program, increasing from 45 percent of benefit costs in the mid-1990s to an estimated 55 percent of benefit costs in 2003. In response to concerns about these rapidly increasing costs, the California Commission on Health and

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  • Texas operates a family planning program for more than one hundred thousand low- income women called the Women’s Health Program (WHP); it is currently administered under a waiver from the Medicaid program. Earlier this year, the state adopted a policy to exclude family planning clinics that are Planned Parenthood affiliates from participating in the WHP.

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  • In response to Texas’s affiliate rule, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that it would no longer provide federal matching funds for the program because the rule denies beneficiaries the freedom to choose providers, as assured under federal policy and stated that the waiver and federal funding would terminate after six months. 4 Two lawsuits are now in progress as a result of these decisions.

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  • The costs of uncompensated care are estimated to be about $41 billion in 2004. Projected government spending available to pay for the care of the uninsured in 2004 is $34.6 billion—about 85% of the total uncompensated care bill. More than half of all funds for uncompensated care come from the federal government, with the majority (70%) of federal dollars flowing through Medicare and Medicaid. Most government dollars for uncompensated care goes for hospital care—which is paid indirectly to hospitals based partly on the share of uncompensated care they provide.

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  • By 1945 Blue Cross had captured 59% of the health insurance market. The idea of prepaid health insurance was solidified on the American landscape in 1954, when the Internal Revenue Code codified the deductibility of health insurance payments. The employer deduction significantly reduced the cost of health insurance for consumers eligi- ble for an employer-provided group plan. The federal government cast the Blue Cross Blue Shield approach in regulatory concrete in 1965 when Congress passed the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

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  • Several community health centers operate a PACE program, a home and community based service that allows severely disabled elders who are eligible for nursing home placement to remain in the community. PACE is usually based in adult day health centers and operates as a small Medicare Advantage capitated managed care plan at risk for providing all Medicare and Medicaid covered services including long term care and acute hospital care. Primary care services are also provided by the PACE program in a clinic setting utilizing employed or contracted medical providers.

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  • Localism and decentralisation can only work if central government is prepared to trust local bodies, communities and citizens. We have aimed to design a local audit system which provides the rigour needed for Parliament, but allows local public bodies to take more responsibility in the way they procure audit services. These changes go hand in hand with the Government’s actions to increase transparency in local government and will help enable local people and local organisations to hold their local public bodies to account for the way that their money is spent....

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  • Health and Quality of Life Outcomes BioMed Central Research Open Access Using multiple survey vendors to collect health outcomes information: How accurate are the data? Samuel C Haffer* Address: Quality Measurement and Health Assessment Group, U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, MS: S3-02-01, 7500 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, Maryland 21244, USA and Policy Sciences Graduate Program, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Baltimore, Maryland USA Email: Samuel C Haffer* - shaffer@cms.hhs.

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  • This includes being at risk for all medical and long term care costs. A health center taking on this program must be comfortable assuming significant financial risk as well as be able to assume the significant regulatory requirements for PACE that parallel much larger Medicare Advantage health plans. Despite the risk, PACE is one of the few accepted models for fully integrating health and long term care services for disabled elders and is a very significant resource for communities that have the programs. PACE began as a Medicare waiver program but is now a full Medicare benefit.

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  • There are no right or wrong answers regarding a company’s choice of functional focus for its internal audit department. Where stakeholders choose to position the function on the Internal Audit Continuum is a direct reflection of their risk appetite and corresponding assurance needs as expressed in the mission statement. The mission statement must be tailored to the organisation and the value drivers identified in Step 1 of the framework.

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  • Herbert Simon’s work on bounded rationality has had little impact on health policy discourse, despite numerous supportive findings. This is particularly sur- prising in regard to the elderly, a group marked by a decline in higher cognitive functions. Elders’ cognitive capacity to make decisions will be challenged even further with the introduction of the new Medicare prescription drug benefit program, mainly because of the many options available. At the same time, a growing body of evidence points to the perils of having too many choices.

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  • Insurance Exchange openings will have a strong impact on retiree medical plans The availability of insurance Exchanges coupled with changes to Medicare will lead many employers to exit sponsorship of retiree medical programs. However, many companies will provide a softer landing for current retirees by offering them account-based dei ned contribution alternatives that will make it easier to purchase insurance in the individual marketplace.

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  • Many employers are looking at health care reform and the opening of the insurance Exchanges in 2014 as a viable alternative to their current retiree medical programs. For two decades, companies have been reassessing their i nancial commitment to these programs and, as a result, employer subsidies have been steadily eroding. The ongoing health care cost challenges have reached a point where employees considering retirement, especially those under 65 and still ineligible for Medicare, i nd retiree health care coverage unaffordable even when subsidized by their employer.

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