Mental mathematics

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  • Society’s technological, economic, and cultural changes of the last 50 years have made many important mathematical ideas more relevant and accessible in work and in everyday life. As examples of mathematics proliferate, the mathematics education community is provided with both a responsibility and an opportunity. Educators have a responsibility to provide a high-quality mathematics education for all of our students.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'mathematics and physics of emerging biomedical imaging', khoa học tự nhiên, vật lý phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Nowadays, environmental issues including air and water pollution, climate change, overexploitation of marine ecosystems, exhaustion of fossil resources, conservation of biodiversity are receiving major attention from the public, stakeholders and scholars from the local to the planetary scales. It is now clearly recognized that human activities yield major ecological and environ- mental stresses with irreversible loss of species, destruction of habitat or cli- mate catastrophes as the most dramatic examples of their effects.

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  • Constructivism is the bedrock on which the whole reform movement, especially the three NCTM volumes [N1]-[N3], rests. Roughly, this is the education philosophy which holds that the acquisition of knowledge takes place only when the external input has been internalized and integrated into one’s own mind. Thus learning requires the construction of a mental image in response to the external input.

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  • While a little bit of group learning and guiding-on-the-side is good in the classroom, too much poses an obstruction to effective dialogue between teacher and students as well as to the efficient transfer of knowledge from teacher to students. In such a climate, gone is the possibility that the teacher can share with students his or her insights or warn them against pitfalls, or that students can learn enthusiastically from their teacher in class and do the mental construction at home — with or without a group of friends.

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  • The PhD in Biostatistics provides training in the theory of probability and statistics in biostatistical methodology. The program is unique in its emphasis on the foundations of statistical reasoning and in requiring its graduates to complete rigorous training in real analysis-based probability and statistics, equivalent to what is provided in most departments of mathematical statistics. PhD candidates are required to pass a comprehensive written examination covering coursework completed at the end of their first year.

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  • If the card is the 4♦, pull out the 8♦ for the suit, then the 4♠ for the value. In this case, you don’t add the suit card to the other cards to make the value. Practise so you are confident with working out the set of cards you need for each selection, and practise the patter or dialogue as that’s what sells the trick. Remember, this is a great feat of mental powers, so make sure it looks like it. You could present this as a psychic experiment where you claim you can read the printing on the cards with...

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