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  • during rare emergency situations lasting 1-24 h. Exposures at the EEGLs may induce reversible effects, such as ocular or upper respiratory tract irritation, and are therefore acceptable only in emergencies, when some discomfort must be endured. After 24 h of exposure, the CEGLs would apply. CEGLs are ceiling concentrations designed to prevent immediate or delayed adverse health effects or degradation in crew performance that might result from continuous exposure to che

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  • To track the dynamic of continuity and change since 1960, it’s conventional to start by looking at the film industry. As usually recounted, the indus- try’s fortunes over the period display a darkness-to-dawn arc that might satisfy a scriptwriter of epic inclinations.We now have several nuanced ver- sions of this story, so I’ll merely point out some major turning points. 1 The appendix provides a year-by-year chronology.

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  • We were able to obtain satisfactory postoperative PSA levels by RTUR-PCa comparable with open radical prostatectomy. But we recently started to think that, after a considerable number of the procedures, minimal residual prostate tissue at the part where cancer was not detected by biopsy might not necessarily prevent the radicality of the disease in carefully selected patients. We performed prostate biopsy to get information about the localization of cancer. The results of cancer localization from operative specimens were consistent with those from biopsy specimens in 46.7%....

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  • Films can speak to society as a whole, but they can also be instructive for individual groups. Previous research found that movies featuring substance abuse provide a strong point of identification for addicts (Hirschman & McGriff, 1995; Lalander, 2002). Films are part of a learning process about addiction, and the movie screen might be one of the few places where addicts can see their filmic counterparts receiving help.

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  • The presence of amnesia (which in psychoanalytic theories is posited to have the role of covering the unfortunate past) might, however, pose a significant challenge to clinicians trying to identify the precipitating stressful events. Furthermore some cases of dissociative (psychogenic) amnesia did not occur as a result of an objective major psychological stressor, but were recorded after a seemingly objective minor stress (Staniloiu et al., 2009).

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  • As discussed in the Introduction to Volume One, Jennifer Simon, who was at Wiley at the time, was instrumental in convincing me to edit the two-volume reference Handbook on Racial-Cultural Psychology and Counseling. I agreed to take the project through her persistence and encouragement. She prompted me to think about what type of material would help advance the field and at the same time build on existing research and scholarship. It was also her belief that conceptual and research issues combined into one volume with training and practice would not be practical.

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  • In simplest terms, a blog is software that allows anyone who can type to post content to a website or blog home page. The content is generally displayed much like a journal might be written, in reverse chronological fashion. This content can be anything the author chooses to write, or post, as it is referred to in blogging terms. Now, on the surface, what this means is that anyone can update a website that has this blogging software installed and that’s a great thing. Websites benefit from change and blogs make it easy to change, update, and add content....

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  • Once an agreement about how to handle the transaction has been reached, it must be executed to completion according to the plan— node failure and related problems cannot cause the transaction to abort. If a node fails, it can recover from a replica that had been executing the same plan in parallel, or alternatively, it can replay the history of planned activity for that node. Both parallel plan execution and replay of plan history require activity plans to be deterministic—otherwise replicas might diverge or history might be repeated incorrectly.

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  • There are two things to note about this algorithm. First, low selectivity filters might cause there to be fewer than one result (on average) per element of the outer loop, though it is in general possible for each tuple to match with more than one predicate. As in any database system with these properties, it is advantageous to apply our filters as close as possible to the data source in a sensor network since this would reduce the total number of data transmis- sions in the network. Second, elements of predicates are independent of each other. Thus, predicates...

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  • Measured at the societal level, a range of political, social, and technological changes may cause economic and social advances, apart from the business effi ciencies that may be generated by a single executive or corporation. Th e economic growth and prosperity enjoyed by most OECD nations in the 1990s might just as easily be traced to other causes such as the “peace divi- dend” from the end of the cold war, increased computerization, the baby boom ensuring record high workforce participation, and the increasing globalization of world trade.

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  • however, in a situation where nominal interest rates are at, or close to, their zero lower bound, it might be argued that the central bank could provide additional stimulus to the economy by engaging in large-scale provision of central bank reserves in order to engineer an increase in the supply of money in the economy through the money multiplier. While such policies can indeed have a stimulating impact on the economy, this does not arise from a mechanical link to the supply of broad money implied by the multiplier approach.

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  • · Disaggregated regional or local data about the environment, sometimes linked to a geographic information system. Questions often arise about the scale of environmental data; do they pertain to a village, a province, a watershed, or the whole country? Because the SNA is national, and most countries maintain their economic data at the national (rather than the regional or local) level, environmental accounts are primarily national accounts. For example, they might tell us how much energy was consumed nationwide, not how much was consumed in each village or province.

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  • In 1991 I was presenter of the BBC’s Watchdog programme, married to my copresenter John Stapleton with a two-year-old son. Life was good. I had never heard of bowel cancer, had no idea that it was the second biggest cancer killer in the UK. So I had no worries that the subtle symptom I had spotted intermittently – just a bit of rectal bleeding – might be serious. When my GP reassured me that it was ‘nothing to worry about’ at my age, ‘probably piles’, I believed him. It was a terrible shock to discover nearly a year later, through my persistence, that I had advanced bowel...

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  • People actually report that the symptoms they feel when first exposed to ozone seem to go away, even though their exposure continues. Following ozone injury, if the lung is not exposed to ozone for approximately five to seven days, it can for the most part repair itself provided the injury is not too extensive. However, long-term studies with laboratory animals have shown that there may be residual and in some cases permanent damage. This damage might be thought of as accelerated aging of the lung. Thus, frequent exposures to ozone can cause transient damage. The...

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  • In 2010, Washington, D.C. developed an Internet voting pilot project that was intended to allow overseas absentee voters to cast their ballots using a website. Prior to deploying the system in the general election, the District held a unique public trial: a mock election during which anyone was invited to test the system or attempt to compromise its security. This paper describes our experience participating in this trial. Within 48 hours of the system going live, we had gained nearcomplete control of the election server.

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  • It’s paradoxical that the typical client will negotiate for a very tight schedule yet, in the middle of the project, that same client may cause serious delays by failing to provide necessary information, materials or approvals. Most design fi rms specify that if a client causes a lengthy delay it will result in a day-for-day extension of the project’s fi nal deadline. During that client delay, you may also have to reassign some of your resources to other projects, if you have any. You might have cleared the decks for the fast-track project by delaying or turning down...

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học Critical Care giúp cho các bạn có thêm kiến thức về ngành y học đề tài: How emergency departments might alert for prehospital heat-related excess mortality?

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  • are there cancer cells in your lymph channels or blood vessels? The breast has a network of lymph channels and blood vessels that drain fluid and blood from your breast tissue back into your body’s circulation. These pathways remove used blood and waste products. There is an increased risk of cancer coming back when cancer cells are found in the fluid channels of the breast. In these cases, your doctor may customize your treatment to reduce this risk. If lymphatic or blood vessel (vascular) invasion is found, your pathology report will say present.

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  • However, an alternative interpretation might suggest that the size of the effect is far from trivial. Consider a large, risky project – let us choose as an example the Saturn project undertaken by General Motors some time ago. How much does such a project change the volatility of a firm’s returns? The answer depends on many factors, such as the market’s view of to what extent the success of the project is a signal of the firm’s future growth prospects. But it is not likely we would expect such a project to change GM’s annual volatility from 30% to 50%. ...

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  • AFIS systems are amazing. With AFIS, people can be fingerprinted and have their criminal history records checked in a matter of minutes; a mug shot and palm print might be included on the rap sheet returned to the inquiring agency. The technology has moved from exclusively forensic or criminal applications into other areas, such as social services benefits and other emerging applications. The greatest use of AFIS technology is for tenprint identifications, in which rolled fingerprint images are compared against enrolled records.

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