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  • Critical Care Obstetrics Preventing Maternal Morbidity & Mortality An Educational Program from the Safe Motherhood Initiative .US Maternal Mortality Today On the rise? .A Regional Look at Maternal Mortality Ratios* for the Year 2004 20.5 in all of NYS 15.9 in NYS 24.4 in NYC *per 100,000 live births HP2010 Goal 4.3 .

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  • There is no doubt that the protection of women during pregnancy and lactation must be one of the major priorities of health systems and social policies. The effect of women’s nutritional status on pregnancy outcomes is particularly strong, and adequate maternal nutrition is closely related to the survival and well-being of babies and children. However, not all women are mothers, and their nutritional and health needs go far beyond motherhood and reproduction. Women of all ages in developing countries face elevated risks of nutritional deficiencies.

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  • This is a textbook written for all midwives. Midwives worldwide have a primary focus on pregnancy and birth in all types of settings. International concern for safe motherhood and the health and well-being of women builds on this core of midwifery. In the United States, the practice of midwifery encompasses the health care of women from puberty through senescence and from normal to high-risk, and the collaborative care of the medically or obstetrically complicated. To be with and provide care to women in all settings requires an extensive and in-depth knowledge base and skill competency.

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  • The National Council for Childhood and Motherhood (NCCM) initiated reproductive health education in schools in 2003, with support from the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Egyp- tian Family Health Society. Initially, the project was called “The Reproductive Health Component for Support of Egyptian Girls.” The name later changed to the “Adolescents’ Health Program” at the request of the local communities. Originally a one-year initiative, it was extended until the end of 2012 due to its positive impact and community acceptance.

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  • The emphasis is clear; the natural female forms Kingsley has seen in the British Museum belong to the mothers and sisters who have bred the greatest civilisation in the world. Kingsley compares the sculpted female forms to the contemporary ugliness he sees on the streets around him, which he condemns; advocating a form of physical education for young women as well as the wearing of less bodily restrictive clothing.

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  • Sinh thêm em bé ngay khi đang có con nhỏ đối với mỗi người mẹ có thể nói là một trải nghiệm thật khó khăn! Sáu lời khuyên được tác giả Margartett Burnette của tạp chí Motherhood đưa ra dưới đây sẽ giúp cho cuộc sống của bạn thoải mái hơn. Vài tháng sau khi vừa sinh con, vợ chồng chúng tôi bắt đầu sinh hoạt lại. Chín tháng sau đó, tôi và chồng vui mừng chào đón sự ra đời của đứa bé thứ hai. Sau những lần thay tã, chăm con và công việc lau dọn không dứt, tôi...

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  • For maternal mortality progress has been even more elusive. Despite 15 years of the Safe Motherhood Initiative, overall levels of maternal mortality are generally thought to have remained unchanged, with the latest estimate of deaths standing at approximately 530,000 per year (WHO, UNICEF et al. 2003). While a handful of countries have indeed experienced remarkable drops in maternal mortality ratio (an indicator of the safety of childbirth and pregnancy), in the great majority of high mortality countries, there has been little change.

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  • A pastor offers down-to-earth insights every parent can apply. Topics include fatherhood, motherhood, spoiling your child, discipline, adoption, special needs, building character, academics, sports and play, sex education, role of grandparents,…

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  • Praise for Plan B “Lester Brown tells us how to build a more just world and save the planet . . . in a practical, straightforward way. We should all heed his advice.” —President Bill Clinton “. . . a far-reaching thinker.” “[Brown’s] ability to make a complicated subject accessible to the general reader is remarkable. . . ” —Katherine Salant, Washington Post “If the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize had been extended to a third recipient, the logical candidate would have been Lester Brown.” —Edward O.

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  • 'The Worst Place in the World to be a Woman or Girl' – Rape in the DR Congo: Canada, Where Are You? Research for this report was supported by The Liu Institute for Global Issues, the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation and the Centre of International Relations .The Africa Canada Accountability Coalition – September 2009

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  • Public MCH-FP service provision in Bangladesh has a number of distinguishing features. First, the pattern of service utilization is unbalanced, with low utilization of most facilities at the community level (upazila and below) and over utilization of facilities at the district and at teaching hospitals. Though the government EOC project has been proven as an effective way of maternal care by using three delays model, none even the district hospital is able to provide it.

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  • Taking experiences of low resource setting into account, upgrading the quality and coverage of safe motherhood services (including neonatal care) will have the largest payoff in averting deaths and reducing disability among women and children in Bangladesh. For scaling up of these tasks, building a functioning primary healthcare system from community level to the first referral-level facilities is essential. Particular emphasis should be placed on developing human resources for health (HRH) in this sector, e.g.

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  • The relationship between supply and demand for human bodily material is, moreover, a complex one. 'Demand' for material is inherently elastic: as scientific developments make more treatments possible, the demand for that treatment is likely to increase, and the development of alternatives may lead to more people overall being treated, rather than necessarily reducing demand.

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