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  • The complete manual to boudoir, one of the fastest growing trends in photographyOnce popular mainly with brides, boudoir portraits are now enjoyed by women of all ages to celebrate everything from anniversaries to birthdays to

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  • Communication, the conveyance of messages, is the purpose of the media according to the self-professed ethics of the mass communicators. Messages and their communication imply otherness: they are about something other thanmessages and communication, something in some other place and time, addressed to others by a self. Nevertheless, despite their dimensions of otherness, messages, communication, and the media have always been about themselves, too – self-referential messages about messages, communication about communication, media about the media.

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  • Krippner and Davidson (1972) cited acupuncture as one of the possible "practical applications" of Soviet parapsychology. They mentioned Kirlian photography as one of the tools utilized in attempting to understand ESP (referred to as "biological information" in the U.S.S.R.) and PK (referred to by the Soviets as "biological energy"). Krippner and Davidson (1972) wrote: Almost everyone we met in Russia mentioned acupuncture, although it is not as widely practiced there as in China. There are, in fact, important differences between the two techniques.

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