Quad fiber loop converter and mounting chassis

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  • ADC has designed a family of Fiber Loop Converters (FLCs) that provides a cost-effective alternative to deploying service over copper while avoiding the high capital investment of DS3 fiber optic terminals. This family includes products designed for economical distri- bution of single or multiple DS1s. The Quad FLC multiplexes up to four T1s for transport over two fibers at distances of 16 to 20 miles (26 to 33 km). The QFLC system consists of a rack mounted central office chassis and a wall mounted customer premises chassis.

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  • The concept of delivering T1s is almost 30 years old. New technolo- gies like HDSL have been intro- duced but, overall, T1-based ser- vices today are being delivered with the same architecture used in the 1960s. But, while the architec- ture has remained, applications have changed radically. The tele- phone company introduced T1 as a means of delivering message trunks over copper facilities between central offices.

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  • This application note addresses the various powering options for the Quad Fiber Loop Converter (QFLC) and DS3 Fiber Loop Converter (DS3 FLC). Housing The ADC Quad Fiber Loop Converter (QFLC) and DS3 Fiber Loop Converter (DS3 FLC) modules can be housed in either the eight position chassis or the four position wall mount chassis. Each module also fits into a specially designed two position horizontal chassis. All these chassis use a different powering arrangement.

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