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  • The Human DNA Sequence The complete DNA sequence of each chromosome provides the highest resolution physical map. The primary focus of the HGP was to obtain DNA sequence for the entire human genome as well as model organisms. Although the prospect of determining the complete sequence of the human genome seemed daunting several years ago, technical advances in DNA sequencing and bioinformatics led to the completion of a draft human sequence in June 2000, well in advance of the original goal year of 2003.

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  • The paper considers how to scale up dialogue protocols to multilogue, settings with multiple conversationalists. We extract two benchmarks to evaluate scaled up protocols based on the long distance resolution possibilities of nonsentential utterances in dialogue and multilogue in the British National Corpus. In light of these benchmarks, we then consider three possible transformations to dialogue protocols, formulated within an issue-based approach to dialogue management. We show that one such transformation yields protocols for querying and assertion that fulfill these benchmarks. ...

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  • Lithography, the fundamental fabrication process of semiconductor devices, is playing a critical role in micro- and nano-fabrications and the revolution in high density integrated circuits. Traditional optical lithography (photolithography) including contact and project photolithography has contributed significantly to the semiconductor device advancements.

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  • Since its first implementation by Lauterbur [1], Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has become an important noninvasive imaging modality. MRI has found a number of applications in the fields of biology, engineering, and material science. Because it provides unique contrast between soft tissues (which is generally superior to that of CT) and high spatial resolution, MRI has revolutionized diagnostic imaging in medical science. An important advantage of diagnostic MRI as compared to CT is that the former does not use ionizing radiation....

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  • The principles we set out in this book work. For several years now we have been working as WealthCoaches helping people to arrange their money to live a better life. We have applied the principles set out here to many people’s finances over that time, proving that they work in many different situations. Using this book, you too can understand the principles of wealth creation and apply them to your own circumstances. Everyone is different. We all have unique circumstances—no two people, or families, have the same financial situation.

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  • With the advent of the atomic force microscope (AFM) came an extremely valuable analytical resource and technique, useful for the qualitative and quantitative surface analysis with sub-nanometer resolution. In addition, samples studied with an AFM do not require any special pretreatments that may alter or damage the sample, and permit a three dimensional investigation of the surface.

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  • Arbitration is the most popular form of alternative dispute resolution. Of the reasons for arbitration’s leading position as a means of alternative dispute resolu- tion, at least in an international commercial context, is the presumption of the principle of confidentiality entailed in it.

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  • Over the last few years, there has been a convergence between the fields of ultrafast science, nonlinear optics, optical frequency metrology, and precision laser spectroscopy. These fields have been developing largely independently since the birth of the laser, reaching remarkable levels of performance.

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  • This book examines the intersection of WTO trade liberalisation rules and domestic health protection, a subject that is of considerable interest to those concerned that the WTO impinges on national regulatory auto- nomy. In analysing the tension between health protection and trade liber- alisation, the book focuses on the way in which this tension is (or is not) resolved through the dispute resolution process.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "The legal environment of business" has contents: Critical thinking and legal reasoning, the american legal system, alternative tools of dispute resolution, constitutional principles, cyberlaw and business, the international legal environment of business,...and other contents.

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  • Android devices are stealing market share from the iPhone with dramatic speed, and you have a killer app idea. Where to begin? Head First Android Development will help you get your first application up and running in no time with the Android SDK and Eclipse plug-in. You'll learn how to design for devices with a variety of different screen sizes and resolutions, along with mastering core programming and design principles that will make your app stand out.

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  • Non-Linear TirneFrequency Distributions In Chapters 7 and 8 twotime-frequencydistributions were discussed: the spectrogram and the scalogram. Both distributions are the result of linear filtering and subsequent forming of the squared magnitude. In this chapter time-frequency distributions derived in a different manner will be considered. Contrary to spectrograms and scalograms, their resolution is not restricted by the uncertainty principle.

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  • Like all resolutions on business policy passed by the Deutsche Bundesbank, the principles for cashless payments are laid down by the Central Bank Council of the Deutsche Bundesbank to the extent set out in ECB Guidelines and Instructions. Pricing is based on the cost covering principle. The Deutsche Bundesbank supports efficient procedures, for example by charging higher fees for the more complex exchange of data media than for submissions by data telecommunication. Non-banks are charged EUR 15 per month for account management (for further information on prices see Section 3).

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  • The use of the Internet for terrorist purposes is a rapidly growing phenomenon, requiring a proactive and coordinated response from Member States. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) plays a key role in providing assistance to Member States, in furtherance of its mandate to strengthen the capacity of national criminal justice systems to implement the provisions of the international legal instruments against terrorism, and does so in compliance with the principles of rule of law and international human rights standards.

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  • Surface science was revolutionized in 1982 by the invention of the scanning tunneling microscope (STM) by Binnig and Rohrer who received the Nobel prize only 4 years later in 1986 [1]. Shortly after the invention, the first images showing atomic resolution on a Si(111) 77 surface were obtained. As this allowed real space imaging of atomic structure, it gave a new turn on nanotechnology research. By means of its working principle, namely the quantum mechanical tunneling current, the STM is inherently limited to the study of conducting surfaces.

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  • In the absence of effective international cooperation in these areas, resolution of institutions, in the event of a failure within a banking group, may be less costly and less destabilizing if these entities are organized as subsidiaries. Moreover, healthy subsidiaries that operate independently of the parent may, in principle, be better able to survive the failure of the parent or other affiliates.

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  • Sweden’s bad banks, Securum and Retriva, managed to limit losses on non-performing assets. A successful resolution also appears to be on the horizon for Berliner Immobilien Holding. 25 With the application of the principle that the stockholders should bear losses first, it was possible to secure relatively low prices for the acquired assets. This circumvented potential “lemon market” effects. At the same time, there were no incentives established for shareholders to rely on the expectation of government assistance in the future.

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  • The vision of the Network from those early days has not diminished over time, but has become strong and grown. This vision is encapsulated in the ENHPS Resolution of the 1997 ENHPS First European Conference. In the resolution, ten principles of the health promoting school are laid out; they form the framework upon which countries have built their own ideas, concepts and principles.

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  • The model presents a number of general components in the health promoting school. Furthermore, emphasis has been placed on including factors explicitly related to the principles contained in the conference resolution referred to above. The overall aim of the work in Danish health promoting schools is that pupils are enabled to act in relation to their own lives and their living conditions.

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  • This course investigates theory and practice of financial management from a corporate perspective. Topics cover financial management objectives, principles of capital investment, project evaluation techniques, capital structure decisions, financing techniques, dividend policy, working capital management and elements of risk management.

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