Rpc basics

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  • Imagine for a moment that you have a number of workstations, each of which needs to use a particular application to operate on a dataset. I know that this sounds antiquated, but we’re trying to get the mindset of the persons who came up with RPCs. Imagine the issues involved with trying to synchronize the dataset across all of the hosts. You would very shortly be motivated to come up with some sort of distributed file system to simplify your life. However, since we’re talking about programmer types here, of course we’re going to go for the allencompassing universal solution!!...

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  • Objectives: Describe the basic features & concepts of link-state p routing protocols.

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  • Introductory chapters are typically pretty easy to write. In most books, you give an overview of the technology covered, explain a few basics, and try and get the reader interested. However, for this second edition of Java and XML, things aren't so easy. In the first edition, there were still a lot of people coming to XML, or skeptics wanting to see if this new type of markup was really as good as the hype. Over a year later, everyone is using XML in hundreds of ways. In a sense, you probably don't need an introduction. But I'll give you an idea of what's going to...

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  • Introduction to java programming: Chapter 36 - Remote Method Invocation's Objectives is understand how RMI works; learn the process of developing RMI applications, Know the differences between RMI and socket-level programming, develop three-tier applications using RMI, use callbacks to develop interactive applications.

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