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  • Case studies of the implementation of RPL in the National Professional Diploma in Education (NPDE) at three universities present interesting approaches to the conundrum and reveal the importance of phronesis, or practical wisdom, in considerations of RPL.

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  • The conceptual guide presents the theoretical perspectives developed to illuminate the complex relationships between context and RPL practice. These are put to work in three distinctive international contexts chosen to draw out epistemological and pedagogical issues and possibilities. These analyses provide the basis for an understanding of wh

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  • Until very recently, most NLP tasks (e.g., parsing, tagging, etc.) have been confined to a very limited number of languages, the so-called majority languages. Now, as the field moves into the era of developing tools for Resource Poor Languages (RPLs)—a vast majority of the world’s 7,000 languages are resource poor—the discipline is confronted not only with the algorithmic challenges of limited data, but also the sheer difficulty of locating data in the first place.

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