Sagittal plane

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  • Câu hỏi 3: dựa vào mô tả các mặt phẳng giải phẫu học ở trên và hình vẽ, bạn hãy dịch các thuật ngữ sau đây ra tiếng Việt: Sagittal Plane (Lateral Plane), Coronal Plane (Frontal Plane), Median (midsagittal), Axial Plane (Transverse Plane) (câu này quá dễ, có sẵn đáp án phía trên rồi, chủ yếu là để giúp bạn nhớ tên tiếng anh của các mặt phẳng giải phẫu học thôi ) Sau khi đã hiểu rõ về các mặt phẳng giải phẫu học thì xin mời bạn xem qua một số cặp thuật ngữ chỉ vị trí...

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  • Some years later Stamey modified the sextant technique and took sextant biopsies that were lateral to the mid-sagittal plane in the peripheral zone where most prostate cancers are typically located (Stamey, 1995). Other investigators went on to study alternatives to the traditional sextant biopsy, namely the optimum number of core biopsies for diagnosis as well as sampling of the transition zone in an effort to improve the negative predictive value of prostate biopsy. Intuitively researchers began sampling more prostatic tissue however the procedure was not without pain.

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  • Structural Bodywork has been written to provide an advanced introduction to the field of structural bodywork. This is the book that the author wished had been available to him when he embarked on his career as a practitioner in the field. At that time of this information was available only in medically oriented books that were often too technical or jargonistic for the non-medical reader to understand, or in much-photocopied 'underground compendia' originating from handouts distributed to those attending training courses.

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