Sealing technology

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  • The chapter commences with a brief introduction to the technique of sugar coating, which includes a note on the advantages and disadvantages of this method of coating. The various sequential steps involved in sugar coating are covered in some detail, i.e. sealing, subcoating, smoothing, colour coating, polishing and printing. In the section dealing with subcoating several suitable formulations are provided with details regarding application. Traditionally the colour-coating step in sugar coating has received much attention as the aesthetics of this dosage form are most important.

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  • Seals are required to fulfill critical needs in meeting the ever-increasing system-performance requirements of modern machinery. Approaching a seal design, one has a wide range of available seal choices. This chapter aids the practicing engineer in making an initial seal selection and provides current reference material to aid in the final design and application.

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  • The Deep Submergence Directorate (PMS 395) of the Naval Sea Systems Command asked RAND to undertake a brief analysis examining the technical, managerial, and cost issues in preparation for followon production of the Advanced SEAL Delivery System (ASDS). This documented briefing presents the study findings. This study was conducted within the Acquisition and Technology Policy Center

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  • This project was conducted in the Acquisition and Technology Policy Center of RAND’s National Defense Research Institute (NDRI). NDRI is a federally funded research and development center sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff, the defense agencies, and the unified commands. The NIC provides mid-term and long-term strategic thinking and intelligence estimates for the Director of Central Intelligence and key policymakers as they pursue shifting interests and foreign policy priorities....

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  • Machinery reliability management in the process industries can be divided into three phases: equipment selection and pre-erection reliability assurance, preparation for effective startup, and post-startup reliability assurance and maintenance cost reduction. All of these phases are important; they are intertwined and merit equal attention. The techniques and procedures described in this text cover essential elements of each phase; they have been critically examined and have led to substantially improved reliability and maintenance efficiencies.

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  • CHAPTER 22 SEAL TECHNOLOGY Bruce M. Steinetz NASA Lewis Research Center Cleveland, Ohio 22.1 22.2 INTRODUCTION STATICSEALS 22.2.1 Gaskets 22.2.2 O-Rings 22.2.3 Packings and Braided Rope Seals 629 629 629 634 637 22.3 DYNAMICSEALS 22.3.1 Initial Seal Selection 22.3.2 Mechanical Face Seals 22.3.3 Emission Concerns 22.3.4 Noncontacting Seals for High-Speed/Aerospace Applications 22.3.5 Labyrinth Seals 22.3.6 Honeycomb Seals 22.3.7 Brush Seals 638 638 642 644 646 650 653 654 22.

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  • The hydraulic system consists of an oil sump, one or two oil pumps, an air over oil accumulator tank, and piping to the servomotors. Typically, there are two pumps with lead and lag controls so that there is always a backup pump. Some systems will share two pumps between two units so that in an emergency one pump could be used for both units. The accumulator tank is usually sized so that in the event the pumps fail, the gates can still be closed. The size of the valve required to control the large amount of oil...

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  • Rolling bearings are machine elements found in a wide field of applications. They are reliable even under the toughest conditions and premature failure is very rare. The first sign of rolling bearing damage is primarily unusual operating behaviour of the bearings. The examination of damaged bearings reveals a wide and varied range of phenomena. Inspection of the bearings alone is normally not enough to pinpoint the cause of damage, but rather the inspection of the mating parts, lubrication, and sealing as well as the operating and environmental conditions.

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  • The seat or seal rings provide the seating surface for the disk. In some designs, the body is machined to serve as the seating surface and seal rings are not used. In other designs, forged seal rings are threaded or welded to the body to provide the seating surface. To improve the wear-resistance of the seal rings, the surface is often hard-faced by welding and then machining the contact surface of the seal ring. A fine surface finish of the seating area is necessary for good sealing when the valve is closed.

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  • Grey seals (Halichoerus grypus) are found in the Gulf of St. Lawrence year-round. In the summer, they can be found in the estuary as far upriver as the Saguenay. Grey seals breed on Sable Island and on the ice floes in the southern Gulf from late December to early February. After breeding, they disperse, mainly to the Scotian Shelf, the Gulf of St. Lawrence and off the southern coast of Newfoundland. In 1997, the grey seal population in the northwest Atlantic was estimated to be 190,000. The herd on Sable Island was increasing at a rate of 13 per cent, or...

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  • Gaseous injection of sulfur dioxide was beginning in 1993 and is a part of the quick-germ (QG) and quick-fiber (QF) techniques currently being devel- oped. There is revived interest in the use of special corn hybrids high in starch, though their use is still not widespread. Membrane filtration and yeast immobilization were being used in some plants in 1993, but their use, contrary to expectations, has not increased. Bacterial fermentation is still not used commercially, nor is cellulosic conversion of corn fiber.

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  • In most modern countries, certain engineering tasks, such as the design of bridges, electric power plants, and chemical plants, must be approved by a Professional Engineer or a Chartered Engineer. "Only a licensed engineer, for instance, may prepare, sign, seal and submit engineering plans and drawings to a public authority for approval, or to seal engineering work for public and private clients."[19] This requirement can be written into state and provincial legislation, such as in the Canadian provinces, for example the Ontario or Quebec's Engineer Act.[20]...

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  • In this section, fabrication as well as bonding and packaging of microstructure components and devices made from metals and ceramics will be described briefly. Themanufacturing processes of bothmetalmicrostructure components and ceramic microstructure devices will also be described setting the focus on some well- established technologies. The detailed description of all these techniques can, however, be found in Refs [1–5].

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  • Although assembling of a number of device parts is not really a problem in the macroscaleworld, it needs to be delicately handled in themicroscaleworld. Themain point is the adjustment and alignment accuracy of the parts. Moreover, problems of sealing, fixation and bonding technology may also occur depending on the material and the parameters of the designated process of the device.Depending on the surface quality and the bonding technology applied, aligning errors may reach similar dimensions compared to themicrostructure itself. An example of the same is shown in Figure 1.11.

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  • 5 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND YOU. Edward G. Cale Jr. Amazing though it may seem, the personal computer has only been around for about 20 years. Before 1980 the world of computing belonged to highly trained technical people who worked their wizardry wearing white coats in hermetically sealed rooms. Today kindergarten students use personal computers to learn the alphabet, grade school students use the Internet to research term papers, and on-the-go executives are always in touch with their beepers, Webenabled cell phones, cellular personal digital assistants (PDAs), and laptop computers. ...

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