Socio-economic interactions

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  • For half a billion women in developing regions worldwide, anemia is a life-long burden, one which affects most of their infants and young children as well. Controlling anemia in these vulnerable groups could significantly reduce maternal and infant morbidity. It would also enhance intellectual and work capacity, thereby improving family, community and national socioeconomic development. In May 2002, the General Assembly of the United Nations reemphasized that control of nutritional anemia should be one of the global Development Goals to be achieved in the early years of this new millennium.

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  • A nested case-control study was undertaken within a cohort of HIV-infected individuals, attended at two HIV referral centers, in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil. Delay in initiating treatment for TB was defined as the period of time, in days, which was greater than the median value between the onset of cough and initiating treatment for TB. The study analyzed biological, clinical, socioeconomic, and lifestyle factors as well as those related to HIV and TB infection, potentially associated to delay. The odds ratios were estimated with the respective confidence intervals and p-values....

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  • Disparities in outcomes associated with race and ethnicity are well documented for many diseases and patient populations. Tuberculosis (TB) disproportionately affects economically disadvantaged, racial and ethnic minority populations. Pulmonary impairment after tuberculosis (PIAT) contributes heavily to the societal burden of TB. Individual impacts associated with PIAT may vary by race/ethnicity or socioeconomic status.

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  • On behalf of the Research Society on Alcoholism, I am pleased to introduce this thirteenth volume of Recent Developments in Alcoholism about alcohol and violence. Current concepts are presented in well-organized sections that focus on epidemiology, neurobiology, psychology, and family issues. It is becoming increasingly clear that age, gender, socioeconomic circumstances, and genetics affect aggressive behavior and vulnerability to alcoholism. This volume contains up-to-date discussions of these issues.

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  • At a time when customers are ready to shift loyalty at the drop of a hat, acting on customer preferences can maximize a bank’ s competitive edge, allowing it to offer specific customer- centric products before the competition does. Once a customer’ s profile is consolidated, it is a simple matter of interpreting her requirements and delivering on them as quickly as possible. Banks must also use their integrated customer profile to sort out customer irritants as quickly as they occur .

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  • In this essay we propose a model capturing the major components of the interaction existing between the advertising and audience markets. Our main objective consists in analysing how the linkage between these markets shapes the TV-programs selected at equilibrium, when these programs follow from oligopolistic competition in the TV-broadcasting sector. This analysis is de- veloped in the framework of a three-stage sequential game involving two com- panies, their TV-viewers and the advertising agencies buying ad-spots to be inserted in their programs.

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