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  • This documentation contains, It is an application development language containing procedural statements and commands along with SQL commands, It bridges the gap between database technology and procedural programming languages, Uses procedural techniques of control, looping and branching, Supports SQL i.e. cursor operations, exceptions, functions and transactional commands ,Variables and constants, robust error handling and functions

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  • The SQL and SQL*Plus module of the Introduction to Oracle course covered relational database concepts, the SQL command language, and SQL*Plus commands to execute and format SQL commands.

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  • The open source PostgreSQL database is soaring in popularity, as thousands of database and web professionals discover its powerful features, transaction support, performance, and industrial-strength scalability. In this book, a founding member of the PostgreSQL development team introduces everything you need to know to succeed with PostgreSQL, from basic SQL commands through database administration and optimization.

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  • SQL commands can be classified in to three types: Data Definition Language commands (DDL) Data Manipulation Language commands (DML) Data Control Language commands (DCL) DDL commands are used to define a database, including creating, altering, and dropping tables and establishing constraints. DML commands are used to maintain and query a database, including updating, inserting, modifying, and querying data. DCL commands are used to control a database including administering privileges and saving of data....

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  • After completing this appendix, you should be able to do the following: Log in to SQL*Plus Edit SQL commands Format output using SQL*Plus commands Interact with script files

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  • SQL injection is a technique often used to attack data driven applications [1]. This is done by including portions of SQL statements in an entry field in an attempt to get the website to pass a newly formed rogue SQL command to the database (e.g., dump the database contents to the attacker). SQL injection is a code injection technique that exploits a security vulnerability in an application's software. The vulnerability happens

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  • Lecture Database management systems - Chapter 8: SQL. SQL commands can be classified in to three types: Data Definition Language commands (DDL), Data Manipulation Language commands (DML), Data Control Language commands (DCL).

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  • SQL Injection 1) SQL Injection là gì? SQL Injection là một trong những kiểu hack web đang dần trở nên phổ biến hiện nay. Bằng cách inject các mã SQL query/command vào input trước khi chuyển cho ứng dụng web xử lí, bạn có thể login mà không cần username và password, remote execution, dump data và lấy root của SQL server. Công cụ dùng để tấn công là một trình duyệt web bất kì, chẳng hạn như Internet Explorer, Netscape, Lynx, ...

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  • Trong bài này chúng ta sẽ tìm hiểu một số cách import và export data trong SQL Server. Sau đó sẽ bàn qua các loại Stored Procedure và Cursor. Sử dụng bcp và BULK INSERT để import data. bcp là một command prompt dùng để import hay export data từ một data file (Text file hay Excel File) vào SQL Server hay ngược lại. Thường khi muốn chuyển một số lượng lớn data từ một database system khác như Oracle, DB2...sang SQL Server trước hết ta sẽ export data ra một text file sau đó import vào SQL Server dùng bcp...

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  • SQL*Plus is an environment in which you can  Execute SQL statements to retrieve, modify, add, and remove data from database tables.  Format, perform calculations on, store, and print query results in the form of reports.  Issue SQL statements to create, alter, and remove database tables.  Create anonymous blocks, subprograms, database triggers using procedural language extension, PL/SQL. SQL*Plus has a variety of commands you need to use to execute subprograms, pass values in and out of PL/SQL blocks, and debug your code.

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  • ISQL (or Interactive SQL) is a command line tool that is included in the Firebird distribution. It allows access to (almost) the full feature set available in Firebird, and is the recommended tool to narrow down the source of a potential problem with a SQL command should you find one. Unlike most other connectivity components and tools, ISQL shows also warning messages that may not be shown

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  • Để thực hiện nội dung phần này, đầu tiên sử dụng MySQL Query Browser để kết nối đến Server .Nội dung Kết nối đến Server Các Query (SQL) thao tác trên Database Các Query (SQL) thao tác trên bảng Các Query (SQL) quản lý người dùng .Kết nối đến Server .Kết nối đến Server Sử dụng MySQL Command Line Client Sử dụng MySQL Query Browser .MySQL Command Line Client Vào Start/All programs/MySQL/MySQL Server 5.1 (tùy theo phiên bản cài đặt)/MySQL Command Line Client Nhập Password của User root...

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  • Ở bài này, chúng ta sẽ xem xét cách tạo thủ tục lưu trữ sử dụng trình thiết kế SQL/PL Stored Procedure và áp dụng chúng trong một ứng dụng WinForm đơn giản. Chú ý: Để thực hiện được các bước sau trong bài này, trước hết bạn phải tạo một cơ sở dữ liệu SAMPLE (mẫu) bằng cách nhập lệnh db2sampl từ cửa sổ lệnh Command Promp của hệ điều hành. Đồng thời bạn cũng phải thêm một kết nối tới cơ sở dữ liệu này trong bảng ảo Server Explorer.

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  • Once your tables have been created, you will need to add new rows, make changes to rows in a table, or delete rows by using data manipulation commands. This lesson covers using SQL commands to make changes to data. A number of these data manipulation commands make up a transaction, which you may either save or delete using transaction controls. At the end of this lesson, you should be able to  Insert new rows into a table.  Update existing rows in a table.  Delete rows from a table.  Explain transaction controls and their importance....

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 6.3 Nesting Manual Transactions with the SQL Server .NET Data Provider Problem You need to create a nested transaction using the SQL Server .NET data provider, but the Begin( ) command that you need is only available with the OLE DB .NET data provider.

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  • Executing Multiple SQL Statements Typically, your C# program and the database will run on different computers and communicate over a network. Each time you execute a command in your program

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 2.21 Using Parameterized SQL Statements Problem You want to create and execute a SQL statement having parameters that are set dynamically. Solution Add parameters to the Command object's Parameters collection.

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  • The SQL*Plus (pronounced "sequel plus") User's Guide and Reference introduces the SQL*Plus program and its uses. It also provides a detailed description of each SQL*Plus command. Throughout this document, unless explicitly stated otherwise, SQL*Plus is used to refer to SQL*Plus behavior available through all its user interfaces: command-line, Windows Graphical User Interface and the iSQL*Plus web-based user interface.

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  • Getting SQL Server Column Metadata Without Returning Data Problem You need to retrieve the column metadata from a SQL Server command or stored procedure without returning any data.

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  • Supplying Parameters to Commands In the examples you've seen up to this point, the values for each column have been hardcoded in the SQL statements.

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