Summative assessment

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  • Invite you to consult "Grade 2: Summative assessment component4", with this quiz will help you review the knowledge learned, had the opportunity to assess their capabilities. I wish you success in the upcoming exam.

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  •  This paper examines the positive aspects and potential problems in the discourse of transition from summative to formative assessment of oral language development of Chinese secondary students. The discussion includes concepts such as teacher observation, feedback, testing, and the views of teachers on oral language summative assessment. 


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  • For residents who have transferred into the program, written verification of prior educational experience and a summative competency- based performance evaluation should be available in the resident files for site visitors to review. Examples of verification of previous educational experiences could include a list of rotations completed, evaluations of various educational experiences, procedural/operative experience.

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  • The Skills framework for 3 to 19-year-olds in Wales (Welsh Assembly Government, 2008) makes it clear that teachers need to respond to learners where they currently are in their learning, not where they think they ought to be according, for example, to their age. Effective assessment procedures (formative, diagnostic and summative) will provide teachers with the necessary evidence for them to tailor the specific teaching of writing skills to meet individual needs within the class.

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  • Summative evaluation focusses on programs that are already underway or completed. It investigates the effects of the program, both intended and unintended. It seeks to answer the questions “Did the program make a difference?”(impact evaluation) and “Did the program meet its stated goals and objectives?”(outcome evaluation). In its most rigorous form the design of an outcome evaluation can become very complex in order to rule out any other plausible explanations for the results.

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