The middle ages

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  • In the High Middle Ages, Europe saw explosive urban growth, a revival of trade, and an emboldened Catholic Church. Yet catastrophic setbacks followed in the form of plague, economic collapse, and war. Christianity remained a focus of European life, but centuries of confrontation with the monarchies left the Church weakened.

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  • The castles of the great landowners have been so often described that there is no need to do this again. The popular idea of a baron of the Middle Ages is of a man who when he was not fighting was jousting or hunting. Such were, no doubt, his chief recreations; so fond was he of hunting, indeed, that his own broad lands were not enough, and he was a frequent trespasser on those of others; the records of the time are full of cases which show that poaching was quite a fashionable amusement among the upper classes. But...

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: Subjective memory complaints, vascular risk factors and psychological distress in the middle-aged: a cross-sectional study

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  • Nature in her ever-constant, ever-changing phases is indispensable to man, his whole existence depends upon her, and she influences him in manifold ways, in mind as well as body. The physical character of a country is reflected in its inhabitants; the one factor of climate alone gives a very different outlook to northerner and southerner.

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  • The Middle Ages was an era of great changes in civilization, a transition between ancient times and the modern world. Lasting roughly from A.D. 500 to 1500, the period saw the growth of the Roman Catholic Church in Western Europe and the spread of the Islamic faith in the Middle East. Around the world, empires—the Byzantine, Mongol, and Incan—rose and fell, and the first nation-states emerged in France, England, and Spain.

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  • Since fossil vertebrates were first discovered at Porcupine Cave on the rim of South Park, Colorado, in 1981, the site has become the world’s most important source of information about animals that lived in the high elevations of North America in the middle part of the ice ages, between approximately one million and 600,000 years ago.

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  • Plants have diseases just as animals do; not the same diseases, to be sure, but just as serious for the plant. Some of them are so dangerous that they kill the plant; others partly or wholly destroy its usefulness or its beauty. Some diseases are found oftenest on very young plants, others prey on the middle-aged tree, while still others attack merely the fruit. Whenever a farmer or fruit-grower has disease on his plants, he is sure to lose much profit. You have all seen rotten fruit. This is diseased fruit. Fruit rot is a plant disease. It costs...

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  • This work bears the title of an essay in the strictest sense of the word. No one is more conscious than the writer with what limited means and strength he has addressed himself to a task so arduous. And even if he could look with greater confidence upon his own researches, he would hardly thereby feel more assured of the approval of competent judges. To each eye, perhaps, the outlines of a given civilization present a different picture; and in treating of a civilization which is the mother of our own, and whose influence is still at work among us, it is un...

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  • There is perhaps no subject of greater interest, nor one which awakens more sympathy, than that of the Leper; it affords a most curious, though painful topic of enquiry, particularly in the present day, when so much has been said and written, as to the probability and possibility of the loathsome scourge again obtaining a hold in this, our own country. Much confusion and ignorance exists, as to what true Leprosy really is. I do not pretend, nor do I assume, to be in any way an authority on the disease, nor to be at all deeply versed in the matter; my remarks will consist chiefly...

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  • The study of history, like the study of a landscape, should begin with the most conspicuous features. Not until these have been fixed in memory will the lesser features fall into their appropriate places and assume their right proportions. The famous men of ancient and modern times are the mountain peaks of history. It is logical then that the study of history should begin with the biographies of these men. Not only is it logical; it is also pedagogical.

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  • To the lover of mankind the history of the Russo-Jewish renaissance is an encouraging and inspiring phenomenon. Seldom has a people made such rapid strides forward as the Russian Jews. From the melancholy regularity that marked their existence a little more than two generations ago, from the darkness of the Middle Ages in which they were steeped until the time of Alexander II, they emerged suddenly into the life and light of the West, and some of the most intrepid devotees of latter-day culture, both in Europe and in America, have come from among them.

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  • Research objectives: Describe the situation and several factors related to hypertension and diabetes among the middle aged (40-59) in Dong Son District, Thanh Hoa Province in 2013; evaluate effectiveness of several prevention and management measures for the middle aged (40-59) patients of hypertension and diabetes in Dong Son, Thanh Hoa.

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  • Châu Âu thời trung cổ (Middle age) có nhiều sự kiện lịch sử nổi bật và làm tốn giấy mực không ít của các nhà sử học. Một sự kiện cũng được nhắc đến nhiều, cũng rất là nổi bật đó là sự ra đời của kiến trúc gothic (gothic architecture) tiếp nối theo sau kiến trúc roman. Về cơ bản kiến trúc gothic và roman có cùng một nền tảng về kiến trúc học. Nhưng nó sáng tạo trái ngược hoàn toàn với lối kiến trúc roman có vòm tròn, tường dày...

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  • The scientific and lay media extol the health benefits of good nutrition and physical activity. Most books that have been published about nutrition and physical activity have dealt with nutritional needs of young adults who exercise vigorously. At around 30 years of age or so, individuals start to become more concerned about having and maintaining good health and realizing the personal benefits of good nutrition and moderate-intensity physical activity. Some health professionals seem to believe that nutrition and physical activity information is the same for all people.

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  • Hollywood submitted to the rigorous oversight of the PCA because the alternatives to “censorship at the source” were far worse. After all, censorship had been a fact of creative and commercial life for motion picture producers from the very birth of the medium, when even the modest osculations of the middle-aged lovebirds in Thomas Edison’s The Kiss (1896) scandalized cadres of (literally) Victorian ministers, matrons, and other variants of a sour-faced species known as the “bluenose.

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  • 1 The Birth of Political Economy 1.1. Opening of the Modern World 1.1.1. The end of the Middle Ages and scholasticism The feudal economy rose from the ashes of the slave economy of the Roman Empire. The relationship between owner and slave, a relationship that is only possible if the slave can produce more than he consumes

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  • The essays that follow adopt and adapt, explore and expand an approach to the medieval art object that Madeline Caviness has dubbed “triangulation.” The pioneering role of Professor Caviness in pursuing critical and theoretical goals provides the a priori condition for this volume.

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  • This miniaturization of huge trees is an ancient art in China and Japan. It has been linked to intellectual and religious philosophies and is a difficult art form to do well. The controversy continues about where bonsai originated, the vote seems to favor China, although the art developed over thousands of years from its beginnings and really took hold in Japan in what were the middle ages in Europe where it was the province of the upper castes.

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  • Nearly always it has had its beginning in humble surroundings, with a little boy born in a log cabin in the woods, in a wretched shanty at the edge of a field, in a crowded tenement section or in the slums of a foreign city, who studied and worked by daylight and firelight while he made his living blacking boots or selling papers until he found the trail by which he could climb to what we are pleased to call success. Measured by the standards of Greece and Rome or the Middle Ages, when practically the only form of achievement worth mentioning was fighting to...

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: Health status and lifestyle factors as predictors of depression in middle-aged and elderly Japanese adults: a seven-year follow-up of the Komo-Ise cohort study

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