The revolt on venus (

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  • Emergency air lock open!" The tall, broad-shouldered officer, wearing the magnificent black-andgold uniform of the Solar Guard, spoke into a small microphone and waited for an acknowledgment. It came almost immediately. "Cadet Corbett ready for testing," a voice crackled thinly over the loud-speaker. "Very well. Proceed." Seated in front of the scanner screen on the control deck of the rocket cruiser Polaris, Captain Steve Strong replaced the microphone in its slot and watched a bulky figure in a space suit step out of the air lock and drift away from the side of the ship.

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  • "Go on, Astro," shouted the young Space Cadet. "Boot that screwy ball with everything you've got!" The three cadets of the Polaris unit raced down the Academy field toward the mercuryball, a plastic sphere with a vial of mercury inside. At the opposite end of the field, three members of the Arcturus unit ran headlong in a desperate effort to reach the ball first. Astro, the giant Space Cadet from Venus, charged toward the ball like a blazing rocket, while his two unit mates flanked him, ready to block out their opponents and give Astro a clear shot at the ball....

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  • Stand by to reduce thrust on main drive rockets!" The tall, broadshouldered officer in the uniform of the Solar Guard snapped out the order as he watched the telescanner screen and saw the Western Hemisphere of Earth looming larger and larger. "Aye, aye, Captain Strong," replied a handsome curly-haired Space Cadet. He turned to the ship's intercom and spoke quickly into the microphone. "Control deck to power deck. Check in!" "Power deck, aye," a bull-throated voice bellowed over the loudspeaker. "Stand by rockets, Astro! We're coming in for a landing...

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  • "Stand to, you rocket wash!" A harsh, bull-throated roar thundered over the platform of the monorail station at Space Academy and suddenly the lively chatter and laughter of more than a hundred boys was stilled. Tumbling out of the gleaming monorail cars, they froze to quick attention, their eyes turned to the main exit ramp. They saw a short, squat, heavily built man, wearing the scarlet uniform of the enlisted Solar Guard, staring down at them, his fists jammed into his hips and his feet spread wide apart.

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