Upgrading and fixing

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  • Whether you want to prepare your computer for Windows 7, avoid investing in a new one, or just "go green", this fully illustrated guide has what you need. You'll learn how to add printers and new keyboards, boost your PC's performance and increase memory, improve power consumption, rev up your multimedia capacity, and much more. Step-by-step instructions are accompanied by photos that show you exactly what you should see at every stage.

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  • Like most computer software, Blizzard's games can be easily copied and distributed over the Internet. Blizzard has taken steps to avoid piracy by designing Battle.net to restrict access and use of the Battle.net mode feature of the game. Each time a user logs onto Battle.net, a Battle.net server examines the user's version of the game software. If a Blizzard game does not have the latest software upgrades and fixes, the Battle.net service updates the customer's game before allowing the game to play in Battle.net mode.

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  • Corey Sandler has written more than 150 books on personal computers, business topics, travel, and sports. A former Gannett Newspapers reporter and columnist, he also worked as an Associated Press correspondent covering business and political beats. One of the pioneers of personal computer journalism, he was an early writer for publications, including Creative Computing. He became the first executive editor of PC Magazine in 1982 at the start of that magazine’s meteoric rise. He also was the founding editor of IDG’s Digital News.

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  • Làm việc mà không cần dây Học các ins and outs của Gọi WiFi an ninh Tìm kiếm, sửa chữa, và nâng cấp máy tính xách tay WiFimạng không dây là giống như có dây, ngoại trừ cho việc thiếu dây. Đó là liên kết vật lý bị mất tích mà làm cho không dây máy tính như vậy rất hấp dẫn,

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  • In Windows Phone 7.x it was only possible to sell an application at a fixed price through the Windows Phone Marketplace (now the Windows Phone Store) This was the only way you could get paid for the application

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  • Document external code dependencies and include these in the packaging if possible. Correct behaviour of software usually depends on the build environment and a large number of external components. Wherever possible the development and packaging should actively prevent an insecure deployment by dependency management. However, it should be noted that overly strict and detailed dependency specification may lead to restrictions in upgradeability.

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  • What can you do when database performance doesn't meet expectations? Before you turn to expensive hardware upgrades to solve the problem, reach for this book. Refactoring SQL Applications provides a set of tested options for making code modifications to dramatically improve the way your database applications function. Backed by real-world examples, you'll find quick fixes for simple problems, in-depth answers for more complex situations, and complete solutions for applications with extensive problems....

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