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  • Chapter 21 Hybrid Financing: Preferred Stock, Warrants, and Convertibles a. Preferred stock is a hybrid security, having characteristics of both debt and equity. It is similar to equity in that it (1) is called “stock” and is included in the equity section of a firm’s balance sheet, (2) has no maturity date, and (3) has payments which are considered dividends--thus, they are not legally required and are not tax deductible.

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  • Initially, these concerns were focused on the role and responsibilities of the owners of business firms because the owners managed the firms themselves. However, with the emergence of large corporations, perhaps symbolized by the Standard Oil Trust in the late nineteenth century, Americans focused their attention on a new group of individuals: professional managers. Prior to the emergence of these corporations, managers and owners had been the same people, but now things were changing.

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  • Corporate governance is about who controls corporations and why. In the United States, the legal ‘‘who’’ is the owners of the corporation’s common stock—the shareholders. However, the reality—even the legal reality—is much more complicated, and the ‘‘why’’ is to be found in historic American concerns about the connections between ownership, social responsibility, economic progress, and the role of markets in fostering a stable pluralistic democracy.

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  • To account for the incentive alignment and the information effects of ownership concentration, we control for the level of voting rights in each firm and focus on examining how earnings informativeness is affected by the controlling owner’s entrenchment.

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  • Unless a poll is demanded by the chairman of the general meeting or by the specified number of shareholders or by the shareholders holding specified shares, the voting at a general meeting is done through a show of hands. Each shareholder has one vote. In the case of a poll, voting rights of a member are in proportion to his share of the paid-up equity capital. Preference shareholders have the right to vote only on matters that directly affect the rights attached to preference shares. Preference shareholders have the same rights to voting as equity shareholders if the dividend has...

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  • Prior to this reform, saving banks could only issue preferred stock without any political rights and subject to limits on the amount of preferred stock that a person or group of people could hold. This of course limited the attractiveness of the instrument and therefore the ability to issue it in efficient, competitive conditions. Now, saving banks will have the possibility to incorporate voting rights to the preferred stock issued in proportion to the share that they represent on total equity. Stocks can be issued up to a maximum of 50% of total equity of the Saving...

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  • The body of property rights literature provides a general framework for analyzing the determinants of corporate share ownership structures.4 The literature emphasizes the roles of customs, social norms, and law and legal systems in shaping the structure of property rights and their governance systems. Corporate share ownership can be viewed as a property rights arrangement through which the owner of the share is entitled to three categories of property rights. First, the owner has the decision right of deploying corporate assets, i.e., the control or voting right.

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  • A controlling owner in this situation could extract wealth from the firm, receive the entire benefit, but only bear a fraction of the cost. We offer a simple pyramidal structure to illustrate this point. An entrepreneur owns 25% of the stock in publicly traded Firm A, which in turn owns 32% of the stock in Firm B. In the most modest scenario, we note that the entrepreneur controls 25% of Firm B -- the weakest link in the chain of voting rights. At the same time, the entrepreneur owns about 8% of the cash flow rights of Firm B, the product of the two ownership stakes...

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  • Preferred stocks are a hybrid of debt and equity and have attributes of both securities. In an issuing company’s capital structure, they give investors a claim to income and assets before common equity investors but after debt holders. Preferred stocks pay a stream of fixed- or floating-rate payments similar to the coupon payments made on debt and provide no participation in the issuer’s residual gains or any voting rights. However, similar to dividend-paying equity, preferred stocks’ dividend payments are not a mandatory obligation of the issuer.

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  • The right to attend the General Meeting, address the meeting and exercise their voting rights thereat Every person entitled to vote and every usufructuary and pledgee having voting rights is authorized to attend the General Meeting, address the meeting and exercise their voting rights thereat.

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  • Profit plan: A company’s total budget used in achieving a desired profit goal. Sometimes the term refers only to the operating budget, and sometimes it is used synonymously with the term master budget. Prospectus: Part I of a Registration Statement filed by a company offering its securities to the public, which Registration Statement is filed with and must be approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Prospectus describes the registering company, its business and finances, and the risk factors the company faces.

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  • Just as the share ownership structure delineates a firm’s agency problem, it also impacts the firm’s reporting. When an owner effectively controls a firm, he/she also controls the production of the firm’s accounting information and reporting policies. When the controlling owner is entrenched by his/her voting power and there is a large separation of the voting and cash flow rights, the credibility of the accounting information is reduced.

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  • Roe v. Wade stands as a milestone to women’s freedom and equality, and one of its most fundamental tenets is that a woman’s health must always be protected. Yet 39 years after the Supreme Court recognized the right to choose and the vital importance of women’s health, 1 attacks on women’s privacy, and on health protections in particular, continue. Time after time, anti-choice lawmakers vote down proposed health exceptions to abortion restrictions, 2 and prominent anti-choice leaders openly state their opposition to protecting women’s health.

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  • At the election of President and Vice President of the United States, and members of Congress, in November, 1872, SUSAN B. ANTHONY, and several other women, offered their votes to the inspectors of election, claiming the right to vote, as among the privileges and immunities secured to them as citizens by the fourteenth amendment to the Constitution of the United States. The inspectors, JONES, HALL, and MARSH, by a majority, decided in favor of receiving the offered votes, against the dissent of HALL, and they were received and deposited in the ballot box.

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  • By the end of 2006, there were 1325 Chinese A share and 108 B share rms listed on the SHSE and SZSE. Among them, 86 companies had issued both A shares and B shares. Meanwhile, of 143 H share rms listed on the Hong Kong exchange, 32 have also issued A shares. Under Chinese regulation, A and B shares, or A and H shares, issued by the same company, are legally identical, allowing their holders equal voting and ownership rights. However, for the facts that RMB is non-convertible and the H market being restricted to international investors only, the A, B and H markets are in...

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