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  • The rapidly increasing global population has dramatically increased the demands for natural resources and has caused significant changes in quantity and quality of natural resources.To achieve sustainable resource management, it is essential to obtain insight- ful guidance from emerging disciplines such as landscape ecology.This text addresses the links between landscape ecology and natural resource management.These links are discussed in the context of various landscape types,a diverse set of resources,and a wide range ofmanagement issues.

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  • Focusing on the rich biodiversity of Costa Rica, the contributors demonstrate the use of geographic information systems (GIS) to enhance conservation efforts. They give an overview of the spatial nature of conservation and management and the current status of digital mapping in Costa Rica; a review of the basic principles behind digital mapping technologies; a series of case studies using these technologies at a variety of scales and for a range of conservation and management activities; and the results of the Costa Rican gap analysis project....

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  • The science of ecology and the practice of management are critical to our understanding of the Earth’s ecosystems and our efforts to conserve them. This book attempts to bridge the gap between ecology and natural resource management and, in particular, focuses on the discipline of plant ecology as a foundation for vegetation and wildlife management. It describes how concepts and approaches used by ecologists to study communities and ecosystems can be applied to their management. Guy R.

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  • Visiting a nice lake is like going to a grocery store that has everything. But what happens if the lake is lacking an item or two? Maybe one or more lake projects can address the need. Although this book has several hundred project ideas, many of them are updated project ideas that have been previously conducted one way or another. For example, dredging has been occurring for over 4000 years. Fish culture, aquatic plant management (using handpulling techniques), and waste disposal are also thousands of years old....

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  • Landscape ecology continues to grow as an exciting, dynamic ecological discipline. With its broadscale emphasis and multidisciplinary approach, landscape ecology lends itself both to basic research and to applications in land management, land-use planning, wildlife management, ecosystem management, and conservation biology.

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  • Caesar Kleberg created the Caesar Kleberg Foundation forWildlife Conservation in his will in 1946. He never knew what would become of it or what direction it would take, but what he believed was true, without question or discussion. His rationale for creating the Caesar Kleberg Foundation for Wildlife Conservation is best described by these words in his LastWill and Testament: “Because of the importance of wildlife and its beneficial effects on the health, habits, and character of the American people.”...

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  • Tham khảo sách 'managing unemployment insurance costs', tài chính - ngân hàng, bảo hiểm phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Traditional software lifecycle development methodologies grew out of a need to control ever-larger development projects, and the difficulties of estimating and managing these efforts to reliably deliver results. These methodologies drew heavily on the principles from engineering such as construction management. As a result, they stressed predictability (one has to plan every last detail of a bridge or building before it is built), and linear development cycles – requirements led to analysis which led to design which in turn led to development.

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  • Business and Functional Managers. The managers responsible for business operations and IT procurement process must take an active role in the risk management process. These managers are the individuals with the authority and responsibility for making the trade-off decisions essential to mission accomplishment. Their involvement in the risk management process enables the achievement of proper security for the IT systems, which, if managed properly, will provide mission effectiveness with a minimal expenditure of resources....

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  • When FAO raised the idea of preparing a resource book in collaboration with The Communication Initiative for people involved in communication and natural resource management, it was clear that finding an approach that reflected the diversity of thought, practice and local context would be a challenge.We hope that this document meets that challenge by presenting experiences across cultural and theoretical perspectives in such a way as to enable the reader to reflect on some of the shared principles and lessons learned in this field....

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  • Pacific sardine fishery off Oregon started in 1935, but there are recorded landings of sardine in Oregon dating back to 1928. The catch dropped off in the 1940’s with 1948 being the last year of directed fishery landings until 1999 when the fishery was revived. Pacific sardine was managed as a developmental fishery from 1999 to 2005. In 2004, the sardine industry asked the Department of Fish and Wildlife to remove Pacific sardines from the developmental species list and create a limited entry system for the fishery.

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  • My overwhelming debt is to all the contributing authors of this book, for their devotion to the completion of their chapters in a relatively short time period and their participation in the reviewing process of the included chapters. I owe a special intellectual debt to all of them, for providing me with a stimulating and challenging environment, not only throughout the period of editing this book, but also throughout my years in academia.

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  • The Basel paper on interest rate risk divides the responsibilities for interest rate risk management and oversight among the supreme management body and senior management. In the context of Austrian corporate law, the senior management would be the directors of a credit institution authorized to manage and legally represent it under Article 2 No 1 of the Austrian Banking Act.

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  • Forestry provides two types of long term benefits:- Wood benefits; timber, poles, thinnings Non-Wood benefits; environmental protection, wildlife habitat, land restoration, recreational environment. Both these benefits can span a lifetime of over 50 years.

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  • The environmental goods and services  (EGS) sector has  traditionally  included solutions  for problems  such  as  air, noise  and marine pollution,  land  and water  contamination,  as well  as  activities  such  as  environmental  analysis  and  consultancy  and  waste  management  and  recycling.  However  more  recently,  the  definition  of  this  sector  has  widened.

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  • A comparison of mill capacity in China with capacity in North America and Europe provides further perspective on the pollution management problem. Papermills in North American and Europe range from several hundred thousand to two million tons of annual capacity. In contrast, the capacity of the largest mill in China is only 250,000 tons and any mill over 30,000 tons is classified as “large”.

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  • This  products  classification  system  facilitates  rapid  research  about  the  needed  medical  devices. It is also a guarantee of maintaining coherence in the whole list and obtaining a clear  overview of what is needed to set up a reproductive health service.    The  list of products  is  specified by  two  levels of  care:  the  first  level of MNH  care  and  the  referral level.

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  • When an alert is raised, it appears in McAfee Network Security Manager (Manager) in an unacknowledged state. Unacknowledged means that you have not officially recognized its presence by marking it acknowledged. An alert remains in an unacknowledged state until you either acknowledge it or delete it. Unacknowledged alerts display in the Unacknowledged Alert Summary section of the Home page and in the Real-Time Threat Analyzer. Acknowledging alerts dismisses them from these views. Acknowledged alerts display only in the Historical Threat Analyzer and in reports. ...

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  • The study covered mutual fund expense ratios (not including market impact costs) and the behavior of these ratios with respect to mutual fund complexes and individual product lines with various amounts of assets under management. In particular, the study covered all 533 mutual fund complexes that existed in the United States during the years 1990 to 1994, encompassing assets totaling about $2 trillion at the end of the period. A mutual fund complex is a "sponsor" which may offer anywhere from...

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  • The notion of Ecosystem Services (ES: (Daily 1997; Carpenter 2003; Kremen and Ostfeld 2005) provides a cohesive scientific view of the many mechanisms through which nature contributes to human well-being. Focusing on both the biophysical mechanisms of ES provision and the economic implications of ES use can allow our societies to balance the sides of the “nature vs. the economy” equation, leading to better management and governance (Millennium Ecosystem Assessment 2002).

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