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Import custom worksheets from Excel

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Successful business plans are focused on implementation, not just ideas. Users with the Premier version have an additional tracking tool in the Sales Forecast table for Plan vs. Actual comparison.

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  1. Import custom worksheets from Excel Anyone with strong knowledge of business and spreadsheets can probably build the set of linked, financially and mathematically correct tables required to produce an effective business plan — but is that the best use of your time? With Business Plan Pro, all of the standard pieces are already built and ready to use. And if you already have financial data in Microsoft Excel, you can easily import it and link it to your forecast. You can name, format and include these tables as part of your plan, or use them behind the scenes for advanced financial analysis. By importing tables from Excel, you can enhance and personalize your business plan while saving substantial time over starting from scratch. Manage your business better with an integrated dashboard If you need a bird’s eye view of your business, your plan, and if you are meeting your goals, Business Plan Pro’s integrated dashboard gives you the tools you need. Check your actual sales compared to your goals and ensure that spending is in line with your budget. Quickly manage your company goals and objectives and easily export everything to PowerPoint for an executive presentation. Quarterly and 24-month financial reports The default presentation of the reports in the appendix of business plans shows monthly details in landscape format for in-depth review. If you or your investors prefer quarterly or longer-range reports, the Premier Edition offers support for those formats. Business valuation tools
  2. Impress sophisticated investors with an investment analysis and valuation. Calculate valuation based on sales or earnings and calculate IRR and NPV. This table deals with two types of investment analysis, the Internal Rate View More Detail of Return (IRR) and Net Present Value (NPV). Investment analysis views the company from the investor's point of view. For the investor, there is only one flow into the company that matters--the investment--and there are only two flows back out as returns — dividends and equity valuation. This table deals with this issue in detail. Visual cash planning with Cash Pilot Create what-if scenarios by testing the key variables that affect your cash flow. View More Detail Planning your cash flow is not intuitive, yet it is one of the most important aspects of managing a business. Cash Pilot™ is a graphical tool which provides a visual representation to help you better manage three key components in your balance sheet that affect your cash flow: accounts receivable, accounts payable, and stock management. What happens if your customers start paying you net-60 instead of net-30? How will keeping more inventory on hand impact your cash flow? Business Plan Pro’s Cash Pilot tool allows you to quickly run different scenarios and immediately see the impact on your cash flow so you can manage your business better. Create your own business plan templates
  3. Customize the Business Plan Pro Premier outline, add custom financial tables, and insert standardized text, then save as a template to share with other Business Plan Pro users. Ideal for franchisors, larger companies, and consultants, the Save as Template feature in the Premier Edition allows you to customize and distribute a unique business plan template to your users. Once you have completed building your template, use the "save as template" feature and send it to the people who need to complete a plan in your custom format. When your users start Business Plan Pro, they will see your custom template as an option. Case study: ABC Company wants to standardize the planning process for its division. A senior manager uses Business Plan Pro Premier and customizes the plan outline and Profit and Loss Statement to meet the specific needs of ABC Company. She enters custom expense lines and new text topics in the outline that division managers will need to complete their business plans. Once the plan is saved as a template, the manager emails the template to all of her division. They open the template in Business Plan Pro Premier or Standard Edition and create plans in the standard format required by ABC Company. Advanced financial spreadsheets The Premier Edition of Business Plan Pro includes more advanced financial forecasting options. Divide your expenses and payroll into functional categories such as General & Administrative, Production, Marketing, etc., forecast personnel salaries in more detail and forecast two years in a monthly format. In addition, you can add an unlimited number of custom spreadsheets or import directly from Microsoft Excel. Speed up your annual planning process Business Plan Pro now makes it easier than ever to plan each fiscal year. When you reach the end of your current year, you can easily archive your old plan and start work on your new plan based on last year’s data. Business Plan Pro makes the planning process easier and you’ll produce your annual plan in record time. Investment offering table
  4. Business planners seeking multiple rounds of investment can use this table to plan for outside investment and track investment amounts, ownership, View More Detail shares, share prices, and stock dilution. Your prospective investors will want to see this information. Plan vs. actual charts The Premier Edition Plan vs. Actual feature includes 12 additional charts to help you visually track your actual numbers and your variance analysis. Quickly analyze where your real results vary from your original plan. The Actual and Variance charts draw their data from the corresponding Actual and Variance tables. Profit and loss: plan vs. actual Are you meeting your goals and keeping expenses under control? Successful entrepreneurs don't just plan, they follow through, and then track how well their actual business results match their original plan. Users with the Premier version have an additional tracking tool in the Profit and Loss table for plan vs. actual comparison. Understand how your actual sales compare with what you thought your sales would be. The Profit and Loss Plan vs. Actual feature lets you quantify the areas where you are succeeding, and identify parts of the business that may need more attention. Sales forecast: plan vs. actual Successful business plans are focused on implementation, not just ideas. Users with the Premier version have an additional tracking tool in the Sales Forecast table for Plan vs. Actual comparison. Paying attention to the variance between your planned sales and costs and your actual results can help you get a better picture of your organization's financial situation. Watching these issues closely can help you correct your course as you go.



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