Mainboard Intel 845 eiclient schem

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Mainboard Intel 845 eiclient schem

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  1. 5 4 3 2 1 Intel (R) 845E Interactive Client Reference Design D Revision X2 D Last Change : 2002-09-26 # Schematic Page Prefix Netobject Changes from X1 to X2 1 COVER SHEET A_ CRITICAL ANALOG TRACES 1 All BAT54A (0-0031-1261) changed to BAT54 (0-0031-1104) due to wrong polarity 2 BLOCK DIAGRAM AC_ AC97 SIGNAL 2 R712 changed from 10k to 15k to adjust voltage 3 BLOCK-POWER APIC_ APIC SIGNAL 3 PU R756 and R757 added @ U38.15 (PG_VDDR) and U38.16 (PG_V1V5) 4 MECH-ROUTE AUD_ ANALOG AUDIO SIGNAL 4 Net on pins U3.54 and U3.55 separated (BSEL[0..1]) due to naming error 5 NOTES 5 PU R758 added at CN34.7 (SYS_RESET#) 6 CPU-P4 BUS CK_ CLOCK SIGNAL 6 PU R759 added at U39.4 (VIDPWRGD) 7 CPU-P4 POWER 7 C717 changed from 4u7 to 1u EEn_ SERIAL EEPROM LANn 8 CPU-ITP 8 R607 not populated EN_ ENABLE FOR POWER SOURCES 9 R571 and R572 not populated (FWH Test Pins) 9 MCH-SYSBUS & CLOCK F_ FLOPPY DISK SIGNAL 10 R585 and R586 not populated (for LVDS 18 Bit) 10 MCH-AGP & DDR FWH_ FIRMWARE HUB SIGNAL 11 R760 and C741 added to U7.50 to generate a V_3V3SB input delay for resume reset 11 MCH-POWER 12 R501 and R494 not populated due to PCI config of LAN 82540 C G_ AGP BUS SIGNAL C 12 CLK-ICS950201 13 U36 FWH symbol changed due to wrong pinout (Pin 23, 24 and 25) GND_ GND SIGNAL DERIVED 14 R496 changed to 4k7 and set to GND (PD M66EN) 13 DDR-DIMM 0 GND GND POWER 15 R525 and R499 is now populated 14 DDR-DIMM 1 H_ P4 HOSTBUS SIGNAL 16 R530 not populated due to wrong V_2V5LAN voltage 15 ICH4-SYSBUS & PCI 17 U20.G4 is now 51R Pulldown to GND I2C_ I2C BUS SIGNAL 16 ICH4-LPC & IDE & USB 18 U20.H4 is now 33R Pullup to V_3V3LAN IDE_ IDE SIGNAL 17 ICH4-POWER 19 AC97 Fixup (AC_SDIN0 -> Changed to AC_SDIN2 on ICH4) INT_ INTERRUPT SIGNAL 20 Swap ICH4 Pin N20 and P21 (H_HISTB+ / H_HISTB-) due to wrong info in yellow cover 18 GLUE LOGIC KB_ KEYBOARD SIGNAL 21 LAN 82540 Fixup (R519 populated with 0R, R517 changed to 2K49 and R513 changed to 330R) 19 SIO0-LPC47M107 22 R615 changed to 4K32 due to Cougar Bug L_ LPC BUS SIGNAL 20 SIO1-LPC47N227 23 HW Rev changed to 2 at Glue Logic LANn_ LAN CONTROLLER n SIGNAL 24 R373 is now populated with 10M 21 CONN-COM1/COM2/LPT LP_ LPT1284 SIGNAL 25 CN12.4 must be isolated cause of shortcut of AUD_MIC_BIAS to GND 22 CONN-COM3/COM4/KBC M_ MEMORY BUS SIGNAL 26 PU R761-R765 added to VID[0:4] 23 AC97-AD1885 MIDI_ MIDI SIGNAL 27 PU R766 added to U23.15, PD R767 added to U23.14 (Panellink strapping options) MS_ MOUSE SIGNAL 28 HD-LED-power connected to V_5V0 instead of V_5V0SB 24 LAN-10/100/1000 BUS 29 PD R768 added to PS_ON 25 LAN-10/100/1000 CONN P_ PCI BUS SIGNAL 30 PU R769 added to U3.28 (PGOOD408#) B 26 VGA-COUGAR-01 SPn_ SERIAL PORT n SIGNAL 31 PD R770, R771, R772 added to power enables (default off, if CPLD not configured) B 27 VGA-COUGAR-02 32 PD R773-R776 added to serial port shut down pins USB_ USB PORT SIGNAL 28 VGA-COUGAR-03 33 Splitted SMI# and PME# signals of SIO0 and SIO1 on ICH4-GPIOs V_ POWER 34 Removed R383, R384, R385 29 CONN-PCI 35 Added D25 to avoid crossvoltages from VGA Monitor ZV_ ZV VIDEO PORT SIGNAL 30 CONN-01 IDE-FLOPPY 36 Added D26 to avoid crossvoltages LPT Port 37 Alternative population of L7 to L12 with resistors (0R) 31 USB0-USB1-LAN0 38 PME# Signal of Cougar (PinB7) is set to V_3V3 via 0R 32 USB2-USB5 39 U29 (LP3965EMP) can be replaced by an 0R_1206 to power 3V3 on Cougar 33 SYSTEM CONTROL 40 Possibility to PullDown Pin D8(MD24) on Cougar to enable SDRAM 41 CN41 (JUMPER 3x1) added to connect to MPCI Pins (TIP and RING) 34 DDR-POWER 42 V_5V0 input at V_DDR supply is now controlled by XILINX CPLD (Pin 25) 35 POWER 43 Delay of PWRGOOD# (LAN 82540EM Pin A9) to enable correct EEPROM detection THIS SCHEMATIC IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITH NO WARRANTIES WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR ANY WARRANTY OTHERWISE ARISING OUT OF PROPOSAL, SPECIFICATION OR SAMPLE. A No license, express or implied, by estoppel or otherwise, to any A intellectual property rights is granted herein. Intel disclaims all liability, including liability for infringement of any proprietary rights, relating to use of information in this specification. Intel does not warrant or represent that such use will not infringe such rights. General Note: Intel (R) 845E Interactive Client Reference Design All Parts marked 'XXX1' will not be assembled in V1. THIS DRAWING CONTAINS INFORMATION WHICH HAS NOT BEEN VERIFIED FOR All Parts marked 'XXX2' will not be assembled in V2. MANUFACTURING AS AN END USER PRODUCT. INTEL IS NOT RESPONSIBLE OR THE Title MISUSE OF THIS INFORMATION. COVER SHEET Size Document Number Rev * Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. C B444B-W 2.00 Date Friday, September 26, 2003 Sheet 1 of 35 5 4 3 2 1
  2. 5 4 3 2 1 Block Diagram D D CPU VRM CPU Pg. 35 Clocking Glue Logic ICS950201 Xilinx * CK 408 Coolrunner Pentium(R) 4 Processor FCPGA478 Pg. 12 Pg. 18 ITP Pg. 8 - Postcode decoding Pg. 6, 7 - Speedstep logic - Powerup sequencing FSB 133MHz x4, 64b (4.3 GB/s) 1280x1024 @ 18Bit LVDS max. 2 GB Pg. 27 planar 845E MCH Cougar 3DR * DDR-DIMM C C i82845-E DVI-I DVI/VGA BGA385 BGA593 16 MB int. mem. AGP 1.5V, 66MHz x4, 32b (1.1 GB/s) DDR SDRAM 2.5V, 266MHz, 64b (2.1 GB/s) DDR VR Pg. 27 Pg. 34 I/O panel Pg. 26, 27, 28 TV-OUT Pg. 9, 10, 11 Pg. 13 Pg. 27 PHY Pg. 14 I/O panel i82562 Hub Interface 66MHz x4, 8b (266 MB/s) RJ45 Pg. 31 Pg. 31 I/O panel ICH4 PCI, 33MHz, 32b (132 MB/s) LPC 3.3V, 33MHz B i82801 B BGA421 SMB 5V PCI-Slot miniPCI-Slot LAN SYSMON FWH SIO SIO Pg. 29 Pg. 29 LM87 8 Mbit LPC47N227 LPC47M107 Pg. 33 i82802AC i82540 PLCC32 (optional Pg. 15, 16, 17 FAN i82551/i82559) ATA66/100 RJ45 PHOTO DIODE Pg. 33 Pg. 20 Pg. 19 Pg. 25 Pg. 24, 25 I/O panel USB2.0 AC'97 IDE0 Pg. 22 SERIAL2 SERIAL0 I/O panel Pg. 21 Pg. 30 LINE-IN I/O panel USB AC97 Pg. 22 SERIAL3 SERIAL1 I/O panel Pg. 21 planar LINE-OUT planar Pg. 31, 32 AD1885 Pg. 20 FIR FDD planar Pg. 30 IDE1 HEADPHONE I/O panel PARALLEL I/O panel Pg. 21 Pg. 30 3 * planar MICRO I/O panel planar K/B planar Pg. 22 A 2 * I/O panel Pg. 23 CD-ROM planar A 2 * I/O panel, powered MOUSE planar Pg. 22 2 * planar Intel (R) 845E Interactive Client Reference Design Title BLOCK-DIAGRAM Size Document Number Rev C B444B-W 2.00 Date Friday, September 26, 2003 Sheet 2 of 35 5 4 3 2 1
  3. 5 4 3 2 1 SLP_S3# ATX POWER ATX 12V D 12V 5V 5VSB 3V3 12V D CPU VRM MODULE VCCP MIC5284 VCC_1V2VID CLK VCC_CLK MCH VTT C ISL6225 A VCC_1V5 C LTC1117 VCC_1V8 VCC_DDR DIMM ISL6225 A VCC_DDR SLP_S4# VCC_REF SLP_S3# B VCC_TERM B B ICH4 VCC_5V0SUS LTC1117 VCC_3V3SUS LTC1117 VCC_1V5SUS VCC_1V8S VCC_1V5S VCC_3V3S VCC_5V0S A A COUGAR * ISL6225 B V_3V3AGP Intel (R) 845E Interactive Client Reference Design Title BLOCK-POWER Size Document Number Rev C B444B-W 2.00 Date Friday, September 26, 2003 Sheet 3 of 35 5 4 3 2 1
  4. 5 4 3 2 1 B1 B4 B7 BOHR4.0 BOHR4.0 BOHR4.0 Mx Mx Mx M29 M10 M1 M7 B2 BOHR4.0 B5 BOHR4.0 B8 BOHR4.0 FWH B4441000.01 Mx Mx Mx D D 1 2 3 4 MACADRESS BIOS IN P4_RETENT 82802AC B3 B9 Firmware-Hub BOHR4.0 BOHR4.0 M2 Mx Mx M30 BRD1 M23 M24 M25 M26 SM02/RD SM02/RD SM02/RD SM02/RD 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 MACADRESS PCB BGA593A/COOL XXX1 B444B XXX2 V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE M31 M E C H DK1 DK2 DK3 DK4 DK5 BAT_CR2032 DK204060 DK204060 DK204060 DK204060 DK204060 M11 M12 M32 HS_MCH_PIN_FIN HS_MCH_INTERFACE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE M E C H XXX1 XXX1 XXX2 XXX2 JMP_2mm54 M15 M16 M17 HS_MCH_LEVER HS_MCH_CLIP HS_MCH_PORON DK6 DK7 DK8 DK9 DK10 XXX1 XXX1 XXX1 DK204060 DK204060 DK204060 DK204060 DK204060 XXX2 XXX2 XXX2 V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE C C DK11 DK12 DK13 DK14 DK15 DK204060 DK204060 DK204060 DK204060 DK204060 V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE DK16 DK17 DK18 DK204060 DK204060 DK204060 MARKE1 MRKF1 MARKETOP MARKFPIT MARKE2 MARKETOP MARKE3 MARKETOP B B TP1 TP2 TP3 TP4 GND GND GND GND A A Intel (R) 845E Interactive Client Reference Design Title MECH-ROUTE 6..8,11,17,33,35 V_CORE V_CORE Size Document Number Rev C B444B-W 2.00 Date Friday, September 26, 2003 Sheet 4 of 35 5 4 3 2 1
  6. 5 4 3 2 1 H_D[0..63] H_D[0..63] 9 U1A SW478/S1 H_A#[3..31] SPAREPIN AB1 AA24 H_D63 9 H_A#[3..31] A35# D63# H_D62 SPAREPIN Y1 AA22 SPAREPIN A34# D62# H_D61 W2 A33# D61# AA25 SPAREPIN V3 Y21 H_D60 H_A#31 A32# D60# H_D59 U4 A31# D59# Y24 H_A#30 T5 Y23 H_D58 H_A#29 A30# D58# H_D57 W1 A29# D57# W25 H_A#28 R6 Y26 H_D56 D H_A#27 A28# D56# H_D55 D V2 A27# D55# W26 H_A#26 T4 V24 H_D54 H_A#25 A26# D54# H_D53 U3 A25# D53# V22 H_A#24 P6 U21 H_D52 H_REQ#[0..4] H_A#23 A24# D52# H_D51 9 H_REQ#[0..4] U1 A23# D51# V25 H_A#22 T2 U23 H_D50 H_A#21 A22# D50# H_D49 R3 A21# D49# U24 H_A#20 P4 U26 H_D48 H_A#19 A20# D48# H_D47 P3 A19# D47# T23 H_A#18 R2 T22 H_D46 H_A#17 A18# D46# H_D45 T1 A17# D45# T25 H_A#16 N5 T26 H_D44 H_A#15 A16# D44# H_D43 N4 A15# D43# R24 H_A#14 N2 R25 H_D42 H_A#13 A14# D42# H_D41 M1 A13# D41# P24 H_ADSTB#[0..1] H_A#12 N1 R21 H_D40 9 H_ADSTB#[0..1] H_A#11 A12# D40# H_D39 M4 A11# D39# N25 H_A#10 M3 N26 H_D38 H_A#9 A10# D38# H_D37 L2 A9# D37# M26 H_A#8 M6 N23 H_D36 H_A#7 A8# D36# H_D35 L3 A7# D35# M24 V_CORE V_CORE H_A#6 K1 P21 H_D34 H_A#5 A6# D34# H_D33 L6 A5# D33# N22 H_A#4 K4 M23 H_D32 H_A#3 A4# D32# H_D31 K2 A3# D31# H25 K23 H_D30 D30# H_D29 D29# J24 H_REQ#4 H_D28 R2 R3 R4 R5 H3 REQ4# D28# L22 H_REQ#3 J3 M21 H_D27 H_REQ#2 REQ3# D27# H_D26 J4 REQ2# D26# H24 H_REQ#1 K5 G26 H_D25 H_REQ#0 REQ1# D25# H_D24 J1 REQ0# D24# L21 H_D23 301RA 62RA 51RA 62RA D23# D26 F26 H_D22 H_ADSTB#1 D22# H_D21 R5 ADSTB1# D21# E25 H_ADSTB#0 L5 F24 H_D20 H_ADS# ADSTB0# D20# H_D19 9 H_ADS# G1 ADS# D19# F23 C G23 H_D18 C SPAREPIN D18# H_D17 V5 AP1# D17# E24 SPAREPIN AC1 H22 H_D16 SPAREPIN AP0# D16# H_D15 AA3 BINIT# D15# D25 IERR# AC3 J21 H_D14 SPAREPIN IERR# D14# H_D13 V6 MCERR# D13# D23 C26 H_D12 H_BR0# D12# H_D11 9 H_BR0# H6 BR0# D11# H21 G22 H_D10 H_BPRI# D10# H_D9 9 H_BPRI# D2 BPRI# D9# B25 H_BNR# G2 C24 H_D8 9 H_BNR# BNR# D8# H_D7 D7# C23 H_LOCK# G4 B24 H_D6 9 H_LOCK# LOCK# D6# H_D5 D5# D22 H_HIT# F3 C21 H_D4 9 H_HIT# H_HITM# HIT# D4# H_D3 9 H_HITM# E3 HITM# D3# A25 H_DEFER# E2 A23 H_D2 9 H_DEFER# DEFER# D2# H_D1 H_DBI#[0..3] D1# B22 H_DBI#[0..3] 9 H_RS#[0..2] B21 H_D0 9 H_RS#[0..2] D0# H_RS#2 F4 H_RS#1 RS2# G5 V21 H_DBI#3 H_RS#0 RS1# DBI3# F1 P26 H_DBI#2 SPAREPIN RS0# DBI2# AB2 G25 H_DBI#1 H_TRDY# RSP# DBI1# 9 H_TRDY# J6 E21 H_DBI#0 TRDY# DBI0# 62RA R6 H_A20MX# C6 15 H_A20M# H_FERR# A20M# H_DBSY# 15 H_FERR# B6 FERR# DBSY# H5 H_DBSY# 9 H2 H_DRDY# H_IGNNEX# DRDY# H_DRDY# 9 62RA R7 B2 15 H_IGNNE# H_SMIX# IGNNE# 62RA R8 B5 L25 SPAREPIN 15 H_SMI# SMI# DP3# H_DSTBN#[0..3] K26 SPAREPIN PWRGOOD DP2# H_DSTBN#[0..3] 9 AB23 K25 SPAREPIN 15 PWRGOOD PWRGOOD DP1# J26 SPAREPIN 62RA R9 STPCLKY# DP0# 15 STPCLK# Y4 STPCLK# 62RA R10 CPUSLPY# AB26 H_DSTBP#[0..3] 15,18 CPUSLP# CPUSLP# H_DSTBN#3 H_DSTBP#[0..3] 9 B DSTBN3# W22 B 62RA R11 H_INTRX D1 R22 H_DSTBN#2 15 H_INTR H_NMIX LINT0 DSTBN2# H_DSTBN#1 62RA R12 E5 K22 15 H_NMI LINT1 DSTBN1# H_DSTBN#0 DSTBN0# E22 V_3V3 62RA R13 PROCHOT# C3 V_CORE PROCHOT# W23 H_DSTBP#3 R14 CK_CPU+ DSTBP3# H_DSTBP#2 4k7A 12 CK_CPU+ AF22 BCLK0 DSTBP2# P23 CK_CPU- AF23 J23 H_DSTBP#1 12 CK_CPU- BCLK1 DSTBP1# H_DSTBP#0 DSTBP0# F21 THERMTRIP# SPAREPIN THERMDC THERMDA BSEL1 AD5 H_INIT# W5 AD6 15 H_INIT# INIT# BSEL0 BSEL0 10,12 H_CPURST# AB25 AF26 SKTOCC# 8,9 H_CPURST# RESET# SKTOCC# SKTOCC# 18 C4 B3 A2 V_CORE THERMDC THERMDA R17 62RA 33 THERMDA 33 THERMDC THERMTRIP# 16 A A SPAREPIN Intel (R) 845E Interactive Client Reference Design 7,9,11,15,16,24..27 SPAREPIN 8,12,15..17,19,20,23,26..29,33,35 V_3V3 V_3V3 4,7,8,11,17,33,35 V_CORE V_CORE Title CPU BUS 4,7,8,10..35 GND GND Size Document Number Rev C B444B-W 2.00 Date Friday, September 26, 2003 Sheet 6 of 35 5 4 3 2 1
  7. 5 4 3 2 1 V_CORE R47 R18 R19 R20 R21 R22 R23 V_CORE BPM#[0..5] U1C SW478/S1 3x Al Electrolytic 3300uF 150RA 51RA 51RA 51RA 51RA 51RA 51RA V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE 8 BPM#[0..5] U1B SW478/S1 A3 VSS_0 VSS_91 P2 A9 VSS_1 VSS_92 P5 Place : Northside of P4 BPM#5 AB4 A11 P22 D BPM#4 BPM5# VSS_2 VSS_93 D AA5 BPM4# VCC_0 A8 A13 VSS_3 VSS_94 P25 BPM#3 Y6 A10 A15 R1 + C1 + C2 + C3 BPM#2 BPM3# VCC_1 VSS_4 VSS_95 AC4 BPM2# VCC_2 A12 A17 VSS_5 VSS_96 R4 BPM#1 AB5 A14 A19 R23 BPM#0 BPM1# VCC_3 VSS_6 VSS_97 3300u/EA 3300u/EA 3300u/EA AC6 BPM0# VCC_4 A16 A21 VSS_7 VSS_98 R26 ESR max = 12mR each VCC_5 A18 A24 VSS_8 VSS_99 T3 VCC_6 A20 A26 VSS_9 VSS_100 T6 8,18 ITP_DBR# AE25 DBR# VCC_7 B7 B4 VSS_10 VSS_101 T21 GND GND GND ESL max = 5nH each VCC_8 B9 B8 VSS_11 VSS_102 T24 8 H_TCK D4 TCK VCC_9 B11 B10 VSS_12 VSS_103 U2 VCC_10 B13 B12 VSS_13 VSS_104 U5 8 H_TDI C1 TDI VCC_11 B15 B14 VSS_14 VSS_105 U22 8 H_TDO D5 TDO VCC_12 B17 B16 VSS_15 VSS_106 U25 8 H_TMS F7 TMS VCC_13 B19 B18 VSS_16 VSS_107 V1 8 H_TRST# E6 TRST# VCC_14 C8 B20 VSS_17 VSS_108 V4 V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE 9x Oscon 560uF VCC_15 C10 B23 VSS_18 VSS_109 V23 VCC_16 C12 B26 VSS_19 VSS_110 V26 Place : Northside of P4 SPAREPIN A22 C14 C2 W3 SPAREPIN RESEVED_0 VCC_17 VSS_20 VSS_111 A7 RESEVED_1 VCC_18 C16 C5 VSS_21 VSS_112 W6 SPAREPIN AD2 C18 C7 W21 + C4 + C5 + C6 + C7 + C8 + C9 + C10 + C11 + C12 SPAREPIN AD3 RESEVED_2 VCC_19 VSS_22 VSS_113 RESEVED_3 VCC_20 C20 C9 VSS_23 VSS_114 W24 SPAREPIN AE21 D7 C11 Y2 ESR max = 9.28mR each SPAREPIN AF3 RESEVED_4 VCC_21 VSS_24 VSS_115 680u/PA 680u/PA 680u/PA 680u/PA 680u/PA 680u/PA 680u/PA 680u/PA 680u/PA RESEVED_5 VCC_22 D9 C13 VSS_25 VSS_116 Y5 SPAREPIN AF24 D11 C15 Y22 ESL max = 6.4nH each SPAREPIN AF25 RESEVED_6 VCC_23 VSS_26 VSS_117 RESEVED_7 VCC_24 D13 C17 VSS_27 VSS_118 Y25 VCC_25 D15 C19 VSS_28 VSS_119 AA1 GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND Iripple = 4.080 each VCC_26 D17 C22 VSS_29 VSS_120 AA4 SPAREPIN AC26 D19 C25 AA7 SPAREPIN AD26 ITP_CLK0 VCC_27 VSS_30 VSS_121 ITP_CLK1 VCC_28 E8 D3 VSS_31 VSS_122 AA9 VCC_29 E10 D6 VSS_32 VSS_123 AA11 1KA R24 ITP_CKO0 AA20 E12 D8 AA13 V_CORE 1KA R25 ITP_CKO1 AB22 ITPCLKOUT0 VCC_30 VSS_33 VSS_124 V_CORE ITPCLKOUT1 VCC_31 E14 D10 VSS_34 VSS_125 AA15 VCC_32 E16 D12 VSS_35 VSS_126 AA17 V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE VCC_33 E18 D14 VSS_36 VSS_127 AA19 VCC_34 E20 D16 VSS_37 VSS_128 AA23 51RA R26 COMP0 C13 C14 C15 C16 C17 C18 C19 C20 C21 C22 C23 C24 C25 C26 C41 GND L24 COMP0 VCC_35 F9 D18 VSS_38 VSS_129 AA26 51RA R27 COMP1 P1 F11 D20 AB3 GND COMP1 VCC_36 VSS_39 VSS_130 C VCC_37 F13 D21 VSS_40 VSS_131 AB6 C VCC_38 F15 D24 VSS_41 VSS_132 AB8 VID[0..4] F17 E1 AB10 18,33 VID[0..4] VCC_39 VSS_42 VSS_133 F19 E4 AB12 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA VCC_40 VSS_43 VSS_134 VCC_41 AA8 E7 VSS_44 VSS_135 AB14 VID4 AE1 AA10 E9 AB16 VID3 VID4 VCC_42 VSS_45 VSS_136 AE2 VID3 VCC_43 AA12 E11 VSS_46 VSS_137 AB18 VID2 AE3 AA14 E13 AB20 VID1 VID2 VCC_44 VSS_47 VSS_138 GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND AE4 VID1 VCC_45 AA16 E15 VSS_48 VSS_139 AB21 VID0 AE5 AA18 E17 AB24 VID0 VCC_46 VSS_49 VSS_140 V_CORE VCC_47 AB7 E19 VSS_50 VSS_141 AC2 14x 1206 ker Place : Northside of P4 ESR max = 3.5mR each ESL typ = 1.15nH each VCC_48 AB9 E23 VSS_51 VSS_142 AC5 VCC_49 AB11 E26 VSS_52 VSS_143 AC7 51RA R28 TSTHI0 AD24 AB13 F2 AC9 51RA R29 TSTHI1 TESTHI0 VCC_50 VSS_53 VSS_144 AA2 TESTHI1 VCC_51 AB15 F5 VSS_54 VSS_145 AC11 51RA R30 TSTHI2 AC21 AB17 F8 AC13 V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE TSTHI3 TESTHI2 VCC_52 VSS_55 VSS_146 51RA R31 AC20 TESTHI3 VCC_53 AB19 F10 VSS_56 VSS_147 AC15 10x 1206 ker C27 51RA R32 TSTHI4 AC24 AC8 F12 AC17 51RA R33 TSTHI5 TESTHI4 VCC_54 VSS_57 VSS_148 C28 C29 C30 C31 C32 C33 C34 C35 C36 C37 GND AC23 TESTHI5 VCC_55 AC10 F14 VSS_58 VSS_149 AC19 VCC_56 AC12 F16 VSS_59 VSS_150 AC22 Place : Inside P4 Socket 100nA 51RA R34 TSTHI8 U6 AC14 F18 AC25 51RA R35 TSTHI9 TESTHI8 VCC_59 VSS_60 VSS_151 W4 TESTHI9 VCC_57 AC16 F22 VSS_61 VSS_152 AD1 R36 51RA R37 TSTHI10 Y3 AC18 F25 AD4 270RA TESTHI10 VCC_58 VSS_62 VSS_153 AD7 G3 AD8 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA VCC_60 VSS_63 VSS_154 VCC_61 AD9 G6 VSS_64 VSS_155 AD10 ESR max = 9.28mR each VCC_62 AD11 G21 VSS_65 VSS_156 AD12 0RA R38 GHI# A6 AD13 G24 AD14 GND GHI#/TESTHI11 VCC_63 VSS_66 VSS_157 18 DPSLP# AD25 DPSLP#/TESTHI12 VCC_64 AD15 H1 VSS_67 VSS_158 AD16 GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND ESL max = 6.4nH each VCC_65 AD17 H4 VSS_68 VSS_159 AD18 VCC_66 AD19 H23 VSS_69 VSS_160 AD21 L1 AE6 H26 AD23 V_VCCA VCC_67 VSS_70 VSS_161 AD20 VCCA VCC_68 AE8 J2 VSS_71 VSS_162 AE7 VCC_69 AE10 J5 VSS_72 VSS_163 AE9 V_VCCAX 4uH7/SB AE12 J22 AE11 V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE V_CORE + C39 VCC_70 VSS_73 VSS_164 VCC_71 AE14 J25 VSS_74 VSS_165 AE13 VCC_72 AE16 K3 VSS_75 VSS_166 AE15 33u/TA C42 C43 C44 C45 C46 C47 C48 C49 C50 C51 C52 C53 C54 VCC_73 AE18 K6 VSS_76 VSS_167 AE17 0RA R39 AE20 K21 AE19 B V_CORE GND_ACPU VCC_74 VSS_77 VSS_168 B AD22 VSSA VCC_76 AF5 K24 VSS_78 VSS_169 AE22 0RA R40 AF7 L1 AE24 V_1V2VID XXX1 VCC_77 VSS_79 VSS_170 VCC_78 AF9 L4 VSS_80 VSS_171 AE26 XXX2 C56 AF11 L23 AF1 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA VCC_79 VSS_81 VSS_172 VCC_80 AF13 L26 VSS_82 VSS_173 AF6 + 33u/TA AF15 M2 AF8 L2 VCC_81 VSS_83 VSS_174 VCC_82 AF17 M5 VSS_84 VSS_175 AF10 V_VCCIOPLL AE23 AF19 M22 AF12 VCCIOPLL VCC_83 VSS_85 VSS_176 GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND VCC_84 AF21 M25 VSS_86 VSS_177 AF14 4uH7/SB N3 AF16 VSS_87 VSS_178 N6 VSS_88 VSS_179 AF18 V_1V2VID AF4 VCCVID VCC_75 AF2 N21 VSS_89 VSS_180 AF20 14x 1206 ker Place : Southside of P4 ESR max = 3.5mR each ESL typ = 1.15nH each N24 VSS_90 F6 GTLREF_3 F20 GTLREF_2 VCCSENSE A5 AA6 GTLREF_1 VSSSENSE A4 AA21 GTLREF_0 GND GND V_CORE V_CORE 6x 0603 ker to eliminate 133MHz x N V_CORE 49R9A R41 GTLREF C59 C60 Freqs 47pA 47pA C65 R42 C66 C67 100RA Place : Between 1206 ker 10nA 1u/CA 220pA GND GND GND GND GND GND A A 35 VSSSENSE 35 VCCSENSE SPAREPIN Intel (R) 845E Interactive Client Reference Design 6,9,11,15,16,24..27 SPAREPIN 4,6,8,11,17,33,35 V_CORE V_CORE 35 V_1V2VID V_1V2VID Title CPU POWER 4,8,10..35 GND GND Size Document Number Rev C B444B-W 2.00 Date Friday, September 26, 2003 Sheet 7 of 35 5 4 3 2 1
  8. 5 4 3 2 1 D D V_CORE V_3V3 V_3V3 V_CORE V_CORE R731 R732 R733 R734 R735 R736 R1 R45 R46 R48 R49 BPM#[0..5] 54R9A 51RA 51RA 51RA 51RA 51RA 51RA C C 7 BPM#[0..5] CN1 220RA 220RA 54R9A 39RA BPM#5 13 11 BPM#4 BPM#5 FBO 15 BPM#4 BPM#3 17 5 BPM#2 BPM#3 TCK H_TCK 7 19 BPM#2 TRST# 3 H_TRST# 7 BPM#1 21 1 BPM#0 BPM#1 TDI H_TDOITP H_TDI 7 23 7 22R6A R754 BPM#0 TDO H_TDO 7 TMS 2 H_TMS 7 6 NC2 4 NC1 DBA# 24 ITP_DBA# DBR# 25 ITP_DBR# 7,18 V_CORE 26 VTAP 28 VTT 27 VTT GND 22 GND 20 22R6A R755 H_CPURSTX# 12 18 6,9 H_CPURST# RESET# GND GND 16 R52 R53 12 CK_ITP+ 9 BCLK+ GND 14 12 CK_ITP- 8 BCLK- GND 10 SW28/FD XXX1 C738 C739 XXX2 680RA 27RA 100nA 100nA GND GND GND GND GND B B A A Intel (R) 845E Interactive Client Reference Design 6,12,15..17,19,20,23,26..29,33,35 V_3V3 V_3V3 4,6,7,11,17,33,35 V_CORE V_CORE Title CPU-ITP 4,7,10..35 GND GND Size Document Number Rev C B444B-W 2.00 Date Friday, September 26, 2003 Sheet 8 of 35 5 4 3 2 1
  9. 5 4 3 2 1 H_HISTB+ 15 H_HISTB- 15 H_HI[0..10] H_HI[0..10] 15 H_HISTB+ H_HISTB- D D H_HI10 H_HI9 H_HI8 H_HI7 H_HI6 H_HI5 H_HI4 H_HI3 H_HI2 H_HI1 H_HI0 H_D[0..63] H_D[0..63] 6 H_A#[3..31] 6 H_A#[3..31] M24 M27 M25 M26 N25 N24 N28 N27 P23 P24 P25 L27 L28 H_A#31 L7 AE16 H_D63 HI_STB+ HI_STB- HI_10 HI_9 HI_8 HI_7 HI_6 HI_5 HI_4 HI_3 HI_2 HI_1 HI_0 H_A#30 HA#31 HD#63 H_D62 M6 HA#30 HD#62 AD17 H_A#29 G2 AH17 H_D61 H_A#28 HA#29 HD#61 H_D60 N5 HA#28 HD#60 AE15 H_A#27 H4 AF16 H_D59 H_A#26 HA#27 HD#59 H_D58 L2 HA#26 HD#58 AC17 H_A#25 J3 AH15 H_D57 H_A#24 HA#25 HD#57 H_D56 H_A#23 M5 HA#24 U2A HD#56 AG17 H_D55 J2 HA#23 HD#55 AG16 H_A#22 K3 82845E AG15 H_D54 H_A#21 HA#22 HD#54 H_D53 L5 HA#21 HD#53 AE14 H_A#20 L3 AG14 H_D52 H_A#19 HA#20 HD#52 H_D51 M3 HA#19 HD#51 AF14 H_A#18 M4 AC14 H_D50 H_A#17 HA#18 HD#50 H_D49 K4 HA#17 HD#49 AH13 H_A#16 N3 AG13 H_D48 H_A#15 HA#16 HD#48 H_D47 N7 HA#15 HD#47 AF12 H_A#14 N2 AE13 H_D46 H_A#13 HA#14 HD#46 H_D45 P3 HA#13 HD#45 AG12 H_A#12 P5 AH11 H_D44 H_A#11 HA#12 HD#44 H_D43 R6 HA#11 HD#43 AG10 H_A#10 P4 AG11 H_D42 H_A#9 HA#10 HD#42 H_D41 R2 HA#9 HD#41 AF10 H_A#8 P7 AE12 H_D40 H_REQ#[0..4] H_A#7 HA#8 HD#40 H_D39 6 H_REQ#[0..4] R3 HA#7 HD#39 AC10 H_A#6 U3 AG9 H_D38 H_A#5 HA#6 HD#38 H_D37 T3 HA#5 HD#37 AD9 H_A#4 T5 AE10 H_D36 H_A#3 HA#4 HD#36 H_D35 T4 HA#3 HD#35 AC9 AE9 H_D34 HD#34 H_D33 C HD#33 AC12 C H_RS#[0..2] H_REQ#4 U2 AC11 H_D32 6 H_RS#[0..2] H_REQ#3 HREQ#4 HD#32 H_D31 U5 HREQ#3 HD#31 AH5 H_REQ#2 R7 AF8 H_D30 H_REQ#1 HREQ#2 HD#30 H_D29 T7 HREQ#1 HD#29 AG6 H_REQ#0 U6 AG7 H_D28 H_DBI#[0..3] HREQ#0 HD#28 H_D27 6 H_DBI#[0..3] HD#27 AG8 AF4 H_D26 H_RS#2 HD#26 H_D25 W6 RS#2 HD#25 AH3 H_RS#1 W7 AH7 H_D24 H_RS#0 RS#1 HD#24 H_D23 W2 RS#0 HD#23 AE5 AG3 H_D22 H_ADSTB#[0..1] HD#22 H_D21 6 H_ADSTB#[0..1] HD#21 AF3 H_DBI#3 AD15 AH2 H_D20 H_DBI#2 DBI#3 HD#20 H_D19 AH9 DBI#2 HD#19 AF6 H_DBI#1 AG4 AE8 H_D18 H_DBI#0 DBI#1 HD#18 H_D17 AD5 DBI#0 HD#17 AG2 AG5 H_D16 HD#16 H_D15 HD#15 AE2 H_ADSTB#1 N6 AC8 H_D14 H_ADSTB#0 HADSTB1# HD#14 H_D13 R5 HADSTB0# HD#13 AC3 H_ADS# V3 AC6 H_D12 6 H_ADS# ADS# HD#12 H_D11 HD#11 AC7 AD7 H_D10 H_TRDY# HD#10 H_D9 6 H_TRDY# U7 HTRDY# HD#9 AB7 H_DEFER# Y4 AE3 H_D8 6 H_DEFER# H_LOCK# DEFER# HD#8 H_D7 6 H_LOCK# W5 HLOCK# HD#7 AA6 AA3 H_D6 H_BPRI# HD#6 H_D5 6 H_BPRI# Y7 BPRI# HD#5 AC5 H_BR0# V7 AB4 H_D4 H_DSTBP#[0..3] 6 H_BR0# BR0# HD#4 H_D3 H_DSTBP#[0..3] 6 HD#3 AB3 H_BNR# W3 AA5 H_D2 6 H_BNR# H_DBSY# BNR# HD#2 H_D1 6 H_DBSY# V5 DBSY# HD#1 AB5 H_DRDY# V4 AA2 H_D0 6 H_DRDY# DRDY# HD#0 H_HIT# Y5 6 H_HIT# H_HITM# HIT# H_DSTBN#[0..3] 6 H_HITM# Y3 HITM# H_DSTBN#[0..3] 6 AC16 H_DSTBP#3 B HDSTBP#3 H_DSTBP#2 B HDSTBP#2 AD11 CK_MCH66 P22 AE7 H_DSTBP#1 12 CK_MCH66 66IN HDSTBP#1 H_DSTBP#0 HDSTBP#0 AD3 CK_MCH+ J8 12 CK_MCH+ CK_MCH- BCLK+ 12 CK_MCH- K8 BCLK- AC15 H_DSTBN#3 P_RST0# HDSTBN#3 H_DSTBN#2 15,18,33 P_RST0# J27 RSTIN# HDSTBN#2 AE11 AE6 H_DSTBN#1 H_CPURST# AE17 HDSTBN#1 H_DSTBN#0 6,8 H_CPURST# CPURST# HDSTBN#0 AD4 SCK5+ SCK4+ SCK3+ SCK2+ SCK1+ SCK0+ SCK5- SCK4- SCK3- SCK2- SCK1- SCK0- SPAREPIN H26 TESTIN# G15 G24 G14 G25 E24 E14 F15 J24 G6 G7 H5 F5 CK_SCK-2 CK_SCK-0 CK_SCK-1 CK_SCK-5 CK_SCK-3 CK_SCK-4 CK_SCK+2 CK_SCK+0 CK_SCK+1 CK_SCK+5 CK_SCK+3 CK_SCK+4 CK_SCK-[0..5] CK_SCK-[0..5] 13,14 CK_SCK+[0..5] CK_SCK+[0..5] 13,14 A A Intel (R) 845E Interactive Client Reference Design SPAREPIN Title 6,7,11,15,16,24..27 SPAREPIN MCH-SYSBUS & CLOCK 4,7,8,10..35 GND GND Size Document Number Rev C B444B-W 2.00 Date Friday, September 26, 2003 Sheet 9 of 35 5 4 3 2 1
  10. 5 4 3 2 1 G_AD[0..31] M_D[0..63] 26 G_AD[0..31] M_D[0..63] 13,14 U2B 82845E G_AD31 AD24 G5 M_DX63 33RX4 4 3 RN1B M_D63 G_AD30 G_AD31 SDQ63 M_DX62 33RX4 RN1A M_D62 AC22 G_AD30 SDQ62 E2 2 1 G_AD29 AC24 C2 M_DX61 33RX4 4 3 RN2B M_D61 G_AD28 G_AD29 SDQ61 M_DX60 33RX4 RN2A M_D60 AC25 G_AD28 SDQ60 B2 2 1 G_AD27 AB24 F3 M_DX59 33RX4 8 7 RN1D M_D59 G_AD26 G_AD27 SDQ59 M_DX58 33RX4 RN1C M_D58 D AA25 G_AD26 SDQ58 F4 6 5 D G_AD25 AA24 D3 M_DX57 33RX4 8 7 RN2D M_D57 G_AD24 G_AD25 SDQ57 M_DX56 33RX4 RN2C M_D56 AB23 G_AD24 SDQ56 C3 6 5 G_AD23 Y23 E5 M_DX55 33RX4 4 3 RN3B M_D55 G_AD22 G_AD23 SDQ55 M_DX54 33RX4 RN3A M_D54 AB26 G_AD22 SDQ54 C4 2 1 G_AD21 AA27 B5 M_DX53 33RX4 8 7 RN4D M_D53 G_AD20 G_AD21 SDQ53 M_DX52 33RX4 RN4C M_D52 AB27 G_AD20 SDQ52 E6 6 5 G_AD19 AB25 B3 M_DX51 33RX4 8 7 RN3D M_D51 G_AD18 G_AD19 SDQ51 M_DX50 33RX4 RN3C M_D50 AA28 G_AD18 SDQ50 D4 6 5 G_AD17 Y26 D6 M_DX49 33RX4 4 3 RN4B M_D49 G_AD16 G_AD17 SDQ49 M_DX48 33RX4 RN4A M_D48 Y27 G_AD16 SDQ48 C6 2 1 G_AD15 V24 C7 M_DX47 33RX4 8 7 RN5D M_D47 G_AD14 G_AD15 SDQ47 M_DX46 33RX4 RN5C M_D46 U25 G_AD14 SDQ46 B7 6 5 G_AD13 U24 B9 M_DX45 33RX4 6 5 RN7C M_D45 G_AD12 G_AD13 SDQ45 M_DX44 33RX4 RN7A M_D44 T24 G_AD12 SDQ44 E11 2 1 G_AD11 U23 E8 M_DX43 33RX4 4 3 RN5B M_D43 G_AD10 G_AD11 SDQ43 M_DX42 33RX4 RN5A M_D42 T23 G_AD10 SDQ42 D8 2 1 G_AD9 V27 C9 M_DX41 33RX4 8 7 RN7D M_D41 G_AD8 G_AD9 SDQ41 M_DX40 33RX4 RN7B M_D40 V26 G_AD8 SDQ40 E10 4 3 G_AD7 U28 D10 M_DX39 33RX4 6 5 RN8C M_D39 G_AD6 G_AD7 SDQ39 M_DX38 33RX4 RN8B M_D38 U27 G_AD6 SDQ38 C11 4 3 G_AD5 T27 C13 M_DX37 33RX4 8 7 RN9D M_D37 G_C/BE#[0..3] G_AD4 G_AD5 SDQ37 M_DX36 33RX4 RN9B M_D36 26 G_C/BE#[0..3] T26 G_AD4 SDQ36 B13 4 3 G_AD3 R25 C10 M_DX35 33RX4 8 7 RN8D M_D35 G_AD2 G_AD3 SDQ35 M_DX34 33RX4 RN8A M_D34 T25 G_AD2 SDQ34 B11 2 1 G_AD1 R28 C12 M_DX33 33RX4 6 5 RN9C M_D33 G_AD0 G_AD1 SDQ33 M_DX32 33RX4 RN9A M_D32 R27 G_AD0 SDQ32 E13 2 1 G_SBA[0..7] E17 M_DX31 33RX4 8 7 RN13D M_D31 26 G_SBA[0..7] SDQ31 M_D30 C18 M_DX30 33RX4 4 3 RN13B SDQ30 M_DX29 33RX4 RN14D M_D29 SDQ29 E19 8 7 G_C/BE#3 AA23 C20 M_DX28 33RX4 4 3 RN14B M_D28 G_C/BE#2 G_C/BE3# SDQ28 M_DX27 33RX4 RN13C M_D27 Y25 G_C/BE2# SDQ27 D18 6 5 G_ST[0..2] G_C/BE#1 V23 C19 M_DX26 33RX4 2 1 RN13A M_D26 26 G_ST[0..2] G_C/BE#0 G_C/BE1# SDQ26 M_D25 V25 D20 M_DX25 33RX4 6 5 RN14C G_C/BE0# SDQ25 M_DX24 33RX4 RN14A M_D24 SDQ24 C21 2 1 B21 M_DX23 33RX4 8 7 RN15D M_D23 SDQ23 M_DX22 33RX4 RN15B M_D22 SDQ22 D22 4 3 G_SBA7 AE25 B23 M_DX21 33RX4 8 7 RN16D M_D21 G_SBA6 SBA7 SDQ21 M_DX20 33RX4 RN16A M_D20 C AE24 SBA6 SDQ20 C24 2 1 C V_1V5 G_SBA5 AE27 E21 M_DX19 33RX4 6 5 RN15C M_D19 G_SBA4 SBA5 SDQ19 M_DX18 33RX4 RN15A M_D18 AE28 SBA4 SDQ18 C22 2 1 G_SBA3 AG27 E23 M_DX17 33RX4 6 5 RN16C M_D17 G_SBA2 SBA3 SDQ17 M_DX16 33RX4 RN16B M_D16 AG28 SBA2 SDQ16 D24 4 3 R106 G_SBA1 AH27 E25 M_DX15 33RX4 4 3 RN17B M_D15 1KA G_SBA0 SBA1 SDQ15 M_DX14 33RX4 RN17A M_D14 AH28 SBA0 SDQ14 D26 2 1 D27 M_DX13 33RX4 8 7 RN18D M_D13 SDQ13 M_DX12 33RX4 RN18B M_D12 R111 SDQ12 B27 4 3 G_ST1X C25 M_DX11 33RX4 8 7 RN17D M_D11 1KA SDQ11 M_D10 B25 M_DX10 33RX4 6 5 RN17C SDQ10 M_DX9 33RX4 RN18C M_D9 3 SDQ9 C27 6 5 E27 M_DX8 33RX4 2 1 RN18A M_D8 G_ST2 SDQ8 M_DX7 33RX4 RN19C M_D7 AG26 ST2 SDQ7 B28 6 5 R117 BSELX0 1 Q1 G_ST1 AF24 F25 M_DX6 33RX4 2 1 RN19A M_D6 6,12 BSEL0 1K5A G_ST0 ST1 SDQ6 M_D5 M_SCB[0..7] BC847/B AG25 G27 M_DX5 33RX4 6 5 RN20C ST0 SDQ5 M_D4 M_SCB[0..7] 13,14 V_1V5 H25 M_DX4 33RX4 4 3 RN20B R121 SDQ4 M_DX3 33RX4 RN19D M_D3 SDQ3 E28 8 7 1K5A 2 R123 R124 M_DX2 33RX4 RN19B M_D2 SDQ2 C28 4 3 2KA 2KA M_DX1 33RX4 RN20D M_D1 R128 SDQ1 F27 8 7 XXX1 G28 M_DX0 33RX4 2 1 RN20A M_D0 XXX2 SDQ0 D14 M_SCBX7 33RX4 8 7 RN10D M_SCB7 SCB7 M_SCBX6 33RX4 RN10B M_SCB6 SCB6 C15 4 3 GND GND GND GND C17 M_SCBX5 33RX4 4 3 RN12B M_SCB5 M_SCS#[0..3] SCB5 M_SCBX4 M_SCB4 M_SCS#[0..3] 13,14 B17 33RX4 2 1 RN12A SCB4 M_SCBX3 M_SCB3 SET=ENABLE 6K8A C14 33RX4 6 5 RN10C SCB3 M_SCBX2 33RX4 RN10A M_SCB2 B15 2 1 DDR MODE SCB2 D16 M_SCBX1 33RX4 8 7 RN12D M_SCB1 SCB1 M_SCBX0 33RX4 RN12C M_SCB0 26 G_DEVSEL# W28 GDEVSEL# SCB0 C16 6 5 M_SMA[0..12] M_SCS#1 M_SMA[0..12] 13,14 26 G_FRAME# Y24 GFRAME# SCS#3 E7 W27 F9 M_SCS#0 26 G_IRDY# GIRDY# SCS#2 W24 F7 M_SCS#3 26 G_TRDY# GTRDY# SCS#1 W23 E9 M_SCS#2 26 G_STOP# GSTOP# SCS#0 AG24 G22 M_SMAX12 0RA R138 M_SMA12 26 G_REQ# GREQ# SMA12 M_SMAX11 M_SMA11 AH25 E20 0RA R141 B 26 G_GNT# GGNT# SMA11 M_SMAX10 M_SMA10 B F13 0RA R139 SMA10 M_SMAX9 0RA R142 M_SMA9 26 G_PAR W25 GPAR SMA9 F21 G20 M_SMAX8 0RA R144 M_SMA8 SMA8 M_SMAX7 0RA R145 M_SMA7 SMA7 G21 0RA R143 G_WBF# AE23 F19 M_SMAX6 0RA R148 M_SMA6 GND WBF# SMA6 M_SMAX5 0RA R146 M_SMA5 26 G_RBF# AE22 RBF# SMA5 E18 G19 M_SMAX4 0RA R149 M_SMA4 M_SDQS[0..8] SMA4 M_SMAX3 M_SMA3 M_SDQS[0..8] 13,14 G18 0RA R150 SMA3 M_SMAX2 0RA R737 M_SMA2 26 G_PIPE# AF22 PIPE# SMA2 E16 F17 M_SMAX1 0RA R738 M_SMA1 SMA1 M_SMAX0 0RA R739 M_SMA0 SMA0 E12 26 G_ADSTB1+ AC27 AD_STB1+ AC28 E15 M_SDQSX8 33RA R740 M_SDQS8 26 G_ADSTB1- AD_STB1- SDQS8 M_SDQSX7 M_SDQS7 E3 33RA R741 SDQS7 M_SDQSX6 33RA R742 M_SDQS6 SDQS6 C5 R24 C8 M_SDQSX5 33RA R743 M_SDQS5 26 G_ADSTB0+ AD_STB0+ SDQS5 M_SDQSX4 M_SDQS4 M_SCKE[0..3] R23 D12 33RA R744 26 G_ADSTB0- AD_STB0- SDQS4 M_SDQSX3 M_SDQS3 M_SCKE[0..3] 13,14 B19 33RA R147 SDQS3 M_SDQSX2 33RA R140 M_SDQS2 SDQS2 C23 AF27 C26 M_SDQSX1 33RA R137 M_SDQS1 26 G_SBSTB+ SB_STB+ SDQS1 M_SDQSX0 M_SDQS0 AF26 F26 33RA R127 26 G_SBSTB- SB_STB- SDQS0 F23 M_SCKE1 SCKE3 M_SCKE0 SCKE2 H23 40R2A R160 GRCOMP AD25 E22 M_SCKE3 GND GRCOMP SCKE1 M_SCKE2 SCKE0 G23 G13 M_SBSX1 0RA R745 RCVEN# SBS1 M_SBSX0 M_SBS1 13,14 G3 G12 0RA R746 RCVENIN# SBS0 M_SBS0 13,14 F11 M_SRASX# 0RA R747 SRAS# M_SCASX# M_SRAS# 13,14 H3 G8 0RA R748 RCVENOUT# SCAS# M_SWEX# M_SCAS# 13,14 G11 0RA R749 SWE# M_SWE# 13,14 A A Intel (R) 845E Interactive Client Reference Design 11,17,28,33,34 V_1V5 V_1V5 Title MCH-AGP & DDR 4,7,8,11..35 GND GND Size Document Number Rev C B444B-W 2.00 Date Friday, September 26, 2003 Sheet 10 of 35 5 4 3 2 1
  11. 5 4 3 2 1 V_1V5 V_1V5 V_1V8 SPAREPIN SPAREPIN V_CORE AG29 R161 AC29 AD21 AD23 AD27 AD26 AA22 AA26 AB21 AE26 AF23 AJ25 W22 W29 M22 N14 N16 R14 R16 U14 U16 R22 R29 U22 U26 N23 N26 P13 P15 P17 T15 L25 L29 49R9A 40R2A R162 HLRCOMP P27 VCC1_5 VCC1_5 VCC1_5 VCC1_5 VCC1_5 VCC1_5 VCC1_5 VCC1_5 VCC1_5 VCC1_5 VCC1_5 VCC1_5 VCC1_5 VCC1_5 VCC1_5 VCC1_5 VCC1_5 VCC1_5 VCC1_5 VCC1_5 VCC1_5 VCC1_5 VCC1_5 VCC1_5 VCC1_5 VCC1_5 NC2 NC1 VCC1_8 VCC1_8 VCC1_8 VCC1_8 VCC1_8 V_1V8 HLRCOMP AA21 AB11 HVREF_MCH 28 AGP_REF AGPREF HVREF1 HVREF2 AB17 V_1V5A1 T17 M7 D V_1V5 VCC1_5 HVREF3 C69 R163 D HVREF4 R8 C70 L3 Y8 100RA 4uH7/SB + C72 HVREF5 100nA 100nA 33u/TA U2C VCCSM A5 U17 VSS VCCSM A9 GND_AMCH GND GND 82845E VCCSM A13 U13 VSS VCCSM A17 GND VCCSM A21 C75 A25 VCCSM VCCSM C1 L4 + 33u/TA C29 VCCSM 4uH7/SB VCCSM D7 WIRED V_1V5A2 T13 D11 V_1V5 VCC1_5 VCCSM V_DDR VCCSM D15 15 HI_REF P26 HI_REF VCCSM D19 VCCSM D23 AD13 HSWNG1 VCCSM D25 301RA R164 HSWNG C77 C78 C79 C80 C83 C84 C85 C86 V_CORE AA7 HSWNG0 VCCSM F6 VCCSM F10 24R9A R165 HRCOMP1 AC13 F14 + + GND 24R9A R166 HRCOMP0 HRCOMP1 VCCSM GND AC2 HRCOMP0 VCCSM F18 VCCSM F22 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100u/BP 100u/BP V_DDRREF J21 SDREF2 VCCSM G1 J9 SDREF1 VCCSM G4 VCCSM G29 30R1A R167 SMRCOMP J28 H8 V_DDRVTT SMRCOMP VCCSM VCCSM H10 AJ23 VTT VCCSM H12 R168 C88 C89 C91 C90 AG23 H14 GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND 150RA VTT VCCSM AJ21 VTT VCCSM H16 10nA 10nA 100nA 100nA AG21 VTT VCCSM H18 Between All VCCSM Balls of MCH AF20 H20 AE21 VTT VCCSM H22 MCH and 0603 / X7R VTT VCCSM AD20 VTT VCCSM H24 DIMM AB20 VTT VCCSM J5 GND GND GND GND GND AJ19 VTT VCCSM J7 C AG19 VTT VCCSM K6 C AE19 VTT VCCSM K22 AC19 VTT VCCSM K24 AF18 VTT VCCSM K26 V_1V5 AD18 VTT VCCSM L23 AB18 VTT AA9 VTT AB8 VTT C100 C101 C92 C93 C94 C95 C96 C97 C98 C99 U8 VTT GND AA1 V_CORE M8 VTT GND AA4 AA8 + + GND A3 GND GND AA29 A7 GND GND AB6 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA A11 AB9 100u/TA 100u/TA 10u/CA 10u/CA GND GND C102 C103 C104 C105 C106 C109 C110 A15 GND GND AB10 A19 GND GND AB12 A23 GND GND AB13 A27 GND GND AB14 D5 GND GND AB15 GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND D9 AB16 10u/CA 10u/CA GND GND 100n 100n 100n 100n 100n D13 GND GND AB19 D17 GND GND AB22 1206 / X7R 0603 / X7R D21 GND GND AC1 E1 GND GND AC4 E4 GND GND AC18 GND GND GND GND GND GND GND E26 AC20 GND GND E29 GND GND AC21 F8 GND GND AC23 1206 / X7R 1206 / X5R F12 GND GND AC26 F16 GND GND AD6 F20 GND GND AD8 V_1V8 F24 GND GND AD10 G26 GND GND AD12 H9 GND GND AD14 H11 GND GND AD16 C112 C113 C114 C115 H13 GND GND AD19 H15 GND GND AD22 B H17 GND GND AE1 B H19 GND GND AE4 H21 GND GND AE18 100nA 100nA 100nA J1 AE20 10u/CA GND GND J4 GND GND AE29 J6 GND GND AF5 J22 GND GND AF7 J26 GND GND AF9 J29 GND GND AF11 GND GND GND GND K5 GND GND AF13 K7 GND GND AF15 K27 GND GND AF17 L1 GND GND AF19 1206 / X7R 0603 / X7R L4 GND GND AF21 L6 GND GND AF25 L8 GND GND AG1 L22 GND GND AG18 L24 GND GND AG20 L26 GND GND AG22 M23 GND GND AH19 N1 GND GND AH21 N4 GND GND AH23 N8 GND GND AJ5 N13 GND GND AJ7 N15 GND GND AJ9 N17 GND GND AJ15 N22 GND GND AJ13 RSVD10 RSVD11 N29 AJ11 RSVD1 RSVD2 RSVD3 RSVD4 RSVD5 RSVD6 RSVD7 RSVD8 RSVD9 GND GND P6 AJ17 GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND P8 GND GND AJ27 W26 G10 G16 G17 R13 R15 R17 R26 U15 U29 H27 P14 P16 V22 Y22 K25 K23 T14 T16 T22 AJ3 J23 J25 W1 W4 W8 G9 R1 R4 U1 U4 H6 H7 V6 V8 Y6 T6 T8 GND GND SPAREPIN GND A A SPAREPIN 6,7,9,15,16,24..27 SPAREPIN 13,14,33,34 V_DDR V_DDR 13,14,34 V_DDRREF V_DDRREF Intel (R) 845E Interactive Client Reference Design 14,34 V_DDRVTT V_DDRVTT 4,6..8,17,33,35 V_CORE V_CORE Title 15,17,33,35 V_1V8 V_1V8 MCH-POWER 10,17,28,33,34 V_1V5 V_1V5 Size Document Number Rev C B444B-W 4,7,8,10,12..35 GND GND 2.00 Date Friday, September 26, 2003 Sheet 11 of 35 5 4 3 2 1
  12. 5 4 3 2 1 D D V_3V3 V_CLK FB1 BLM21B601S C126 C117 C118 C119 C120 C121 C122 10u/CA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA U3 ICS950201GT 50 52 CK_CPUX+ R169 27RA GND GND GND GND GND GND GND VDDCPU CPUCLK0+ CK_CPUX- CK_CPU+ 6 46 51 R170 27RA VDDCPU CPUCLK0- CK_CPU- 6 32 VDD3V66 19 49 CK_ITPX+ R171 27RA VDD3V66 CPUCLK1+ CK_ITPX- CK_ITP+ 8 V_3V3 14 48 R172 27RA VDDPCI2 CPUCLK1- CK_ITP- 8 V_CLKA 8 VDDPCI1 45 CK_MCHX+ R173 27RA CPUCLK2+ CK_MCHX- CK_MCH+ 9 FB2 37 44 R174 27RA VDDA48 CPUCLK2- CK_MCH- 9 BLM21B601S 26 VDDA 1 VDDAREF 33 CK_MCH66X R175 33RA 3V66_0 CK_ICH66X CK_MCH66 9 C116 4 35 R176 33RA GND 3V66_1/VCH_CLK CK_AGP66X CK_ICH66 16 C124 C125 C123 9 21 R177 33RA GND 66M_OUT0/3V66_2 CK_RESX0 CK_RES0 CK_AGP66 26 10u/CA 15 22 R178 33RA 10nA 10nA 10nA GND 66M_OUT1/3V66_3 CK_RESX1 R179 33RA CK_RES1 V_CLK V_3V3 V_3V3 V_3V3 V_3V3 20 GND 66M_OUT2/3V66_3 23 C 31 24 CK_RESX2 R180 33RA CK_RES2 C GND GND 66M_IN/3V66_5 36 GND 41 GND 48M_DOT 38 GND GND GND GND 47 39 CK_ICH48X R185 33RA GND 48M_USB CK_ICH48 16 1KA 1KA 1KA 1KA 1KA 27 GNDA 5 CK_ICH33X R186 33RA PCICLK_F0 CK_CPLDX CK_ICH33 15 R187 33RA R181 R182 R183 R184 R769 PCICLK_F1 6 CK_CPLD 18 1KA R188 BSEL2 40 7 CK_FWHX R189 33RA GND FS2 PCICLK_F2 CK_FWH 33 6,10 BSEL0 55 FS1 1KA R190 FS0 54 10 CK_LPC0X R191 33RA V_CLK FS0 PCICLK0 CK_LPC1X CK_LPC0 19 11 R192 33RA PCICLK1 CK_LANX CK_LPC1 20 53 12 R193 33RA 18 CPU_STOP# CPU_STOP# PCICLK2 CK_MPCIX CK_LAN 24 34 13 R194 33RA 18 PCI_STOP# PCI_STOP# PCICLK3 CK_SLOT1X CK_MPCI 29 25 16 R195 33RA 18 PWRDWN# PWRDN# PCICLK4 CK_SLOT2X CK_SLOT1 29 17 R196 33RA PCICLK5 CK_SLOT3X CK_SLOT2 29 29 18 R197 33RA 13..15 SMBISOD SDATA PCICLK6 CK_SLOT3 29 13..15 SMBISOC 30 SDCLOCK 10KA R198 MULTISEL 43 56 CK_14MX R199 33RA V_3V3 IREF_CK MULTESEL0 14MREF CK_14M 16,19,20,27 42 IREF 18 PGOOD408# 28 VTT_PWRGD# 2 XTAL_IN XTAL_OUT 3 A_CLKX1 A_CLKX2 R200 R201 1KA 475RA XT1 R15 R16 R55 R54 R56 R57 C127 C128 C129 C130 C131 C132 C133 C134 C135 C136 C137 C138 C139 C140 C141 C142 C143 14MHZ3181/QA C144 C145 10pA 10pA 10pA 10pA 10pA 10pA 10pA 10pA 10pA 10pA 10pA 10pA 10pA 10pA 10pA 10pA 10pA 49R9A 49R9A 49R9A 49R9A 49R9A 49R9A B B 10pA 10pA GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND A A Intel (R) 845E Interactive Client Reference Design V_CLK V_CLK 6,8,15..17,19,20,23,26..29,33,35 V_3V3 V_3V3 Title CLK ICS950201 4,7,8,10,11,13..35 GND GND Size Document Number Rev C B444B-W 2.00 Date Friday, September 26, 2003 Sheet 12 of 35 5 4 3 2 1
  13. 5 4 3 2 1 DIMM 0 V_DDR D D M_SMA[0..12] M_D[0..63] 10,14 M_SMA[0..12] M_D[0..63] 10,14 104 112 128 136 143 156 164 172 180 108 120 148 168 15 22 30 54 62 77 96 38 46 70 85 7 M_SMA0 48 VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDD VDD VDD VDD VDD VDD VDD VDD VDD M_SMA1 A0 43 A1 M_SMA2 41 2 M_D0 M_SMA3 A2 D0 M_D1 130 A3 D1 4 M_SMA4 37 6 M_D2 M_SMA5 A4 D2 M_D3 32 A5 D3 8 M_SMA6 125 94 M_D4 M_SMA7 A6 D4 M_D5 29 A7 D5 95 M_SMA8 122 CN2 98 M_D6 M_SMA9 A8 D6 M_D7 27 A9 D7 99 M_SMA10 M_D8 M_SMA11 141 A10 SW184/D1 D8 12 M_D9 118 A11 D9 13 M_SMA12 115 19 M_D10 A12 D10 M_D11 103 A13 D11 20 105 M_D12 M_SBS0 D12 M_D13 10,14 M_SBS0 59 BA0 D13 106 M_SBS1 52 109 M_D14 10,14 M_SBS1 BA1 D14 M_D15 113 BA2 D15 110 M_SCS#[0..3] 23 M_D16 10,14 M_SCS#[0..3] D16 M_D17 163 CS3#/NC D17 24 71 28 M_D18 M_SCS#1 CS2#/NC D18 M_D19 158 CS1# D19 31 M_SCS#0 157 114 M_D20 CS0# D20 M_D21 D21 117 97 121 M_D22 DQM0 D22 M_D23 107 DQM1 D23 123 119 33 M_D24 DQM2 D24 M_D25 129 DQM3 D25 35 149 39 M_D26 GND DQM4 D26 M_D27 159 DQM5 D27 40 C 169 126 M_D28 C DQM6 D28 M_D29 177 DQM7 D29 127 140 131 M_D30 DQM8 D30 M_D31 D31 133 M_SWE# 63 53 M_D32 10,14 M_SWE# M_SCAS# WE# D32 M_D33 10,14 M_SCAS# 65 CAS# D33 55 M_SRAS# 154 57 M_D34 10,14 M_SRAS# RAS# D34 M_D35 D35 60 M_SCKE[0..3] 146 M_D36 10,14 M_SCKE[0..3] D36 M_D37 D37 147 M_SCKE0 21 150 M_D38 CK_SCK+[0..5] M_SCKE1 CKE0 D38 M_D39 9,14 CK_SCK+[0..5] 111 CKE1 D39 151 61 M_D40 CK_SCK+0 D40 M_D41 16 CK0/DNU D41 64 CK_SCK-[0..5] CK_SCK+1 137 68 M_D42 9,14 CK_SCK-[0..5] CK1 D42 M_D43 CK_SCK+2 76 69 CK2/DNU D43 M_D44 D44 153 CK_SCK-0 17 155 M_D45 CK_SCK-1 CK0#/DNU D45 M_D46 138 CK1# D46 161 CK_SCK-2 75 162 M_D47 M_SDQS[0..8] CK2#/DNU D47 M_D48 10,14 M_SDQS[0..8] D48 72 73 M_D49 D49 M_D50 D50 79 M_SDQS0 5 80 M_D51 M_SDQS1 DQS0 D51 M_D52 14 DQS1 D52 165 M_SDQS2 25 166 M_D53 M_SDQS3 DQS2 D53 M_D54 36 DQS3 D54 170 M_SDQS4 56 171 M_D55 M_SDQS5 DQS4 D55 M_D56 67 DQS5 D56 83 M_SDQS6 78 84 M_D57 M_SDQS7 DQS6 D57 M_D58 86 DQS7 D58 87 M_SDQS8 47 88 M_D59 DQS8 D59 M_D60 D60 174 9 175 M_D61 NC1 D61 M_D62 10 NC/RESET# D62 178 101 179 M_D63 NC2 D63 102 NC3 173 44 M_SCB0 B NC4 CB0 M_SCB1 B 167 NC/FETEN CB1 45 49 M_SCB2 CB2 M_SCB3 12,14,15 SMBISOD 91 SDA CB3 51 92 134 M_SCB4 12,14,15 SMBISOC SCL CB4 M_SCB5 CB5 135 181 142 M_SCB6 SA0 CB6 M_SCB7 GND 182 SA1 CB7 144 183 SA2 WP 90 82 VDDID 184 GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND V_DDR VDDSPD M_SCB[0..7] V_DDRREF 1 VREF M_SCB[0..7] 10,14 100 116 124 132 139 145 152 160 176 11 18 26 34 42 50 58 66 74 81 89 93 C146 3 100nA GND GND A A Intel (R) 845E Interactive Client Reference Design 11,14,34 V_DDRREF V_DDRREF 11,14,33,34 V_DDR V_DDR Title DDR DIMM 0 4,7,8,10..12,14..35 GND GND Size Document Number Rev C B444B-W 2.00 Date Friday, September 26, 2003 Sheet 13 of 35 5 4 3 2 1
  14. 5 4 3 2 1 DIMM 1 V_DDR M_D[0..63] M_D[0..63] 10,13 V_DDR V_DDR M_SMA[0..12] 10,13 M_SMA[0..12] 104 112 128 136 143 156 164 172 180 108 120 148 168 15 22 30 54 62 77 96 38 46 70 85 D D 7 V_DDRVTT M_SMA0 C147 C148 C149 C150 48 VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDDQ VDD VDD VDD VDD VDD VDD VDD VDD VDD M_SMA1 A0 C151 C152 C153 C154 C155 C156 C157 C158 C159 C160 C161 C162 C163 C164 C165 C166 43 A1 M_SMA2 41 2 M_D0 M_D0 47RX4 2 1 RN45A M_SMA3 A2 D0 M_D1 M_D1 47RX4 RN45D + + + + 130 A3 D1 4 8 7 M_SMA4 37 6 M_D2 M_D2 47RX4 6 5 RN44C M_SMA5 A4 D2 M_D3 M_D3 47RX4 RN43A 32 A5 D3 8 2 1 M_SMA6 M_D4 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 125 94 M_D4 47RX4 4 3 RN45B 100u/TA 100u/TA 100u/TA 100u/TA M_SMA7 A6 D4 M_D5 M_D5 47RX4 RN45C 29 A7 D5 95 6 5 M_SMA8 M_D6 M_SMA9 122 A8 CN3 D6 98 M_D7 M_D6 M_D7 47RX4 47RX4 4 3 RN44B RN44D 27 A9 D7 99 8 7 M_SMA10 141 SW184/D1 12 M_D8 M_D8 47RX4 4 3 RN43B M_SMA11 A10 D8 M_D9 M_D9 47RX4 RN43D 118 A11 D9 13 8 7 M_SMA12 115 19 M_D10 M_D10 47RX4 2 1 RN39A GND At Corner of DIMMS GND Between DIMMS A12 D10 M_D11 M_D11 47RX4 RN39B 103 A13 D11 20 4 3 105 M_D12 M_D12 47RX4 6 5 RN43C M_SBS0 D12 M_D13 M_D13 47RX4 RN40A 10,13 M_SBS0 59 BA0 D13 106 2 1 M_SBS1 52 109 M_D14 M_D14 47RX4 6 5 RN40C 10,13 M_SBS1 BA1 D14 M_D15 113 110 M_D15 47RX4 8 7 RN40D M_SCS#[0..3] BA2 D15 M_D16 M_D16 47RX4 RN39D 10,13 M_SCS#[0..3] D16 23 8 7 163 24 M_D17 M_D17 47RX4 2 1 RN37A CS3#/NC D17 M_D18 M_D18 47RX4 RN36A 71 CS2#/NC D18 28 2 1 M_SCS#3 158 31 M_D19 M_D19 47RX4 6 5 RN36C M_SCS#2 CS1# D19 M_D20 M_D20 47RX4 RN39C 157 CS0# D20 114 6 5 117 M_D21 M_D21 47RX4 4 3 RN37B D21 M_D22 M_D22 47RX4 RN36B 97 DQM0 D22 121 4 3 107 123 M_D23 M_D23 47RX4 8 7 RN36D DQM1 D23 M_D24 M_D24 47RA R238 119 DQM2 D24 33 V_DDRVTT 129 35 M_D25 M_D25 47RX4 4 3 RN34B DQM3 D25 M_D26 M_D26 47RX4 RN33A GND 149 DQM4 D26 39 2 1 159 40 M_D27 M_D27 47RX4 6 5 RN33C DQM5 D27 M_D28 M_D28 47RX4 RN34A C167 C169 C170 C171 169 DQM6 D28 126 2 1 177 127 M_D29 M_D29 47RX4 6 5 RN34C V_DDRVTT DQM7 D29 M_D30 M_D30 47RX4 RN33B 140 DQM8 D30 131 4 3 133 M_D31 M_D31 47RX4 8 7 RN33D + M_SWE# D31 M_D32 M_D32 47RX4 RN11C 10,13 M_SWE# 63 WE# D32 53 6 5 M_SCAS# 65 55 M_D33 M_D33 47RX4 2 1 RN29A M_SMA0 56RA R750 10,13 M_SCAS# M_SRAS# CAS# D33 M_D34 M_D34 47RX4 RN29D M_SMA1 56RX4 RN32C 220u/PB 154 57 8 7 6 5 10u/CA 10u/CA 10u/CA C C 10,13 M_SRAS# RAS# D34 M_D35 60 M_D35 47RX4 6 5 RN28C M_SMA2 56RX4 4 3 RN32B M_SCKE[0..3] D35 M_D36 M_D36 47RX4 RN11D M_SMA3 56RX4 RN32A 10,13 M_SCKE[0..3] D36 146 8 7 2 1 147 M_D37 M_D37 47RX4 4 3 RN29B M_SMA4 56RX4 8 7 RN35D M_SCKE2 D37 M_D38 M_D38 47RX4 RN28A M_SMA5 56RX4 RN35B 21 CKE0 D38 150 2 1 4 3 CK_SCK+[0..5] M_SCKE3 111 151 M_D39 M_D39 47RX4 4 3 RN28B M_SMA6 56RX4 6 5 RN35C 9,13 CK_SCK+[0..5] CKE1 D39 M_D40 GND 61 M_D40 47RX4 2 1 RN27A M_SMA7 56RX4 8 7 RN42D CK_SCK+3 D40 M_D41 M_D41 47RX4 RN27C M_SMA8 56RX4 RN35A 16 CK0/DNU D41 64 6 5 2 1 CK_SCK-[0..5] CK_SCK+4 137 68 M_D42 M_D42 47RX4 4 3 RN6B M_SMA9 56RX4 6 5 RN42C 9,13 CK_SCK-[0..5] CK1 D42 M_D43 CK_SCK+5 76 69 M_D43 47RX4 6 5 RN6C M_SMA10 56RA R751 CK2/DNU D43 M_D44 M_D44 47RX4 RN28D M_SMA11 56RX4 D44 153 8 7 4 3 RN42B V_DDRVTT CK_SCK-3 17 155 M_D45 M_D45 47RX4 4 3 RN27B M_SMA12 56RX4 2 1 RN42A CK_SCK-4 CK0#/DNU D45 M_D46 M_D46 47RX4 RN6D 138 CK1# D46 161 8 7 CK_SCK-5 75 162 M_D47 M_D47 47RX4 2 1 RN25A M_SWE# 56RX4 6 5 RN41C M_SDQS[0..8] CK2#/DNU D47 M_D48 M_D48 47RX4 RN25B M_SCAS# 56RX4 10,13 M_SDQS[0..8] D48 72 4 3 8 7 RN41D M_D49 M_D49 47RX4 RN25C M_SRAS# 56RX4 3 RN41B C172 C173 C174 C175 C176 C177 C178 C179 C180 C181 C182 C183 C184 C185 C186 C187 C188 C189 C190 C191 D49 73 6 5 4 79 M_D50 M_D50 47RX4 2 1 RN23A M_SDQS0 D50 M_D51 M_D51 47RX4 RN23B M_SBS0 56RX4 5 DQS0 D51 80 4 3 2 1 RN41A M_SDQS1 14 165 M_D52 M_D52 47RX4 8 7 RN25D M_SBS1 56RA R752 M_SDQS2 DQS1 D52 M_D53 M_D53 47RX4 RN24A 25 DQS2 D53 166 2 1 M_SDQS3 M_D54 M_SCKE0 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 36 170 M_D54 47RX4 6 5 RN24C 47RX4 6 5 RN38C M_SDQS4 DQS3 D54 M_D55 M_D55 47RX4 RN24D M_SCKE1 47RX4 RN38B 56 DQS4 D55 171 8 7 4 3 M_SDQS5 67 83 M_D56 M_D56 47RX4 2 1 RN22A M_SCKE2 47RX4 8 7 RN38D M_SDQS6 DQS5 D56 M_D57 M_D57 47RX4 RN22B M_SCKE3 47RX4 RN38A 78 DQS6 D57 84 4 3 2 1 M_SDQS7 86 87 M_D58 M_D58 47RX4 4 3 RN21B M_SDQS8 DQS7 D58 M_D59 M_D59 47RX4 RN21C M_SCS#0 47RX4 RN26B 47 DQS8 D59 88 6 5 4 3 174 M_D60 M_D60 47RX4 6 5 RN23C M_SCS#1 47RX4 8 7 RN26D GND D60 M_D61 M_D61 47RX4 RN23D M_SCS#2 47RX4 RN26A 9 NC1 D61 175 8 7 2 1 10 178 M_D62 M_D62 47RX4 8 7 RN22D M_SCS#3 47RX4 6 5 RN26C NC/RESET# D62 M_D63 M_D63 47RX4 RN21A 101 NC2 D63 179 2 1 V_DDRVTT 102 M_SDQS0 47RX4 2 1 RN44A NC3 M_SCB0 M_SCB0 47RX4 RN31C M_SDQS1 47RX4 RN40B 173 NC4 CB0 44 6 5 4 3 167 45 M_SCB1 M_SCB1 47RX4 8 7 RN31D M_SDQS2 47RX4 6 5 RN37C NC/FETEN CB1 M_SCB2 M_SCB2 47RX4 RN30B M_SDQS3 47RX4 RN34D CB2 49 4 3 8 7 M_SCB3 M_SCB3 47RX4 RN30D M_SDQS4 47RX4 RN29C C192 C193 C194 C195 C196 C197 C198 C199 C200 C201 C202 C203 C204 C205 C206 C207 C208 C209 C210 C211 12,13,15 SMBISOD 91 SDA CB3 51 8 7 6 5 92 134 M_SCB4 M_SCB4 47RX4 2 1 RN31A M_SDQS5 47RX4 2 1 RN6A 12,13,15 SMBISOC SCL CB4 M_SCB5 M_SCB5 M_SDQS6 135 47RX4 4 3 RN31B 47RX4 4 3 RN24B CB5 M_SCB6 M_SCB6 47RX4 RN30C M_SDQS7 47RX4 RN22C B V_DDR 181 SA0 CB6 142 6 5 6 5 B 182 144 M_SCB7 M_SCB7 47RX4 4 3 RN11B M_SDQS8 47RX4 2 1 RN30A GND SA1 CB7 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 183 SA2 WP 90 82 VDDID 184 GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND GND V_DDR VDDSPD V_DDRREF 1 VREF M_SCB[0..7] GND 100 116 124 132 139 145 152 160 176 M_SCB[0..7] 10,13 11 18 26 34 42 50 58 66 74 81 89 93 C212 3 100nA V_DDRVTT GND GND C213 C214 C215 C216 C217 C218 C219 C220 C221 C222 C223 C224 C225 C226 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA GND A A V_DDRVTT 47RX4 8 7 RN37D Intel (R) 845E Interactive Client Reference Design 56RX4 8 7 RN32D 11,34 V_DDRVTT V_DDRVTT 47RX4 8 7 RN27D 11,13,34 V_DDRREF V_DDRREF 47RX4 8 7 RN21D Title 11,13,33,34 V_DDR V_DDR 47RX4 2 1 RN11A DDR DIMM 1 4,7,8,10..13,15..35 GND GND Size Document Number Rev C B444B-W 2.00 Date Friday, September 26, 2003 Sheet 14 of 35 5 4 3 2 1
  15. 5 4 3 2 1 V_3V3SB V_3V3 R309 R310 V_3V3SB V_3V3SB V_3V3SB V_RTC 1K5A 8K2A SMBDATA SMBDATA 24,29,33 R313 10KA 10KA 10KA 10KA R311 R312 R314 V_12V0 D 24,29 P_AD[0..31] D G D P_AD0 H5 W6 INTRUDER# AD0 INTRUDER# INTRUDER# 33 P_AD1 J3 AD1 U4A SMLINK0 AC3 S P_AD2 H3 AB1 Q2 AD2 SMLINK1 SMBDATA SMBISOD P_AD3 K1 AD3 ICH4 SM I/F SMBDATA AB4 SMBCLK 2N7002/B SMBISOD 12..14 P_AD4 G5 AC4 P_AD5 AD4 SMBCLK SMBALERT# J4 AD5 GPIO11/SMBALERT# AA5 SMBALERT# 24 P_AD6 H4 P_AD7 AD6 J5 AD7 P_AD8 K2 P_AD9 AD8 A20GATE G2 AD9 A20GATE Y22 A20GATE 19 V_3V3SB V_3V3 P_AD10 L1 AB23 H_A20M# AD10 A20M# SPAREPIN H_A20M# 6 P_AD11 G4 U23 P_AD12 AD11 DPSLP#/NC H_FERR# L2 AD12 FERR# AA21 H_FERR# 6 P_AD13 H2 W21 H_IGNNE# R315 R316 AD13 IGNNE# H_IGNNE# 6 P_AD14 L3 V22 H_INIT# 1K5A 8K2A AD14 INIT# H_INIT# 6 P_AD15 F5 AB22 H_INTR AD15 INTR H_INTR 6 P_AD16 F4 AD16 CPU I/F NMI V21 H_NMI H_NMI 6 P_AD17 N1 Y23 PWRGOOD SMBCLK AD17 CPUPWRGD PWRGOOD 6 SMBCLK 24,29,33 P_AD18 E5 U22 KB_RST# AD18 RCIN# KB_RST# 19 P_AD19 N2 U21 CPUSLP# V_12V0 P_AD20 AD19 CPUSLP# H_SMI# CPUSLP# 6,18 D E3 AD20 SMI# W23 H_SMI# 6 P_AD21 N3 V23 STPCLK# AD21 STPCLK# STPCLK# 6 G P_AD22 E4 P_AD23 AD22 M5 AD23 H_HI[0..10] 9 S P_AD24 E2 Q3 P_AD25 AD24 H_HI0 2N7002/B SMBISOC P1 AD25 HI0 L19 SMBISOC 12..14 P_AD26 E1 L20 H_HI1 P_AD27 AD26 HI1 H_HI2 P2 AD27 HI2 M19 P_AD28 D3 M21 H_HI3 P_AD29 AD28 HI3 H_HI4 R1 AD29 HI4 P19 P_AD30 D2 R19 H_HI5 P_AD31 AD30 HI5 H_HI6 P4 AD31 HI6 T20 R20 H_HI7 24,29 P_CBE#[0..3] HI7 P23 H_HI8 P_CBE#0 HI8 H_HI9 J2 C/BE0# HI9 L22 P_CBE#1 K4 Hublink I/F N22 H_HI10 V_1V8 P_CBE#2 C/BE1# HI10 SPAREPIN M4 C/BE2# HI11 K21 C P_CBE#3 N4 C C/BE3# HI_STBS/HI_STB P21 H_HISTB+ H_HISTB+ 9 Hubinterface N20 H_HISTB- R317 C1 HI_STBF/HI_STB# H_HISTB- 9 150RA reference voltages 29 P_GNT#0 GNT0# HI_COMP 29 P_GNT#1 E6 GNT1# PCI I/F HICOMP R23 R318 GND A7 40R2A 29 P_GNT#2 GNT2# V_3V3 29 P_GNT#3 B7 GNT3# HIREF M23 HI_REF 11 24 P_GNT#4 D6 GNT4# SPAREPIN C5 R22 GNT5#/GNTB#/GPIO17 HI_VSWING R319 C227 C228 R320 8K2A P_REQ#0 B1 150RA P_REQ#1 29 P_REQ#0 REQ0# R321 8K2A A2 100nA 10nA P_REQ#2 29 P_REQ#1 REQ1# R322 8K2A B3 J19 APICCLK R323 0RA P_REQ#3 29 P_REQ#2 REQ2# APICCLK R324 8K2A C7 H19 APICD0 R325 10KA P_REQ#4 29 P_REQ#3 REQ3# APICD0 GND R326 8K2A B6 K20 APICD1 R327 10KA LM87INT# 24 P_REQ#4 REQ4# APICD1 R328 8K2A A6 33 LM87INT# REQ5#/REQB#/GPIO1 GND D5 INT_PIRQA# PIRQA# INT_PIRQA# 26,29 C2 INT_PIRQB# PIRQB# INT_PIRQB# 29 P5 B4 INT_PIRQC# 12 CK_ICH33 PCICLK PIRQC# INT_PIRQC# 29 A3 INT_PIRQD# PIRQD# INT_PIRQD# 29 R329 8K2A P_DEVSEL# 24,29 P_DEVSEL# M3 DEVSEL# INT I/F GPIO2/PIRQE# C8 INT_PIRQE# INT_PIRQE# 29 D7 INT_PIRQF# GPIO3/PIRQF# INT_PIRQF# 29 R330 8K2A P_FRAME# F1 C3 INT_PIRQG# V_3V3 24,29 P_FRAME# FRAME# GPIO4/PIRQG# INT_PIRQG# 24 C4 INT_PIRQH# GPIO5/PIRQH# INT_PIRQH# R331 8K2A P_IRDY# L5 24,29 P_IRDY# IRDY# AC13 INT_IRQ14 INT_PIRQA# R332 8K2A IRQ14 INT_IRQ14 30 R333 8K2A P_TRDY# F2 AA19 INT_IRQ15 INT_PIRQB# R334 8K2A 24,29 P_TRDY# TRDY# IRQ15 INT_IRQ15 30 INT_PIRQC# R335 8K2A R336 8K2A P_STOP# F3 J22 SERIRQ INT_PIRQD# R337 8K2A 24,29 P_STOP# STOP# SERIRQ SERIRQ 18..20,29 INT_PIRQE# R338 8K2A G1 V_3V3SB INT_PIRQF# R339 8K2A 24,29 P_PAR PAR U5 V_3V3SB INT_PIRQG# R340 8K2A R341 8K2A P_PERR# L4 D10 EE0_CS 1 8 INT_PIRQH# R342 8K2A 24,29 P_PERR# PERR# EE_CS EE0_CK CS VCC EE_SHCLK C12 2 CK NC 7 PCIRSTX# U5 EEPROM A8 EE0_DI 3 6 EE0_8#_16 R343 INT_IRQ14 R344 8K2A PCIRST# EE_TODIN EE0_DO DI 16/8# 10KA D11 4 5 XXX1 C229 INT_IRQ15 R345 8K2A R346 8K2A P_LOCK# EE_TODOUT R347 XXX1 DO GND XXX2 29 P_LOCK# M2 PLOCK# 10KA GND SERIRQ B V_3V3SB R349 8K2A P_SERR# K5 B XXX2 AT93LC46-2V7 GND 100nA R348 8K2A B 24,29 P_SERR# SERR# CK_ICHLANX C11 R350 22RA LAN_CLOCK CK_ICHLAN 31 R351 8K2A P_PME# W2 24,29 P_PME# PME# XC_LAN0RST# GND V_3V3 LAN_RST# Y5 XC_LAN0RST# 18 B11 LAN_RSCX R352 22RA 8K2A P_REQA# LAN_RSTSYNC LAN_RSTSYNC 31 R353 B5 29 P_REQA# REQA#/GPIO0 LAN_XRXD0 E8 A10 R354 22RA 29 P_GNTA# GNTA#/GPIO16 LAN_RXD0 LAN_XRXD1 LAN_RXD0 31 LAN I/F LAN_RXD1 A9 R355 22RA LAN_RXD1 31 A11 LAN_XRXD2 R356 22RA populate for "top block swap" LAN_RXD2 LAN_RXD2 31 R357 A 8K2A XXX1 LAN_TXD0 B10 C10 LAN_XTXD0 LAN_XTXD1 R358 R359 22RA 22RA LAN_TXD0 31 V_3V3 LAN_TXD1 LAN_TXD1 31 XXX2 A12 LAN_XTXD2 R360 22RA LAN_TXD2 LAN_TXD2 31 GND V_3V3SB U6A R361 Level Shifter for R362 R363 1 14 R364 470RA 301RA OE# VCC XRST_SLOTS# 10KA Firmware Hub OUT 3 P_RST_SLOTS# 29 R365 PCIRST# 2 7 INIT# 0RA IN GND 33RA INITB# 3 FWH_INIT# 33 74LVT125 U6B GND C230 4 14 R366 1 Q4 OE# VCC P_RSTX0# BC847/B OUT 6 P_RST0# 9,18,33 3 10pA 5 7 XXX1 IN GND 33RA R367 2 XXX2 74LVT125 H_INIT# INITB 1 Q5 U6C BC847/B GND R368 470RA 10 OE# VCC 14 8 P_RSTX1# OUT P_RST1# 19,20,24,26 2 V_3V3SB 9 IN GND 7 33RA 74LVT125 U6D GND C231 13 14 R369 OE# VCC IDE_RSTX# A OUT 11 IDE_RST# 30 A 100nA 12 7 IN GND 33RA 74LVT125 C232 C233 C234 C235 GND 10pA 10pA 10pA 10pA SPAREPIN GND GND 6,7,9,11,16,24..27 SPAREPIN XXX1 XXX1 XXX1 XXX1 XXX2 XXX2 XXX2 XXX2 11,17,33,35 V_1V8 V_1V8 GND GND GND GND Intel (R) 845E Interactive Client Reference Design 6,8,12,16,17,19,20,23,26..29,33,35 V_3V3 V_3V3 16..20,24,25,29,31..33,35 V_3V3SB V_3V3SB 16,17 V_RTC V_RTC Title ICH4-SYSBUS & PCI 23,27,29,32..35 V_12V0 V_12V0 Size Document Number Rev C B444B-W 4,7,8,10..14,16..35 GND GND 2.00 Date Friday, September 26, 2003 Sheet 15 of 35 5 4 3 2 1
  16. 5 4 3 2 1 V_RTC delay RTCRST# for 10-20ms R370 10KA JP1 NRMRTCRST# 1 V_3V3SB 2 1-2 normal (default) R371 CLRRTCRST# 3 2-3 clear CMOS C236 100RA SM03/RA 1u/CA D D R372 8K2A GND GND V_RTCBIAS R2 J23 CK_14M 19 SIO0_SMI# GPIO6/AGPBUSY# CLK14 CK_14M 12,19,20,27 18 XC_GPIO3 AC2 GPIO24/CLKRUN# U4B CLK48 F19 CK_ICH48 CK_ICH66 CK_ICH48 12 R373 CLK66 T21 CK_ICH66 12 SPAREPIN V20 NC/DPRSLPVR ICH4 10MA CLOCK I/F RTCRST# W7 RTCRST# AA1 XT2 C237 33 PWRBTN# PWRBTN# AC7 RTCX1 RTCX1 RTCX1 RTCX2 GND 18,24 RI# Y1 RI# RTCX2 AC6 10pA V_3V3SB AA6 R374 18 RSMRST# RSMRST# IDE_PDA[0..2] 30 GND 10MA AB6 AA13 IDE_PDA0 18 PWRGD_ICH TP0 PWROK PDA0 R375 8K2A AB2 AB13 IDE_PDA1 C238 TP0/BATLOW# PDA1 IDE_PDA2 RTCX2 PDA2 W13 IDE_PDD[0..15] 30 GND SPAREPIN W18 PM I/F GPIO19/SLP_S1# IDE_PDD0 32KHZ768/QT 10pA 18,31,32 SLP_S3# Y4 SLP_S3# PDD0 AB11 Y2 AC11 IDE_PDD1 18 SLP_S4# SLP_S4# PDD1 AA2 Y10 IDE_PDD2 18 SLP_S5# SLP_S5# PDD2 AA10 IDE_PDD3 SPAREPIN PDD3 IDE_PDD4 T3 GPIO21/C3_STAT# PDD4 AA7 AB8 IDE_PDD5 SPAREPIN PDD5 IDE_PDD6 W19 GPIO20/STPCPU# PDD6 Y8 SPAREPIN Y21 AA8 IDE_PDD7 GPIO18/STPPCI# PDD7 Primary PDD8 AB9 IDE_PDD8 R376 33RA CK_32KSUSX AA4 Y9 IDE_PDD9 V_3V3 18,19 CK_32KSUS SUSCLK PDD9 AB3 AC9 IDE_PDD10 19,20 LPCPD# SUS_STAT#/LPCPD# PDD10 W9 IDE_PDD11 PDD11 IDE_PDD12 33 THERM# V1 THRM# PDD12 AB10 W20 W10 IDE_PDD13 R377 6 THERMTRIP# THRMTRIP# PDD13 4K7A W11 IDE_PDD14 PDD14 IDE_PDD15 PDD15 Y11 C C 18 XC_GPIO4 J21 GPIO23/SSMUXSEL V_3V3 AB12 IDE_PIORDY SPAREPIN PIORDY IDE_PIORDY 30 Y20 CPUPERF#/GPIO22 Speed- PDIOR# AC12 IDE_PDIOR# IDE_PDIOR# 30 W12 IDE_PDIOW# step PDIOW# IDE_PDDREQ IDE_PDIOW# 30 18 VRMPWRGD_ICH V19 VRMPWRGD/VGATE PDDREQ AA11 IDE_PDDREQ 30 R378 Y12 IDE_PDDACK# PDDACK# IDE_PDDACK# 30 8K2A Y13 IDE_PDCS1# PDCS1# IDE_PDCS1# 30 AB14 IDE_PDCS3# PDCS3# IDE_PDCS3# 30 23,29 CK_ACBITCLK B8 AC_BIT_CLK IDE I/F AC_SDOUTY 23,29 AC_RST# C13 AC_RST# 1 IDE_SDA[0..2] XXX2 IDE_SDA[0..2] 30 short for JP2 R381 10KA AC_SDIN0X D13 V_3V3 XXX1 AC_SDIN0 SM02/RA R380 33RA AC_SDIN1X A13 AC'97 I/F AA20 IDE_SDA0 SAFE MODE XXX1 29 AC_SDIN1 R379 33RA AC_SDIN2X B13 AC_SDIN1 SDA0 AC20 IDE_SDA1 23 AC_SDIN2 AC_SDIN2 SDA1 XXX2 AC21 IDE_SDA2 IDE_SDD[0..15] SDA2 IDE_SDD[0..15] 30 C9 2 23,29 AC_SYNC AC_SYNC W17 IDE_SDD0 R382 33RA AC_SDOUTX SDD0 IDE_SDD1 23,29 AC_SDOUT D9 AC_SDOUT SDD1 AB17 W16 IDE_SDD2 SDD2 IDE_SDD3 18..20,33 L_AD[0..3] SDD3 AC16 W15 IDE_SDD4 L_AD0 SDD4 IDE_SDD5 T2 LAD0/FWH0 SDD5 AB15 L_AD1 R4 W14 IDE_SDD6 L_AD2 LAD1/FWH1 SDD6 T4 LAD2/FWH2 Secondary SDD7 AA14 IDE_SDD7 V_3V3 L_AD3 U2 Y14 IDE_SDD8 LAD3/FWH3 SDD8 IDE_SDD9 SDD9 AC15 18..20,33 L_FRAME# T5 LFRAME#/FWH4 LPC I/F SDD10 AA15 IDE_SDD10 Y15 IDE_SDD11 SDD11 IDE_SDD12 U3 AB16 4K7A 19 L_DRQ#0 LDRQ0# SDD12 Y16 IDE_SDD13 SDD13 IDE_SDD14 20 L_DRQ#1 U4 LDRQ1# SDD14 AA17 Y17 IDE_SDD15 SDD15 R386 C20 AC19 IDE_SIORDY 31 USB_P0+ USBP0P SIORDY IDE_SIORDY 30 D20 Y18 IDE_SDIOR# B 31 USB_P0- USBP0N SDIOR# IDE_SDIOR# 30 B A21 AA18 IDE_SDIOW# 31 USB_P1+ USBP1P SDIOW# IDE_SDIOW# 30 B21 AB18 IDE_SDDREQ 31 USB_P1- USBP1N SDDREQ IDE_SDDREQ 30 C18 AB19 IDE_SDDACK# 32 USB_P2+ USBP2P SDDACK# IDE_SDDACK# 30 D18 AB21 IDE_SDCS1# 32 USB_P2- USBP2N SDCS1# IDE_SDCS1# 30 A19 AC22 IDE_SDCS3# 32 USB_P3+ USBP3P SDCS3# IDE_SDCS3# 30 32 USB_P3- B19 USBP3N 32 USB_P4+ C16 USBP4P 32 USB_P4- D16 USBP4N 32 USB_P5+ A17 USBP5P USB I/F GPI7 R3 SIO1_SMI# 20 32 USB_P5- B17 USBP5N GPI8 V4 SIO0_PME# 19 GPI12 V5 SIO1_PME# 20 GPI13 W3 XC_GPIO2 18 31 USB_P0OC# B15 OC0# GPIO25 V2 LAN0_ENA 31 31 USB_P1OC# C14 OC1# GPIO27 W1 MPCI_ACT# 29 32 USB_P2OC# A15 OC2# GPIO28 W4 XC_GPIO1 18 32 USB_P3OC# B14 OC3# GPIO32 J20 IDE_PPDIAG# 30 V_3V3 32 USB_P4OC# A14 OC4# GPIO GPIO33 G22 IDE_SPDIAG# 30 32 USB_P5OC# D14 OC5# GPIO34 F20 USB_PWR2ENA# 32 GPIO35 G20 USB_PWR3ENA# 32 R387 USB_RBIAS A23 F21 GND 22RA USBRBIAS GPIO36 FWH_WP# 33 R388 USB_RBIAS# B23 H20 USBRBIAS# GPIO37 FWH_TBL# 33 C 1KA XXX1 GPIO38 F23 H22 RISER_ID1 29 GPIO39 RISER_ID2 29 XXX2 G23 GPIO40 AMP_SHDN 23 SPKR H23 H21 23,33 SPKR SPKR GPIO41 NOGO 29 MISC GPIO42 F22 P_PRSNT1# 29 33 SYS_RESET# Y3 SYS_RESET# GPIO43 E23 P_PRSNT2# 29 A A SPAREPIN 6,7,9,11,15,24..27 SPAREPIN ICH4 Strapping Options R Signal Function Default 6,8,12,15,17,19,20,23,26..29,33,35 V_3V3 V_3V3 Intel (R) 845E Interactive Client Reference Design 15,17..20,24,25,29,31..33,35 V_3V3SB V_3V3SB A P_GNTA# top block swap NO STUFF B EE_DOUT reserved NO STUFF 15,17 V_RTC V_RTC Title C JP SPKR AC_SDOUTX no reboot mode safe mode NO STUFF OPEN ICH4-LPC & IDE & USB 17 V_RTCBIAS V_RTCBIAS Size Document Number Rev C B444B-W 4,7,8,10..15,17..35 GND GND 2.00 Date Friday, September 26, 2003 Sheet 16 of 35 5 4 3 2 1
  17. 5 4 3 2 1 V_5V0 V_3V3 V_3V3 V_5V0SB V_RTC Battery circuitry for RTC and CMOS C239 AB5 VCCRTC U4C VSS Y7 V_3V3SB V_RTC V_RTCBIAS VSS Y19 R389 100nA ICH4 VSS W8 Y6 VBIAS VSS W5 2 1KA 1 2 W22 VSS VSS V3 D1 BAT54C E15 V17 D2 3 GND VCC5REFSUS VSS D 3 VSS V15 D BAT54C U20 VSS VSS T23 C240 V_5V0REF V6 T19 1 VCC5REF VSS E7 VCC5REF VSS T1 V_BAT 1u/CA R5 C241 C242 VSS VSS R21 R390 R18 1u/CA 100nA VSS 1KA VSS P3 GND V9 VCCSUS3V3 VSS P22 V8 VCCSUS3V3 VSS P20 V_3V3SB V7 VCCSUS3V3 VSS P13 GND K14 VCCSUS3V3 VSS P11 V_RTCBIAS F18 VCCSUS3V3 VSS N5 C243 F17 VCCSUS3V3 VSS N23 V_BATX V_RTCBIASX F16 N21 R391 1KA + C244 C245 C246 C247 VCCSUS3V3 VSS F15 VCCSUS3V3 VSS N19 47nA F10 N14 100nA 100nA 100nA VCCSUS3V3 VSS 22u/TA E11 VCCSUS3V3 VSS N13 VSS N12 BAT1 + VSS N11 SM02/BA N10 VSS F9 VCCLAN3V3/VCCSUS3V3 VSS M22 GND E9 VCCLAN3V3/VCCSUS3V3 VSS M20 VSS M13 VSS M12 GND V_3V3 VSS M11 VSS M1 V18 VCC3V3 VSS L21 V16 VCC3V3 VSS L14 V10 VCC3V3 VSS L13 + C251 + C252 C253 C254 C255 C256 C257 C258 C259 U1 L12 VCC3V3 VSS P6 VCC3V3 VSS L11 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA P12 L10 22u/TA 22u/TA VCC3V3 VSS M10 VCC3V3 VSS K3 K6 VCC3V3 VSS K23 J18 VCC3V3 VSS K19 J1 VCC3V3 VSS K13 GND C H6 VCC3V3 VSS K11 C H18 VCC3V3 VSS J6 B2 VCC3V3 VSS H1 AC8 VCC3V3 VSS G6 V_1V8 AC17 VCC3V3 VSS G3 A5 VCC3V3 VSS G21 VSS G19 VSS F8 VSS E22 + C265 C266 C267 E21 VSS T22 VCCHI VSS E19 100nA 100nA P18 E18 4u7/TA VCCHI VSS M14 VCCHI VSS E17 L23 VCCHI VSS E16 VSS E14 VSS E10 GND VSS D22 VSS D8 V_CORE U18 VCC_CPUIO VSS D4 P14 VCC_CPUIO VSS D23 AA23 VCC_CPUIO VSS D21 VSS D19 VSS D17 + C270 C271 D15 VSS VSS D12 100nA D1 4u7/TA VSS F7 VCCLAN1V5/VCCSUS1V5 VSS C6 F6 VCCLAN1V5/VCCSUS1V5 VSS C23 VSS C21 V_1V5SB VSS C19 GND GND VSS C17 VSS C15 U6 VCCSUS1V5 VSS B9 T6 VCCSUS1V5 VSS B22 + C274 C275 C276 C277 R6 B20 VCCSUS1V5 VSS G18 VCCSUS1V5 VSS B18 100nA 100nA 100nA F14 B16 22u/TA VCCSUS1V5 VSS B E20 VCCSUS1V5 VSS B12 B E13 VCCSUS1V5 VSS AC5 E12 VCCSUS1V5 VSS AC23 VSS AC18 GND VSS AC14 V_1V5 VSS AC10 VSS AC1 V14 VCC1V5 VSS AB7 U19 VCC1V5 VSS AB20 T18 VCC1V5 VSS AA9 + C282 C284 C285 C286 P10 AA3 VCC1V5 VSS K22 VCC1V5 VSS AA22 100nA 100nA 100nA K18 AA16 22u/TA VCC1V5 VSS K12 VCC1V5 VSS AA12 K10 VCC1V5 VSS A4 V_1V5 VSS A22 VSS A20 GND VSS A18 VSS A16 C22 VCCPLL VSS A1 C740 C292 10nA 100nA GND GND GND A A 35 V_1V5SB V_1V5SB 10,11,28,33,34 V_1V5 V_1V5 11,15,33,35 V_1V8 V_1V8 15,16,18..20,24,25,29,31..33,35 V_3V3SB V_3V3SB 6,8,12,15,16,19,20,23,26..29,33,35 V_3V3 V_3V3 Intel (R) 845E Interactive Client Reference Design 19,21,22,31..35 V_5V0SB V_5V0SB 19..21,23,25..27,29..35 V_5V0 V_5V0 4,6..8,11,33,35 V_CORE V_CORE Title 15,16 V_RTC V_RTC INTEL ICH4 - 03 16 V_RTCBIAS V_RTCBIAS Size Document Number Rev C B444B-W 4,7,8,10..16,18..35 GND GND 2.00 Date Friday, September 26, 2003 Sheet 17 of 35 5 4 3 2 1
  18. 5 4 3 2 1 DPSLP# 7 V_3V3SB 3 R393 R392 DPSLP DPSLPX 1 Q6 470RA BC847/B 470RA CPUSLP 2 D D 3 GND R394 CPUSLPX# 1 Q7 6,15 CPUSLP# BC847/B 470RA 2 GND V_3V3SB V_3V3SB R395 R396 R397 R398 10KA 10KA 10KA 10KA V_3V3SB V_3V3SB CN4 1 U7 C293 VCC XCTCK 3 NC1 TCK 4 62 TCK/C1 VCC1 3 5 6 XCTDO 73 18 C294 C295 C296 C297 100nA NC2 TDO XCTDI TDO/A1 VCC2 8 NC3 TDI 7 4 TDI/F1 VCC3 34 2 9 XCTMS 15 39 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA GND TMS R399 PORT_EN TMS/H1 VCC4 GND 10KA 11 PORT_EN/PE VCC5 51 SM09/RA 66 GND VCC6 12 CK_CPLD 87 CLK3/IN3 VCC7 82 16,19 CK_32KSUS 88 CLK2/IN2 VCC8 91 R400 XC_CK1 GND C V_3V3SB 10KA 89 CLK1/IN1 C R401 XC_CK0 90 10KA CLK0/IN0 V_3V3SB 16,19,20,33 L_AD[0..3] E0 2 VRMPWRGD_ICH 16 E1 1 PWRGD_ICH 16 L_AD0 72 100 L_AD1 A2 E2 VRMOUTEN 35 71 A3 E3 99 EN_VDDR 34 R402 L_AD2 70 98 L_AD3 A4 E4 EN_V1V5 34 10KA 69 97 A5 E5 EN_1V2VID 35 16,19,20,33 L_FRAME# 68 A6 E6 96 SD_DDRVTT# 34 15,19,20,29 SERIRQ 67 A10 E12 94 XC_GPIO1 16 V_3V3SB 9,15,33 P_RST0# 65 A12 E13 93 XC_GPIO2 16 6 SKTOCC# 64 A13 E14 92 RI# 16,24 NW_MOBILE# 63 A14 7,33 VID[0..4] R403 R404 R405 VID0 75 5 B0 F2 XC_LAN0RST# 15 1 SET = VID1 76 6 35 PWMVID[0..4] VID2 B1 F3 XC_GPIO3 16 JP3 77 7 10KA 10KA 10KA Mobile SM02/RA VID3 78 B2 F4 8 XC_GPIO4 16 VID4 B3 F5 GND NORTHWOOD XXX1 V_3V3SB 79 B4 F6 9 V_3V3SB HW REV 2 XXX2 PWMVID0 80 10 PWMVID1 B5 F10 GND SW_REV2 81 12 2 PWMVID2 B6 F13 SW_REV1 83 B10 F14 13 R406 PWMVID3 84 14 SW_REV0 SW REV 0 10KA PWMVID4 B11 F15 85 B12 GND 37 CPUSLP G1 DPSLP 20,24,29 CLKRUN# 61 C2 G2 36 V_3V3SB 0RA 0RA 0RA 60 35 7SEG0AX 7SEG0A 7 12 CPU_STOP# C3 G3 7SEG0BX 7SEG0B A 58 33 R410 150RA 6 12 PCI_STOP# C5 G4 7SEG0CX 7SEG0C B 57 32 R411 150RA 4 12 PWRDWN# C6 G5 7SEG0DX 7SEG0D C R412 150RA R407 R408 R409 12 PGOOD408# 56 C10 G6 31 2 D AN1 3 55 30 7SEG0EX R413 150RA 7SEG0E 1 8 16 RSMRST# C11 G10 7SEG0FX 7SEG0F E AN2 54 29 R414 150RA 10 16,31,32 SLP_S3# C12 G11 7SEG0GX 7SEG0G F 53 28 R415 150RA 9 16 SLP_S4# C13 G12 7SEG0DPX 7SEG0DP G 52 27 R416 150RA 5 16 SLP_S5# C14 G13 DP R417 150RA U8 B B TDSR1150 GND 7,8 ITP_DBR# 40 D1 41 16 7SEG1AX 7SEG1A 7 35 PWROK_VRM D2 H2 7SEG1BX 7SEG1B A 42 17 R418 150RA 6 35 PWROK_ATX D3 H3 7SEG1CX 7SEG1C B 44 19 R419 150RA 4 35 VIDPWRGD D4 H5 7SEG1DX 7SEG1D C 45 20 R420 150RA 2 3 34 PG_VDDR D5 H6 7SEG1EX 7SEG1E D AN1 46 21 R421 150RA 1 8 34 PG_V1V5 D6 H10 7SEG1FX 7SEG1F E AN2 47 22 R422 150RA 10 35 PS_ON D10 H11 7SEG1GX 7SEG1G F 48 23 R423 150RA 9 D11 H12 7SEG1DPX R424 150RA 7SEG1DP G 49 D12 H13 24 5 DP R768 DELAY3V3 50 25 R425 150RA U9 10KA D13 H14 TDSR1150 GND1 26 95 GND7 GND2 38 86 GND6 GND3 43 74 GND5 GND4 59 EN_DDRSUP# 34 GND V_3V3SB XCR3128XL GND GND R760 10KA + C741 4u7/TA A A GND Intel (R) 845E Interactive Client Reference Design 15..17,19,20,24,25,29,31..33,35 V_3V3SB V_3V3SB 6,8,12,15..17,19,20,23,26..29,33,35 V_3V3 V_3V3 Title GLUE LOGIC 4,7,8,10..17,19..35 GND GND Size Document Number Rev C B444B-W 2.00 Date Friday, September 26, 2003 Sheet 18 of 35 5 4 3 2 1
  19. 5 4 3 2 1 V_3V3SB V_3V3 C298 + C299 C300 C301 C302 C303 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 4u7/TA D D V_3V3SB GND GND 18 53 65 93 44 VTR VCC VCC VCC VREF R426 10KA 12 CK_LPC0 29 PCI_CLOCK RXD1 84 SP1_RXD 21 TXD1 85 SP1_TXD 21 26 U10 89 15,20,24,26 P_RST1# PCI_RESET# DTR1# SP1_DTR# 21 DSR1# 86 SP1_DSR# 21 17 LPC47M107 87 16 SIO0_PME# IO_PME#/GPIO42 SYSOP/RTS1# SP1_RTS# 21 CTS1# 88 SP1_CTS# 21 16 L_DRQ#0 25 LDRQ# RI1# 90 SP1_RI# 21 DCD1# 91 SP1_DCD# 21 16,20 LPCPD# 27 LPCPD# 15,18,20,29 SERIRQ 30 SER_IRQ GPIO52/IRRX/RXD2 95 SP2_RXD 21 16,18,20,33 L_AD[0..3] GPIO53/IRTX/TXD2 96 SP2_TXD 21 L_AD0 20 100 LAD0 GPIO57/DTR2# SP2_DTR# 21 L_AD1 21 97 LAD1 GPIO54/DSR2# SP2_DSR# 21 L_AD2 22 98 LAD2 GPIO55/RTS2# SP2_RTS# 21 L_AD3 23 99 LAD3 GPIO56/CTS2# SP2_CTS# 21 GPIO50/RI2# 92 SP2_RI# 21 16,18,20,33 L_FRAME# 24 LFRAME# GPIO51/DCD2# 94 SP2_DCD# 21 50 62 IRTX_IR IR PORT 16 SIO0_SMI# IO_SMI#/GPIO27 GP35/IRTX2 IRRX_IR GP34/IRRX2 61 V_5V0SB 55 CN5 27 PWM_BL FAN1/GPIO33 KEY 33 FAN1_SENSE 52 FAN_TACH1/GPIO31 1 2 54 LP_D[0..7] V_IR 3 4 33 FAN2_PWM FAN2/GPIO32 LP_D[0..7] 21 33 FAN2_SENSE 51 FAN_TACH2/GPIO30 5 6 68 LP_D0 FB5 PD0 LP_D1 BLM21B601S + C304 SM06/SA C V_5V0 21 SP1_SD# 28 GPIO43/DDRC PD1 69 C 70 LP_D2 XXX1 PD2 LP_D3 XXX2 15 A20GATE 64 A20M/GPIO37 PD3 71 4u7/TC 63 72 LP_D4 15 KB_RST# KBDRST#/GPIO36 PD4 57 73 LP_D5 22 KB_CLK KCLOCK PD5 R427 R428 R429 R430 56 74 LP_D6 22 KB_DAT KDAT PD6 GND 75 LP_D7 PD7 22 MS_CLK 59 MCLOCK 58 IRTX_IR 22 MS_DAT MDAT 1KA 1KA 1KA 1KA 83 STB# LP_STB# 21 IRRX_IR AFD# 82 LP_AFD# 21 J1X R431 2KA XJ1X 36 66 GND_IR J1Y XJ1Y J1X/GPIO14 INIT# LP_INIT# 21 GND R432 2KA 37 67 J1B1 J1Y/GPIO15 SLCTIN# LP_SLIN# 21 32 80 FB6 J1B2 J1B1/GPIO10 ACK# LP_ACK# 21 33 81 BLM21B601S J1B2/GPIO11 ERR# LP_ERR# 21 SLCT 77 LP_SLCT 21 J2X R433 2KA XJ2X 38 79 J2Y XJ2Y J2X/GPIO16 BUSY LP_BUSY 21 R434 2KA 39 78 J2B1 J2Y/GPIO17 PE LP_PE 21 34 J2B1/GPIO12 J2B2 35 J2B2/GPIO13 33 PWR_LED_GRN 48 LED1/GPIO60 WP# 15 F_WP# 30 33 PWR_LED_YEL 49 LED2/GPIO61 INDEX# 13 F_INDEX# 30 TRAK0# 14 F_TRAK0# 30 21 SP2_SD# 41 GPIO20/P17 RDATA# 16 F_RDATA# 30 DSKCHG# 4 F_DSKCHG# 30 I/O base R435 MTR0# 3 F_MTR0# 30 address at SYSOPT0 45 43 GND GPIO24/SYSOPT GPIO22/P12/MTR1# F_MTR1# 30 0x02E DS0# 5 F_DS0# 30 4K7A 42 MIDI_INX GPIO21/P16/DS1# F_DS1# 30 MIDI_IN R436 220RA 46 8 MIDI_OUTX MIDI_IN/GPIO25 DIR# F_DIR# 30 MIDI_OUT R437 220RA 47 9 MIDI_OUT/GPIO26 STEP# F_STEP# 30 WGATE# 11 F_WGATE# 30 WDATA# 10 F_WDATA# 30 12,16,20,27 CK_14M 19 CLOCKI HDSEL# 12 F_HDSEL# 30 GPIO40/DRVDEN0 1 F_DRVDEN0 30 16,18 CK_32KSUS 6 CLOCKI32 GPIO41/DRVDEN1 2 F_DRVDEN1 30 B B AGND GND GND GND GND C305 C306 C307 C308 C309 C310 C311 C312 40 31 60 76 7 47pA 47pA 47pA 47pA 10nA 10nA 10nA 10nA GND GND V_5V0 V_5V0 R439 R438 2KA 2KA FB7 F1 BLM21B601S CN6 V_5V0 1 2 V_GAME V_GAMEF 1 2 J1B1 3 4 J2B2 SMD075-2 J1X 5 6 J2X + C313 7 8 MIDI_OUT GND 4u7/TC 9 10 J2Y GND J1Y 11 12 J2B1 J1B2 13 14 MIDI_IN A 15 16 A SM16/WA GND GAME PORT/MIDI 17,20,21,23,25..27,29..35 V_5V0 V_5V0 Intel (R) 845E Interactive Client Reference Design 17,21,22,31..35 V_5V0SB V_5V0SB 15..18,20,24,25,29,31..33,35 V_3V3SB V_3V3SB 6,8,12,15..17,20,23,26..29,33,35 V_3V3 V_3V3 Title SIO0-LPC47M107 4,7,8,10..18,20..35 GND GND Size Document Number Rev C B444B-W 2.00 Date Friday, September 26, 2003 Sheet 19 of 35 5 4 3 2 1
  20. 5 4 3 2 1 D D V_3V3SB V_3V3 C314 + C315 C316 C317 C318 100nA 100nA 100nA 100nA 4u7/TA GND GND 18 53 65 93 VCCSB VCC VCC VCC 12 CK_LPC1 29 PCI_CLOCK RXD1 84 SP3_RXD 22 TXD1 85 SP3_TXD 22 15,19,24,26 P_RST1# 26 PCI_RESET# DTR1# 89 SP3_DTR# 22 DSR1# 86 SP3_DSR# 22 16 SIO1_PME# 17 IO_PME# RTS1# 87 SP3_RTS# 22 U11 88 CTS1# SP3_CTS# 22 16 L_DRQ#1 25 LDRQ# RI1# 90 SP3_RI# 22 LPC47N227 91 DCD1# SP3_DCD# 22 16,19 LPCPD# 27 LPCPD# 18,24,29 CLKRUN# 28 CLKRUN# 15,18,19,29 SERIRQ 30 SER_IRQ RXD2 95 SP4_RXD 22 16,18,19,33 L_AD[0..3] TXD2 96 SP4_TXD 22 L_AD0 20 100 FB8 V_5V0 LAD0 DTR2# SP4_DTR# 22 L_AD1 21 97 BLM21B601S LAD1 DSR2# SP4_DSR# 22 V_FIR C L_AD2 22 98 C LAD2 RTS2# SP4_RTS# 22 L_AD3 23 99 LAD3 CTS2# SP4_CTS# 22 RI2# 92 SP4_RI# 22 24 94 R440 R441 16,18,19,33 L_FRAME# LFRAME# DCD2# SP4_DCD# 22 100KA 100KA I/O base address R442 SYSOPT1 49 at 0x04E V_3V3SB 10KA GPIO11/SYSOPT 61 IRRX_FIR IRRX2 IRTX_FIR 16 SIO1_SMI# 50 GPIO12/IO_SMI# IRTX2 62 63 MODE_IRRX_FIR FIR IRMODE/IRRX3 51 GPIO13/IRQIN1 1 CN7 2 KEY PORT 52 GPIO14/IRQIN2 PD7 75 R443 3 4 74 IRTX1_FIR 5 6 IRRX_FIR MTR0#/PD6 82RA 64 GPIO23/FDC_PP PD5 73 72 SM06/SA DSKCHG#/PD4 GND 48 GPIO10 RDATA#/PD3 71 WP#/PD2 70 54 69 R444 22 SP3_SD# GPIO15 TRK0#/PD1 + C319 55 68 4K7A C320 22 SP4_SD# GPIO16 INDEX#/PD0 56 GPIO17 100nA 4u7/TC 57 GPIO20 58 GPIO21 DS0#/STB# 83 59 GPIO22 DRVDEN0#/AFD# 82 DIR#/INIT# 66 GND 6 GPIO24 STEP#/SLCTIN# 67 DS1#/ACK# 80 32 GPIO30 HDSEL#/ERR# 81 33 GPIO31 WGATE#/SLCT 77 34 GPIO32 MTR1#/BUSY 79 35 GPIO33 WRDATA#/PE 78 36 GPIO34 37 GPIO35 38 GPIO36 39 GPIO37 WP# 15 INDEX# 13 B 40 GPIO40 TRAK0# 14 B 41 GPIO41 RDATA# 16 42 GPIO42 DSKCHG# 4 43 GPIO43 MTR0# 3 44 GPIO44 45 GPIO45 DS0# 5 46 GPIO46 47 GPIO47 DIR# 8 STEP# 9 WGATE# 11 WDATA# 10 12,16,19,27 CK_14M 19 CLOCKI HDSEL# 12 DRVDEN0 1 DRVDEN1 2 GND GND GND GND 31 60 76 7 GND A A Intel (R) 845E Interactive Client Reference Design 17,19,21,23,25..27,29..35 V_5V0 V_5V0 15..19,24,25,29,31..33,35 V_3V3SB V_3V3SB 6,8,12,15..17,19,23,26..29,33,35 V_3V3 V_3V3 Title SIO1-LPC47N227 4,7,8,10..19,21..35 GND GND Size Document Number Rev C B444B-W 2.00 Date Friday, September 26, 2003 Sheet 20 of 35 5 4 3 2 1
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