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Chose the best Ans wear 1. Thailand .......... by some of the worst flooding in decades late last year. was hit was hitting was being hit hit 2. In January 2012, Yahoo ........ Scott Thompson, the president of online payments firm Paypal, as its new head.. was naming named name has named 3. Before ....... Yahoo Mr Thompson served as president of online payments firm PayPal from 2008 . joined being joined joining was joined

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  1. Chose the best Ans wear 1. Thailand .......... by some of the worst flooding in decades late last year. was hit was hitting was being hit hit 2. In January 2012, Yahoo ........ Scott Thompson, the president of online payments firm Paypal, as its new head.. was naming named name has named 3. Before ....... Yahoo Mr Thompson served as president of online payments firm PayPal from 2008 . joined being joined joining was joined 4. Yahoo's stock ........ since it passed up a $44bn takeover bid from Microsoft in 2008. was languished have languished languished has languished 5. Last year, the Chinese government stopped ........ nationwide home price statistics, and now only reports data on specific cities. providing to provide provide provides 6. At the same t ime, the recent drop in oil prices ......... to keep consumer price growth in check.
  2. has also helped have also helped a lso helps a lso help 7. During the first quarter of 2012, the Chinese economy ....... at a pace of 8.1%. grown grew grows has grown 8. For its part, the EU welcomed the G8 communiqué with its dual emphasis on ....... growth and jobs. to boost boosting boost boosts 9. The worry is that if property prices ......... further then it will hurt growth in the world's second- largest economy. falls fell fall have fallen 10. It has been noticeable that since last Wednesday, Number 10 .......... towards more evidence - based policy. have been moving have moved has been moving moved 11. Yahoo ........ that Mr Thompson, who took up his post in January, does not have a computer science degree. a lready acknowledging a lready acknowledged
  3. have already acknowledged has already acknowledged 12. Investment firm Third Point discovered that Mr Thompson did not hold a degree in computer science as .......... had been claimed has been claimed been claimed being claimed 13. On Monday the Wall Street Journal reported that Mr Thompson, 54, told Yahoo's board late last week he ........... with thyroid cancer. had been diagnosed has been diagnosed was diagnosed is diagnosed 14. President Obama said leaders ......... good progress on a range of issues. having made had made have made was made 15. Leaders ........ the s ummit addressed a number of issues, including energy security, climate change and the situation in Iran, Afghanistan and North Korea. attended attending attend attends 16. He will also be able .......... two other new directors, while Yahoo has nam ed Fred Amoroso as the new chairman of its board. appoint to appoint
  4. appointing appoints 17. Third Point believes that Yahoo shareholders and employees will be best served if the board .......... responsibility quickly for this latest debacle. accepting accepts accepted is accepting 18. In an earlier communiqué, G8 leaders committed themselves to promoting growth alongside fiscal responsibility and affirmed that they wanted Greece ........... in the eurozone. stayed to stay stay staying 19. If it falls below that figure, they argue, the country may find it more difficult ........ domestic demand, boost infrastructure investment and accelerate job creation. maintain maintaining to maintaining to maintain 20. China has been trying to boost domestic demand in an attempt ......... the fall in global demand for its exports. to offset offset offsetting offsets 21. The first quarter's growth figure ......... again next month. will be revised
  5. is revised will revise was revised 22. Over the last year and a half, the economy ........ between quarters of growth and contraction. have fluctuated has fluctuated fluctuated fluctuates 23. In t he final three months of last year, the economy also ....... by 0.3%, meaning the UK is back in recession. shrinks has shrunk shrank shrink 24. The Bank ........ £325bn into the UK economy through its QE programme to try to boost growth. is already pumped is already pumping have already pumped has already pumped 25. Inflation ........ the interest rate we get on our savings and the rate we pay on our mortgages is influencing has influenced influences influence 26. In recent weeks, there ......... growing calls across Europe for a greater focus on growth.
  6. have been has been is are 27. It added online bookings ........ considerably in the past four weeks. have improved had improved has improved is improving 28. The data ........ from the CPI and RPI rates in many ways by the government and businesses. has used are used use uses 29. That's why inflation is a crucial factor in ........ the rates banks charge for mortgages and the rates they offer on savings accounts. determines determined determine determining 30. Meanwhile a rise in the price of stamps is less likely ........ the overall index, as they have a weighting of 0.1%. affecting to affect affect affects 31. She will face the task of ....... the t ravel firm, which last year issued three profit warnings.
  7. revive reviving to revive to reviving 32. It also plans ....... 200 of its branches over the next two years. c lose c loses to close c losing 33. Staff at 115 of the affected outlets are e xpected .......... their fate on Wednesday with the loss of 661 jobs. learn learning to learning to learn 34. Thomas Cook has blamed the unrest in Egypt and Tunisia and floods in Thailand, all key holiday destinations for the company, for ........ sales. hit hits hitting to hit 35. However, Thomas Cook was keen ......... that bookings for next summer are 8% up from a year ago. have lighlighted to highlight highlighting highlighted 36. In addition to ........ rising o nline sales, Thomas Cook also reported record profits at its German and Scandinavian businesses.
  8. seen sees see seeing 37. Its bankers, including Barclays, HSBC, RBS and UniCredit, have agreed ......... a new £200m facility until 30 April 2013. to provide providing provide to providing 38. The new deal replaces the £100m short- term credit agreement .......... on 21 October 2011. announce announcing announced to announce 39. It has seen bookings ......... 20% in France and Belgium compared with last year. fell are falling to fall fall 40. However, people who have only booked a flight with the company will not be covered by the Atol scheme and are advised suitable travel insurance. bought buying to buy buy
  9. 41. Lucy has decided ......... on the enormous task of cooking every single recipe in her cookery books. take to take taking to taking 42. Dickens was one of the first people .......... about poverty, drawing from his own experiences as a child. write written have written to write 43. When I first began to learn French as a teenager, my teacher encouraged the class .......... as much of the language as we possibly could. absorb to absorb to be absorbed being absorbed 44. The Four Hundred Blows is a partly autobiographical film all about an adolescent boy in Paris who .......... to be a bit of a trouble maker. thinks is thinking thought is thought 45. The massacre has sparked outrage internationally, .......... in Syria’s neighbour Turkey. include included including to include
  10. 46. The gruesome footage .......... from the town of Houla will generate fresh pressures on all these countries to rethink their caution. e merging to emerge e merged have emerged 47. There is some hope that his club can continue .......... temporary escape. provide to provide provided to be provided 48. A toastmaster in a tight red jacket tapped his mallet and invited us all .......... for the Loyal Toast. stand standing to stand to standing 49. I had never risen for the Loyal Toast in my life - and I wasn’t about .......... then. start starting to start to starting 50. While our society may pay lip service to equality of opportunity, our fundamental values remain those of .......... wealth and p rivilege. inherit inheriting inheritting inherited 51. Spanish retail sales dived in April, showing the biggest fall since the figures started .......... in 2003.
  11. to collect collecting to be collected to being collected 52. The research is likely .......... attention because Bluefin tuna is an iconic species and a highly valuable fishery. to get to getting getting get 53. If you don't take the initiative during the arrangement conference to let that family .......... what’s available, they don’t know. know knowing to know to knowing 54. They .......... exactly what they want, but they want options and they want alternatives don't may know don't may to know may don't know may not know 55. A rare pink diamond is e xpected .......... at least $8.000.000 when it goes under the hammer in Hong Kong. to fetch to fetching fetching fetch 56. There will be those who would suggest the UK’s military power ........... carriers unnecessary. to make make making to making 57. Peace talks between the two states are scheduled .......... on Tuesday.
  12. begin to begin to beginning to have begun 58. It is always exciting to see new techniques .......... to increase our understanding of the evolution. develop to develop to be developed being developed 59. This method appears .......... potential to detect very early changes of bone loss. have to have to having having 60. They say patients should keep .......... the pills unless they are told by their doctor to stop. take taking to take to taking Choose the best answer choice to complete the following sentences. 61. The potential for political .......... that would affect Americans was too great. unstable distabilize distabilized instability 62. It is .......... that the United States should do whatever it is able to do to assist in the return of normal economic health to the world. logic logical
  13. illogical logically 63. Falling in love in India is not easy, but more couples are choosing to brave the .......... consequence consequences consequent consequently 64. More than one million .......... packed the banks of London's River Thames to watch the Queen's Diamond Jubilee pageant spectate spectator spectators spectacular 65. The global .......... crisis has seen a succession of major banks fail recently. finance finances financial financially 66. Spain is trying to find more than 80 billion euros to ........... its banks’ capital buffers. strength strengthen strong stronger 67. The market, which .......... focused on beauty conscious women, is now pitching to men too. initial initially initiate initiative 68. A gaggle of helmeted soldiers and white- uniformed police leaned on their metal ........... as they guarded the gates. barricaded barricading barricade barricades
  14. 69. I've worked in computing, and more .......... computer networking, nearly all my life. specify specific specifically specification 70. His practical .......... of computing engines shed bright light o n the feasibility of purposeful computing. realise realistic realising realisation Đáp án : 1. was hit. 36. seeing 2. named. 37. to provide 3. joining. 38. announced 4. has languished 39. fall 5. providing 40. to buy 6. has also helped 41. to take 7. grew 42. to write 8. boosting 43. to absorb 9. fall 44. is thought 10. has been moving 45. including 11. has already acknowledged 46. emerging 12. had been claimed 47. to provide 13. had been diagnosed 48. to stand 14. had made 49. to start 15. attending 50. inherited 16. to appoint 51. to get 17. accepts 53. know 18. to stay 54. may not know 19. to maintain 55. to fetch 20. to offset 56. make 21. will be revised 57. to begin 22. has fluctuated 58. being developed 23. shrank 59. to have 24. has already pumped 60. taking 25. influences 61. instability
  15. 26. have been 62. logical 27. had improved 63. consequences 28. are used 64. spectators 29. determining 65. financial 30. to affect 66. strengthen 31. reviving 67. initially 32. to close 68. barricades 33. to learn 69. specifically 34. hitting 70. specifically 35. to highlight



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