ĐỀ THI HSG 7 NĂM 2008-2009

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ĐỀ THI HSG 7 NĂM 2008-2009 sau đây là đề thi chính thức do bộ giáo dục va đạo tạo ra đề cho kỳ thi học sinh giỏi quốc gia lớp 7 . Đề thi này là một tài liệu hữu ích dành cho các bạn yêu thích môn anh văn muốn thử sức mình trước những kỳ thi thật sự

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  1. ĐỀ THI HSG 7 NĂM 2008-2009 Question I: Choose the word that has a different the stressed syllables from the others of each group: 1. A. greeted B. needed C. collected D. looked 2. A. nature B. mature C. picture D. future 3. A. friendly B. pretty C. type D. study 4. A. gave B. slave C. hat D. escape 5. A. mounted B. dated C. enjoyed D. handed Question II: Choose the word that has a different pronunciation from the others of each group: 6. A. legal B. leg C. lemon D. lend 7. A. property B. necessity C. Russian D. lecturer 8. A. Canada B. Chinese C. Malaysia D. Australia 9. A. begin B. visit C. become D. release 10. A. listen B. decide C. dispose D. begin Question III: Put the verbs into correct tense or form: 11. Last night we (not stay) ______________ at home, but we (go)
  2. ______________ to the cinema. 12. Hoa (keep) _____________ her teeth very careful. She (brush) _____________ her teeth twice a day. 13. I’d like (go) ______________ fishing. I (go) _______ fishing when I (have) _______free time. 14. _______You (do) _______ your homework yesterday? 15. When _______you ( buy ) _______this comic ?- I (buy) it two days ago. Question IV: Complete the blank with one suitable word: English is my mother tongue. Besides, I can speak French and Spanish. I studied the two languages when I was at high school. Now, I am still learning Spanish at the University. As for me, mastering a foreign language is not easy. After studying a language, practice is very necessary and useful. Traveling to the country where the target language is spoken is very helpful, but if you cannot speak the language well enough you will certainly have troubles. I also frequently go to the movies, watch television, listen to the radio in the language I am trying to learn. Reading is another good way to learn. Books are good, but I personally think newspapers and magazines are better. However, getting some knowledge of the language is the most
  3. important thing. Grammar and vocabulary should be mastered first. 16. How many languages can the writer speak? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 17. The writer has learnt Spanish _______. A. in Spain B. at high school C. at University D. B and C 18. Traveling may cause troubles if _______. A. you cannot speak the language well enough. B. you can speak the language well enough. C. you can speak the language bad enough. D. you can communicate in the target language. 19. Some useful ways to practice your target language are _______. A.. reading books in the language. B. listening to the radio and watching TV in the language. C. seeing films in the language. D. all are correct. 20. According to the writer, what should be mastered first? A. Vocabulary B. Vocabulary and grammar C. Writing skill D. Reading skill Question V: Choose the incorrect words underlined (A, B, C or D) and correct them:
  4. 21. My father along with his friend are drinking tea in the living room. ABCD 22. He has less friends in his class now than he had last year. ABCD 23. I remember that I have something new to told you. ABCD 24. It ‘s important for every students to have a book. ABCD 25. He stopped to smoke because cigarettes are harmful to his health. ABCD Question VI. Circle the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete each of the following sentences. 26. _______ my students are familiar with this kind of school activities. A. Most B. Most of C. A few D. Few 27. Peter with I _______ your proposal. A. don’t accept B. doesn’t accept C. am not accept D. are not accept 28. 17.19. You have made _______ mistakes in your writing. A. so much B. a lot of C. little of D. much of 29. She had worked _______ she made herself ill. A. such hard that B. such hardly that C. so hardly that D. so hard that
  5. 30. I go _______ work _______ bus. A. to - on B. to - by C. at - by D. at - on 31. I like living here _______ it’s near the shops. A. but B. and C. because D. so 32. We arrived on time _______ the traffic was bad. A. although B. even C. in spite of D. despite 33. It was _______ we could not go out. A. such cold that B. so cold that C. very so cold D. too cold that 34. Tom : How are you feeling today ? Mary : _______. A. Yes B. Thank you C. I’m sorry D. Not too bad 35. California, with the population of more than 23 million, is _______ populous state in the US. A. as B. more C. most D. the most 36. Peter sometimes helps me _______ my homework. A. to do B. do C. with D. all are correct 37. He had spent _______ writing an essay about his childhood. A. a large number of time B. a great deal of tim C. a few time D. many time Question VII. Insert the correct form of the words in brackets: (2 ms)
  6. 38. My teacher…………………….me to take this exam (courage) 39. He has the…………………to become a professional football player (able) 40. Give me something to drink please! I’m dying of……………… (thirsty) 41. We try to bring our work to……………… (satisfy) 42. The………………..of the question was requested (repeat) 43. The teacher checks for regular………………. (attend) 44. Farmers can protect their land by ………………..rotation of crops. (year) 45. Well, I think that the prices in Dong Thap supermarket are ……………….. (reason ) 46. Mrs. Pike is ………………..she can’t have a child of her own. (Child) 47. The ………………..of the moon for the earth causes tides. (attract) 48. Several toxic gases are very ………………..to our health. (harm) 49. This company offered a lot of ………………..jobs. (attract) Question VIII. Rewrite the sentences in a way that is has similar meaning to the original sentences: 50. Shall we go to the movies ? → Let's __________________________________________________
  7. _____ 51. Ba is a quick swimmer. → Ba swims __________________________________________________ _ 52. I don't like pork. They don't like pork. → I don't like pork, and __________________________________________ 53. Lan has a toothache. → She should _________________________________________________ 54. The green dress is cheaper than the black dress. → The black dress_____________________________________________ ____ 55. Let’s come to my house after school. → What about_____________________________________________ ____ ? 56. Mr. Tam drinks more coffee than Mr. Lam. → Mr. Lam_______________________________________________ __
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