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  • Teach children to learn English is quite hard work and complex by young are not really conscious of learning as adults and most are very giddy. For children focused on lessons, teachers need teaching combined with vivid visuals, invite you to consult the lesson English 6 "Unit 11 - Our greener world" for further reference in the process of teaching English children.

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  • Trong tiếng Anh, những gì được so sánh phải 'tương đương'. Mượn lại thí dụ trong bài (2): He is lazier than sleepy. (sai) He is more lazy than sleepy. (đúng) Những gì được so sánh cũng phải nói rõ ràng: The mountains in Vermont are lower and greener than New Hampshire. (sai)

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  • This book is part of the Green Chemistry series published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, and is designed to provide a modern overview of the current status of insecticides. We present the current approaches for insect pest control as green alternatives to classical agrochemicals, which should be of interest to a vast group of researchers: agrochemists, biochemists, chemists, toxicologists, etc. Throughout the book, the different approaches to pest control which involve ‘‘greener chemicals’’ in particular are emphasized.

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  • The planned biofuels increase will be a boon for the farm sector, which will see production of biofuel crops jump from today's 320,000 hectares to more than 1.2 million hectares by 2007. Three-quarters of current biofuel production is rapeseed-based "diester," a vegetable oil-sourced diesel fuel known as "bio-diesel" in other parts of Europe, while the remainder is comprised of ethanol sourced from a variety of crops, including beetroot, sugar cane, corn, potato, and wheat, according to government data.

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  • Education and training are particularly important in the current crisis. In times of recession, budget constraints (in government, households and businesses) tend to reduce expenditure on education and training. On the other hand, due to rising unemployment, demand for training increases. Support for education and training during the current crisis can help displaced workers find new job opportunities and can thus support the restructuring process.

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  • There are many contents in this book: sweater Stitch Switch, recycled Denim Wine Tote, patched Pocket Panel. These great projects will get you started on refashioning and upcycling projects, and I’m willing to bet that they will inspire you to think of others to create for yourself. We are surrounded by clothes and objects that are ready for a second life. I hope you enjoyed sewing your way to a greener lifestyle.

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  • Investing in infrastructure and innovation will be crucial for ensuring new sources of growth that better reflect the full value to economic activity to society. OECD analysis shows that greener growth can deliver important economic gains. These can be realised through enhanced resource productivity, reduced waste and energy consumption, and from ensuring that natural resources are priced to reflect their true value.

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  • Kanchha’s family relied on agriculture and they decided to leave their village for greener pastures in Kathmandu. On their way there, Kanchha has observed signs of climate change everywhere. The Himalayan glaciers are slowly melting as the snowline shifts higher; indigenous people along the way expressed their worry about the arrival of new bug and plant species in the highlands; floods and landslides were common and triggered by unpredictable rains. He picked up a rock that he had never seen before, because it had been buried under the thick snow-cover.

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  • the nonprofit health advocacy organization that publishes the world’s largest-circulation nutrition newsletter, Nutrition Action Healthletter. CSPI advocates nutritious and safe diets and campaigns for policies to protect the public health and environment.

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  • On the following page, Figure 2 describes examples of general policies that apply to client Web pages, their script code, and the nodes and attributes of document data. On the same page, Figure 3 shows how these poli- cies can be readily instantiated usingMET callback func- tions; this code should be read in conjunction with Ap- pendix A. In what follows, these policies are referred to by their number, in parentheses.

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  • On the other hand, the prospect of industrial restructuring creates opportunities for new and greener businesses, whereas the depreciation of currently installed equipment (due to business downsizing or closure) offers opportunities for the promotion of environmentally friendly invest- ments. But the crisis also offers opportunities to foster innovation for sustainable growth Although the current economic situation poses hard new questions and choices for all governments, it offers an opportunity to strengthen the medium and long-term potential of the economy.

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  • published in september 2008, “Globalization and Global Trends in Green Real Estate Investment” analyzed green building trends and issues in key regions around the world. the paper found that developers and property managers were adopting greener business practices in all regions of the world, and at all stages of economic development, but that the rate of adoption and the key drivers varied considerably.

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  • As a solution to the problems encountered with DIRECT, Gamma employs what appear today to be relatively straightforward solutions. Architecturally, Gamma is based on a shared-nothing [STON86] architecture consisting of a number of processors interconnected by a communications network such as a hypercube or a ring, with disks directly connected to the individual processors. It is generally accepted that such architectures can be scaled to incorporate 1000s of processors.

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  • A young Irish gentleman of the numerous clan O'Donnells, and a Patrick, hardly a distinction of him until we know him, had bound himself, by purchase of a railway-ticket, to travel direct to the borders of North Wales, on a visit to a notable landowner of those marches, the Squire Adister, whose family-seat was where the hills begin to lift and spy into the heart of black mountains. Examining his ticket with an apparent curiosity, the son of a greener island debated whether it would not be better for him to follow his inclinations, now that he had gone so far as to pay for...

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  • Imbalanced feeding leads to excess feeding of some nutrients whilst others remain deficient (Photo 1). This not only reduces milk production and increases costs per kg milk, but also affects various physiological functions including long term animal health, fertility and productivity. To ensure improved productivity it is necessary to augment and secure feed resources through short and long term planning. It is also essential that milk producers feed their animals the nutrients in amounts that match the physiological needs and objective of keeping the animal.

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  • The paper concludes that governments have a role to play in ensuring that attractive opportunities and instruments are available to pension funds and institutional investors in order to be able to tap into this source of capital. Furthermore, economic transformation and green growth opportunities can be constrained or enabled by the existing infrastructure of an economy. Thus, shifting to a new, greener growth trajectory requires special attention to network infrastructure such as electricity, transport, water and communications networks.

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