Shadow and light

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  • .For this group portrait, I used the same one-light setup as for the group fight shot on page 90, but I held a longer exposure to soak up more ambient light. That gave the image a slightly brighter appearance, though still dark and moody overall. I asked the guys to stand in front of me in a group formation, and then turned the outside guys’ shoulders slightly inward to draw the viewer’s eye toward the center of the composition. I did when I was sixteen. I’d been photographing some local bands in Lindsay, Ontario, and building an online portfolio of images....

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  • I should stress that I am self-taught. In 1994, I sat down at a spare seat of Alias PowerAnimator 5.1 and started hacking away. After several years and various trials by fire, 3D became a livelihood, a love, and an obsession. Along the way, I was fortunate enough to work with many talented artists at Buena Vista Visual Effects and Pacific Data Images. In 2000, I switched from PowerAnimator to Maya and have since logged tens of thousands of hours with the subject of this book.

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  • “Diffraction” of light can be understood as any deviation of light rays from their geometrical propagation line (that is straight in a homogeneuos material) An example (shown in the picture):The edge of shadow is never perfectly sharp. Some light appears in the geometrical shadow, and there are dark and light fringers in the area of illumination.

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  • The emphasis on sensuous elements and on Gestalten founded thereon makes it clear that Witasek's position is a formalist one. The `meanings' of works of art will have no role to play within his theory. He has not even left room in his classification of aesthetic objects for what we might call narrative entities: states of affairs, events, actions, etc., making up what we normally think of as plot. There are of course many works of art whose adequate appreciation requires that we go beyond the level of light, colour, shadow and sound, and...

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  • In lighting there are two goals: get enough light; use the light you have to shape and define objects in the scene. Lighting is often tried out "on paper" by using a lighting diagram before it's actually set. Many potential problems can be spotted in the process of constructing a lighting diagram. The most common of these is to light for a theoretical "stage front" instead of lighting for specific camera positions. It's also useful in anticipating problems with shadows falling where they're not wanted. Every light casts a shadow. The lighting diagram will make it easier to see where...

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  • In recent years, there were several important steps forward in the development of graphics hardware: shaders were introduced, GPUs became more general, and GPU performance increased drastically. In consequence, many new techniques appeared and novel rendering methods, such as deferred shading, became practical. e latter was one of the key factors in enabling a high light count, which added a never-before-seen realism to real-time graphics. e related tech demos were breathtaking, exhibiting enormous amounts of detail and complex surface properties.

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  • This piece of art was created by the Finn Raimo Veranen and is entitled Ready to Fly. It depicts 56 children dancing or jumping, but the shadows cast by the light give the impression of many more. Raimo Veranen has almost made the motif of children his own trademark over the years. “In the early 1980s, my wife was expecting a baby and was scanned. On the screen, we saw a tiny figure making rapid, jerky movements. I remember that very clearly and it has become a source of inspiration in my work,” he says. The children in the pie- ce are happy, open and ready to jump into...

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  •  This classic study of perspective is an absolute must for any serious students of design, benefiting amateurs and professionals alike. Dozens of examples are illustrated, including parallel, angular, and oblique perspectives, as well as ascending and descending planes. Other images show how to create a “cone of rays,” and add depth and realism to curved objects. The techniques can be used for laying out a garden, predicting the shadow effects of a tall building, and accurately capturing the interplay of angles, light, and shadow.

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  • The diversity of colored pencils is explored in this non-traditional approach to drawing a rosebud. The dark gray drawing surface challenges artists to pull the forms of the drawing subject from darkness into light. This lesson is divided into three parts: PART ONE: setting up your drawing format and drawing a detailed outline PART TWO: shading light and medium values on the petals, stem, and leaves PART THREE: adding realistic shadows by mixing a specific recipe of colors.

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  • This book was created based on well-published scientific findings that a newborn baby is well equipped to see and hear, even moments after birth. Their sight, however, is limited to about 8 to 10 inches from their faces and they typically can only make out shadows, shapes, and faces. They are especially interested in Mom’s and Dad’s faces and in patterns involving high contrast colors like black and white. I have noticed my own newborn son analyzes the light seeping through the horizontal slat blinds by the window on sunny days and also watches the tree branches sway in...

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  • Beginning WebGL for HTML5 gets you rapidly up to speed with WebGL, a powerful new graphics language within the browser. You'll render realistic scenes with advanced lighting models, shadows, blending and textures. You'll also use mathematics to model fractals and particle systems. Going beyond that, Beginning WebGL for HTML5 presents advanced vertex and fragment shader usage for creating stunning, top-end results.

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  • The trap had closed at sundown. In the last red light, the rabbit had battered himself against its walls until fear and numbness ached home and he crouched shaken by the flutterings of his heart. Otherwise there was no movement in him as night and the stars came. But when the moon rose, its light was caught icily in his great eyes, and he looked through shadows to the forest.

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  • Because film projectors are mechanically open, they permit dust, dirt and even hair to enter the light path. These cast shadows that can be painfully obvious. Because digital projectors are generally sealed, clarity is enhanced. Simplicity. Film prints require complex chemical manufacturing as well as costly printing, packaging and shipping to cinemas. This consumes valuable resources and requires disposal of chemical by-products and the prints themselves after the theatrical run.

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  • Vitreous Degeneration This occurs in all individuals with advancing age, leading to visual symptoms. Opacities develop in the vitreous, casting annoying shadows upon the retina. As the eye moves, these distracting "floaters" move synchronously, with a slight lag caused by inertia of the vitreous gel. Vitreous traction upon the retina causes mechanical stimulation, resulting in perception of flashing lights. This photopsia is brief and confined to one eye, in contrast to the bilateral, prolonged scintillations of cortical migraine.

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  • All around the cluttered cloisters, musty rooms and high, vaulted halls there was a deep and tangible hush. The only light in the virtually impenetrable gloom was of a peculiarly pellucid green, spilling out feebly from every heavy wooden door and misaligned stone. Everywhere, there was a terrible sense of stagnancy, imbuing the whole place with a fetid, neglected atmosphere, as though some great cathedral had been flooded by a brackish lagoon. From out of the cobwebbed shadows emerged a little group of very old men, resplendent in their ornately decorated robes...

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  • He stood leaning heavily on his carbine. High on his lonely perch, he slowly promenaded his eye over the dusk landscape spread out before him. It was the hour of midnight and a faint star-light barely outlined the salient features of the scenery. Behind him wound the valley of the St. Charles black with the shadows of pine and tamarac. Before him rose the crags of Levis, and beyond were the level stretches of the Beauce. To his left the waterfall of Montmorenci boomed and glistened. To his right lay silent and deserted the Plains of Abraham, over which a vapor of sanguine glory seemed...

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  • The three-quarter moon, hanging low in the night sky, turned even tamed and placid farmland into a mysterious landscape of silver light and shadows. Each blade of grass, toasted golden brown by two months of summer heat, had a thin black replica stretching out behind it. The bushes along the fence bottom, highways for those too timid to brave the open fields, rustled once and then were silent as some nocturnal creature went about its business.

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