10 bí quyết để đạt điểm cao trong các kỳ thi chứng chỉ A, B Tiếng Anh: Phần 2

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10 bí quyết để đạt điểm cao trong các kỳ thi chứng chỉ A, B Tiếng Anh: Phần 2

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Phần 2 của Tài liệu Tuyển chọn các bộ đề thi chứng chỉ A, B Tiếng Anh và 10 bí quyết để đạt điểm cao trong các kỳ thi trình bày 25 quy tắc để giúp bạn biết đúng tiếng Anh. Với các bạn đang học và ôn thi tiếng Anh thì đây là một Tài liệu hữu ích.

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Nội dung Text: 10 bí quyết để đạt điểm cao trong các kỳ thi chứng chỉ A, B Tiếng Anh: Phần 2

145<br /> <br /> M a n 2.<br /> <br /> 25 quy tac de viet dung tieng Anh<br /> -----... ----------<br /> <br /> PRETEST SECTION ONE:<br /> <br /> W ORD BASICS<br /> <br /> Muc 1: T h a n h p h a n co' b a n cua tu1<br /> SECTION TJJO: SPG LUNG STRATEGICS<br /> <br /> Muc 2: C h ie n lito'c v ie t dung<br /> SECTION THREE: THE GOOF-PROOF RULES<br /> <br /> Muc 3: Quy tac can nhd de viet dung<br /> SECTION FOUR: RESOJRCE<br /> <br /> 1 46<br /> <br /> Pretest<br /> Mark each word below as spelled correctly or incorrectly with a check. W hen you are finished you can check your answers in the Answer Key on page 212.<br /> r,<br /> <br /> WORD I . independence 2. paralel 3. receive 4. absence 5. achieve 6. globaly 7. support 8. ridiculous 9. immediatly 10. usually II. W ednesday 12. terrable 13. permanent 14. mannar 15. calamaty 16. courage 17. decision 18. fewer<br /> <br /> CORRECT \/<br /> <br /> INCORRECT<br /> <br /> ^ __ v/<br /> <br /> ^<br /> <br /> v<br /> <br /> -<br /> <br /> ___ _<br /> <br /> 147 WORI) 19. persue 20. millennium 21. fourth 22. grammer 23. especially 24. necessary 25. frequint 26. eighi 27. consistency 28. perceive 29. liaison 30. catagory 31. harrass 32. fundemental 33. stopped 34. cheap 35. rcferance 36. balance 37. jexvelery 38. committee 39. intermural 40. thinking 41. correction 42. survivel 43. simultaneous U. i--IN 1/ 1 / \J — --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------____ / CORRECT ____ INCORRECT ----------— — ——<br /> <br /> WORI)<br /> 44. puncluate 45. leveling 46. alot 47. exislance 48. proclaim 49. generate 50. anonymos<br /> <br /> CORRECT<br /> <br /> INCORRECT<br /> <br /> 'X<br /> <br /> y<br /> . t*.<br /> <br /> 149<br /> <br /> S e ctio n O N E M L i<br /> <br /> WORD BASICS<br /> Thanh ph an cdban ciia tit<br /> ■ W ORD PA R TS - Cac th a n h phan cua tiif<br /> <br /> A word is a word, right? Well. vcs. But a word also can consist of parts. These arc roots, prefixes, and suffixes. They comprise almost all words in the English language. The root is the part of a word that holds the meaning. Most roots come from ancient Greek and section ONE WORD BASICS Latin words (like deni, meaning people, for example), and many have become quite common in the English language Prefixes and suffixes can be thought of as root add-ons. They change or enhance the meaning of the root (which may or may not be able to stand on its own as a word). A prefix, as the prefix pre- suggests, is a part placed at the beginning of a word. A suf- fix, on the other hand, is placed at the end of a word. A suffix will often signify how the word is being used and its part of speech Common roots, prefixes, and suffixes are outlined in the following tables. Use these tables as references to help improve your understanding of word basics Roots - G dc t il This list is provided to help you become familiar with the common roots— so don't let it intimidate you! You might look at the list and think. "This is too long, 1 will never learn all of these roots." Fear not! You don't need lo learn them all. you just need to start to recogni/e the most common roots. Once you've done that, you can begin to build upon that knowledge<br /> <br />



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