Digital Signal Processing Handbook P70

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Digital Signal Processing Handbook P70

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Main Receive Aperture and Analog Beamforming Data to be Processed The Processing Needs and Major Issues Temporal DOF Reduction Adaptive Filtering with Needed and Sample-Supportable DOF and Embedded CFAR Processing 70.6 Scan-To-Scan Track-Before-Detect Processing 70.7 Real-Time Nonhomogeneity Detection and Sample Conditioning and Selection 70.8 Space or Space-Range Adaptive Pre-Suppression of Jammers 70.9 A STAP Example with a Revisit to Analog Beamforming 70.10 Summary References Space-Time Adaptive Processing (STAP) is a multi-dimensional filtering technique developed for minimizing the effects of various kinds of interference on target detection with a pulsed airborne surveillance radar. The most common dimensions, or filtering...

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