DS3 Multiplexer (M13)

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DS3 Multiplexer (M13)

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The HiGain HXU-358 DS3 multiplexer leverages the benefits of imbedded asynchronous networks by enabling cost-effective direct insertion of DS1s or E1s onto any network via an economical DS3 interface. ADC’s M13 asynchronous multiplexer and T1 testing technology is the highest service density multiplexer available. Space, power and heat dissipation requirements are all minimised. Additional capital costs for T1 testing equipment can be eliminated. All HiGain multiplexers can be used in either the Soneplex Wideband System 3190 (WBS-3190) chassis or the ACE chassis. Upgrading is as simple as replacing the HiGain multiplexer – no costly and time consuming physical changes are required....

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