The sat critical reading section 2

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  1. 5658 SAT2006[03](fin).qx 11/21/05 6:42 PM Page 47 – LEARNINGEXPRESS ANSWER SHEET – 4 0 Practice Sentence Completion Questions In each of the following sentences, one or two words have been omitted (indicated by a blank). Choose the word(s) from the answer choices provided that make the most sense in the context of the sentence. Use the answer sheet below to record your answers. ANSWER SHEET 1. a b c d e 21. a b c d e 2. a b c d e 22. a b c d e 3. a b c d e 23. a b c d e 4. a b c d e 24. a b c d e 5. a b c d e 25. a b c d e 6. a b c d e 26. a b c d e 7. a b c d e 27. a b c d e 8. a b c d e 28. a b c d e 9. a b c d e 29. a b c d e 10. a b c d e 30. a b c d e 11. a b c d e 31. a b c d e 12. a b c d e 32. a b c d e 13. a b c d e 33. a b c d e 14. a b c d e 34. a b c d e 15. a b c d e 35. a b c d e 16. a b c d e 36. a b c d e 17. a b c d e 37. a b c d e 18. a b c d e 38. a b c d e 19. a b c d e 39. a b c d e 20. a b c d e 40. a b c d e 47
  2. 5658 SAT2006[03](fin).qx 11/21/05 6:42 PM Page 48
  3. 5658 SAT2006[03](fin).qx 11/21/05 6:42 PM Page 49 – THE SAT CRITICAL READING SECTION – 5. Mr. Castle thought himself a -------- conversa- 1. Although the valiant explorer tried for years to tionalist, as he always had something to say; but reach the South Pole, his -------- was never others just thought him --------. rewarded. a. consummate .. garrulous a. mendacity b. copious .. cowering b. tenacity c. veritable .. utopian c. husky d. stolid .. masterful d. predicament e. invincible .. pliable e. sport 6. McCafferty was widely praised for his wartime 2. Ms. Pearson’s rule was that a boor would not be heroism, but many found his efforts on behalf of allowed at her salon; likewise, any person of the environment similarly --------. -------- manner could be admitted. a. naïve a. illicit b. trite b. tough c. acme c. pretty d. vivacious d. genteel e. laudable e. atrocious 7. Some manufacturers have found a simple way to 3. Callie thought her cousin Amanda was the most secure repeat customers, namely planned -------- girl she had ever met; in other words, she -------- for their products. found Amanda the height of sophistication. a. conciliation a. brave b. belligerence b. genuine c. obsolescence c. urbane d. utopia d. benevolent e. parity e. erudite 8. The fact that people seldom understood what 4. As a result of the candidate’s -------- replies to Frances meant was due to her -------- way of her opponent in the debate, the conservative expressing herself. newspaper wrote a scathing review of her a. cryptic performance. a. deferential b. contraband b. contumelious c. obedient c. formulaic d. mediocre d. systematic e. nominal e. diaphanous 49
  4. 5658 SAT2006[03](fin).qx 11/21/05 6:42 PM Page 50 – THE SAT CRITICAL READING SECTION – 14. As -------- as he was --------, the notorious cat 9. Although James took his physician’s advice and burglar of Venice was never apprehended. moved to Miami to take advantage of the -------- a. incisive .. inclusive effects of a warm climate, his health did not b. pedantic .. alluring improve. c. sporadic .. chipper a. noxious d. undulating .. vicious b. innocuous e. furtive .. larcenous c. salubrious d. mawkish 15. The sales representative was given -------- when e. inadvertent working with his clients; for instance, he could 10. Charles was the -------- of fitness; therefore, the take them to the most expensive restaurant in town if he thought it would help close a deal. coach -------- him from running laps. a. restrictions a. extension .. forbade b. derring-do b. epitome .. exempted c. carte blanche c. insurance .. prohibited d. quid pro quo d. nihilist .. preempted e. affinity e. clinician .. nominated 16. When Casey set a goal, she admitted no --------; 11. Staying in bed for months had several effects on thus, she nearly always overcame obstacles. Hillary; for example,-------- and weakness. a. critics a. fortitude b. impediments b. incandescence c. oracles c. laceration d. junctures d. ridicule e. pallor e. homily 12. Sometimes, a(n) -------- nature can lead to 17. Genevieve usually remains -------- even when stress. she hears bad news, but when she lost her job, a. fastidious there was no cheering her up. b. slovenly a. impassive c. easygoing b. pessimistic d. savoir-fare c. duplicitous e. queasy d. chronic e. sanguine 13. Coyotes had killed three of Chester’s sheep; how- ever, he bore them no --------. a. latency b. veterinarian c. fencing d. rancor e. enclave 50
  5. 5658 SAT2006[03](fin).qx 11/21/05 6:42 PM Page 51 – THE SAT CRITICAL READING SECTION – 23. Tracy’s primary reading material was poorly 18. Because Cheryl was so -------- at home, her par- written gossip magazines, so her English essays ents found it hard to believe she seldom spoke in were likewise --------. class. a. badinage a. panoramic b. jaunty b. pithy c. radical c. loquacious d. idyllic d. disaffected e. banal e. credible 24. Over the years, Jenny went from being a casual 19. Claire’s father complained bitterly about her observer of baseball to a(n) -------- ; in other music, though it seemed barely -------- to her. words, she began to follow every game during a. scurrilous the season. b. droll a. amateur c. onerous b. dilettante d. audible c. lark e. bourgeois d. aficionado 20. Despite their -------- viewpoints, the delegates e. joker managed to reach a --------. 25. As a result of her -------- effort to attain the a. ostentatious .. discussion mountain’s --------, Lauren was exhausted. b. disparate .. consensus a. venomous .. vestibule c. profane .. vote b. protracted .. pinnacle d. dilatory .. promontory c. probing .. outside e. ridiculous .. principle d. messy .. metamorphosis 21. The two siblings have a -------- nature; therefore, e. hysterical .. glacier it was no surprise that their political discourse at 26. Hoffman tried to parlay his success as a commu- the party escalated into a full-blown --------. a. sublime . . discussion nity activist into a stint as mayor, but the -------- b. compromising . . fight rebuffed his effort. c. contentious . . altercation a. rhetoric d. cantankerous . . reverie b. lunatic e. feisty . . analysis c. mutant d. defendant 22. Although Mr. Brinton lived on a fixed income, e. electorate his -------- to the poor was exemplary. a. vestibule b. oratory c. seance d. benevolence e. calumny 51
  6. 5658 SAT2006[03](fin).qx 11/21/05 6:42 PM Page 52 – THE SAT CRITICAL READING SECTION – 27. Mr. Ford never seems affected by joy or grief; 31. Durwood was born with no discernible musical similarly, his son has developed the same -------- talent; however, his -------- play very well. nature. a. misnomer a. passionate b. hasps b. tolerant c. progeny c. optimistic d. prosecutors d. adroit e. truants e. stoic 32. The nation’s new rulers tried very hard to -------- 28. Due to the -------- nature of Alice’s tears, she all former influences; for example, they -------- soon found herself in a pool of salty water. all officials with any trace of influence over the a. copious people. b. conspicuous a. insinuate .. surmounted c. consolable b. purge .. ousted d. humane c. explicate .. castigated e. tenable d. debrief .. continued e. cover .. installed 29. Despite Doug’s -------- to the instruction man- 33. Children of the tribe were brought up with one ual, he found it impossible to properly assemble his desk. prime --------; namely to -------- their elders and a. complication ancestors. b. predicament a. policy .. polish c. instability b. errand .. cherish d. partition c. reward .. discourage e. fidelity d. dictum .. venerate e. interest .. inculcate 30. Daphne always did what she was expected to do; 34. Chelsea forgot to mail her payment for the park- therefore, it was an -------- that she joined the circus when it came through town. ing ticket; thus, her -------- was late. a. obfuscation a. extrication b. anomaly b. palliation c. achievement c. remittance d. imposition d. precedent e. exhortation e. dichotomy 52



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