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  • Here we tried to map the dependency among aged in India. This is done across four sub groups, Rural Male, Rural female, urban male and urban female. In India in both categories of full and partial dependency, more than 80 percent of the women fall. In the national level more than 70 percent of the elderly are fully dependent in both female categories in both rural and urban areas (72.07 and 72.12) while it is just over 30 in the case of men (32.7 and 30.11). Kerala is the toper in the Rural male section with more than 43% are...

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  • Health care spending has exceeded economic growth in every recent decade. Over the last four decades, the average growth in health spending has exceeded the growth of the economy as a whole by between 1.1 and 3.0 percentage points (Figure 2). Since 1970, health care spending per capita has grown at an average annual rate of 8.2% or 2.4 percentage points faster than nominal GDP. The persistence of this trend suggests systematic differences between health care and other economic sectors where growth rates are typically more in line with the overall economy. A smaller difference is...

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  • It would be possible to create a score for each respondent from the factor analysis, and this approach is widely considered to be good practice when scoring complex data 13 . However, there is also a strong argument for giving each component of financial knowledge equal weighting, as each has benefits for individuals, and each has been identified as important by international experts.

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  • Sometimes, especially during or soon after treatment, you may not feel like eating. You may be uncomfortable or tired. You may find that foods do not taste as good as they used to. In addition, the side effects of treatment (such as poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, or mouth sores) can make it hard to eat well. Your doctor, a registered dietitian, or another health care provider can suggest ways to deal with these problems. Also, the NCI booklet Eating Hints for Cancer Patients has many useful ideas and recipes. Page 46 tells how to get NCI booklets.

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  • We examine the competition between a group of Internet retailers who operate in an environment where a price search engine plays a dominant role.We show that for some products in this environment, the easy price search makes demand tremendously pricesensitive. Retailers, though, engage in obfuscation—practices that frustrate consumer search or make it less damaging to firms—resulting in much less price sensitivity on some other products. We discuss several models of obfuscation and examine its effects on demand and markups empirically.

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  • Many soils which have received manure or synthetic applications over a number of years contain relatively high levels of soil phosphorus. In soils which have not been so fertilized, phosphorus levels may be low. Rock powders suc as colloidal phosphate and rock phosphate can be applied to build up the phosphorus-supplying power of a soil over time. However, these products become available to plants very slowly, and cannot be relied upon to supply adequate phosphorus to a crop the year of application when soil level of phosphorus are low.

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  • Investing in higher-risk, illiquid, targeted investments are part of an active portfolio and are more time-intensive than a passively managed portfolio. As such, pension funds that have adopted formal policies limit their total investments in this category to two percent of total assets in line with their broader strategic asset allocation policy. Pension funds seek portfolio diversification through a strategic asset allocation policy in which the fund or its consultants set a target percentage to each asset class—traditional and alternative investments.

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  • The pelvic adnexae include the ovaries and fallopian tubes. In general, ovaries increase in size throughout childhood, plateau in adulthood, then de- crease in size in the postmenopausal period (5). Postmenopausal ovary size is affected by the number of years since menopause and the quantity of prior pregnancies (6); however, ovaries should not be palpable in a woman who is two or more years beyond menopause, and such a finding should prompt fur- ther evaluation with transvaginal ultrasound.

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  • The organized work of those elements needs the proper functioning of each element separately (so for teacher projects: teachers, principal of the school, school health personnel, policy makers in the education sector; parent projects: parents of pupils of the school, community leaders etc; pupil projects: all pupils of the school). If there is a weak teachers’ project it will be difficult to achieve the objectives; the same if there is a weak pupils’ projects or parents’ project.

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  • The congresses (sometimes called general assemblies, conventions, conferences etc.) alternate between venues within their region or the world either on a fixed rotation or by invitation. They can be held annually, or every two, three, four or even five years and a whole industry has been built up around the association meetings segment as their economic attractiveness has become apparent to destinations globally.

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  • Already in the old times, the methods of tapping the rubber tree and processes for making crude articles from latex had been developed. Primitive technology for obtaining latex had been used nearly three and a half centuries after the discovery of rubber in the West. Once technical improvement of rubber tapping took place, the use of rubber increased; but the overall consumption of rubber was not greatly changed during that time. The merged civilization of the East and the West made their first big joint contribution to rubber technology when vulcanization was discovered in 1839. ...

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  • These severe problems may come as a surprise, since the sample covariance matrix has appealing properties, such as being maximum likelihood under normality. But this is to forget what maximum likelihood means. It means the most likely parameter values given the data. In other words: let the data speak (and only the data). This is a sound principle, provided that there is enough data to trust the data. Indeed, maximum likelihood is justified asymptotically as the number of observations per variable goes to infinity.

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  • In utero, the placenta is the main site for gas exchange for the developing foetus and the blood flow to the foetal lung is minimal. Blood from the right ventricle bypasses the lungs and passes directly from the pulmonary artery to the aorta via a foetal vessel called the arterial duct. After birth, a number of changes occur in transition from the foetal to the newborn circulation including expansion of the lungs (which reduces pulmonary vascular resistance) and closure of the arterial duct, so that blood now perfuses the lungs.

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  • Statistics alone do not tell us why mortality or coverage rates are rising or falling, nor suggest which policy responses are appropriate. Chapters 2-7 of this report look beyond the target-by-target information and attempt to identify trends, successes, and failures which are currently affecting the health sector as a whole. Some of the challenges are fundamental, and characteristic of poverty and lack of development in general, although many are specific to health.

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  • There are only a few studies on calf muscle strength in patients with Achilles tendon disorders. Calf muscle strength has been measured after rehabilitation in pa- tients with surgically treated complete Achilles tendon ruptures4,14,15,17 and in patients with complete Achilles tendon ruptures treated either surgically or nonsurgi- cally.

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