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  • – ACT READING TEST PRACTICE – 67. The word exhausted, as it is used in line 23, most nearly means: a. impotent. b. stocked. c. spent. d. tired. 68. According to the passage, Sylvia waited for Lola instead of going out and leaving her a note because: f. Sylvia could not afford the rent on her own. g. Sylvia thought it would rain. h. she knows Lola will not be a suitable roommate. j. she thought it would be rude. 69. What can be inferred about Sylvia’s dominant emotion in paragraph 3? a. timidity b. curiosity c. irritation d. sadness 70....

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  • Taking the ACT Assessment or SAT exam as a part of the college admissions process is a rite of passage for millions of teenagers across the country and in many parts of the world. It is probably not something you look forward to, but it cannot and should not be avoided for long.

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  • Because of the simple fact that high school standards and quality vary widely, colleges look to standardized tests to level the playing field for all students. Unlike the SAT, the aim of the ACT is to test what you have learned in high school. It is not an “aptitude” test, as the SAT claims to be, nor is it an intelligence test. So if you have taken challenging courses in high school, you have already set the foundation to do well on the ACT.

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  • READING Passage IX HUMANITIES: The passage below is an excerpt from American Houses by Philip Langdon (© 1987 by Philip Langdon, published by Stewart, Tabori & Chang, Inc.). People carry in their minds a picture of what constitutes an “American house.” For most of us, it is and has long been a freestanding dwelling that rises from its own piece of land.

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  • This passage is an adapted excerpt from Willa Cather’s O Pioneers! This novel, set in the Nebraska prairie, was originally published in 1913. Carl had changed, Alexandra felt, much less than one might have expected. He had not become a self-satisfied city man. There was still something homely and wayward and personal about him. Even his clothes were unconventional. He seemed to shrink into himself as he used to do, as if he were afraid of being hurt.

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  • The following passage is excerpted from A Short History of Western Civilization by John Harrison, Richard Sullivan, and Dennis Sherman. (©1990 by McGraw-Hill. Reprinted by permission.) Enlightenment ideas were put forth by a variety of intellectuals who in France came to be known as the philosophes. Philosophes is French for philosophers, and in a sense these thinkers were rightly considered philosophers, for the questions they dealt with were philosophical: How do we discover truth?

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  • The following passage is excerpted from a popular journal of archeology. About fifty miles west of Stonehenge, buried in the peat bogs of the Somerset flatlands in southwestern England, lies the oldest road known to humanity. Dubbed the “Sweet Track” after its discoverer, Raymond Sweet, this painstakingly constructed 1800- meter road dates back to the early Neolithic period, some 6,000 years ago.

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